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Foreign [Music] .com and welcome back to another video So on today's video we're going to talk About some work from home job leads if You are not subscribed make sure you That you do subscribe if you're Interested in these types of contents Now if you are subscribed but for Whatever reason you are not getting Notifications for when I upload a video Then that simply means that you did not Click on that notification Bell so make Sure you do yourself a favor and click On the notification Bell so that you do Not miss out on any of the job leads so I'm going to share two companies with You on today's video both companies are Hiring firstly just real quick I posted A video yesterday this is the video Right here it states he made 800 in four Hours delivering lost luggages so if you Watched that video I made an appearance In my video I know I don't show up much In any of my videos but there's a reason For that Um but I intend to make videos like These sort of like podcasts types of Contents that talks about real people Just like you who are earning an income Without a job basically doing side Hustles working for themselves and Earning extra cash or full-time income Doing things that you may not be aware

Of so this video is an example of this And I would like to continue to do these Videos with your support so make sure You check out that video to learn more Information And again I do intend to continue to Create videos where I do show up on Camera and talk about people just like You and me who are earning real income Doing things that do not require to have Any experience at all to earn additional Income make sure you check out this Video again that's playing it's the First video it's the title he made 800 In four hours delivering lost luggages So that's for those who are not Interested and work from home job leads And working a nine-to-five job right You're looking for some extra cash as Well some side hustles maybe even to Start your own business so when it comes To entrepreneurship and working for Yourself and being your own boss I am an Advocate for that so let's get into These work from home opportunities now This is a company called partak and they Have a few positions that are currently Available now who exactly is part Tech Well you can find out more about them Directly on their website so working at Par means being part of a global team That is always challenging itself that Focus on the restaurant experience so They are in the restaurant industry they

Are creating a restaurant industry where Every meal is important and every guest Feels seen the people who work here are Self-starters Embrace challenges and Have collaborative mindsets if you care About food and people that and let's Talk okay so very important that you Understand the mission the goal and what Is important to a company so that you Can incorporate this into your resume as Well as your cover letter and if you Make it to the interviewing process you Can mention these things as well to make Sure they are aware that you are a Candidate that really care and are Passionate about the company and what They do now working at part as an Employee there are some benefits that They have listed here you can go through Them one by one they offer unlimited PTO Parental leave annual Health Care Reimbursements stipend medical dental And vision plans financial planning for Your future flexible work environments Etc etc all right so what is the Position that they're offering they're Offering a customer service remote based Job this is only available in the US now They want you to know that they take That responsibility first seriously okay As a leading provider of technology to The top restaurant brands in the world They are calling all Rebels and Instigators idealists and Builders to

Join their constantly growing team now The customer service representative Shift is Tuesday to Saturday so you get Mondays and Sundays off and it's from 2 30 to 11 pm Eastern Standard Time now These are the things that you'll be Doing as their customer service Representative responsible for the Transaction processing associated with The operation of a customer service Communication Center monitor the Notification of field service Personnel Communicating any issues screening and Routing of telephone calls from Customers and employees as well as Filings so you'll be screening and Routing telephone calls you must be able To work a variety of shifts which Includes weekends as well as holidays Logging all customer issues in a service Management system maintain housekeeping Standards conducts conduct customer Satisfaction surveys and so on right so Make sure you read all the details Sometimes I'm not reading every single Points in their duties which is not Really my responsibility if you are Interested in any work from home Position it's very much your Responsibility as a candidate to take The initiative to read every single Thing on a job post okay so I just Basically summarize it and I'll just Give you the key points of things that

May be important to know but it's really Your responsibility to read everything On a job listing so that you're not Surprised about anything they're looking For someone who holds a high school Diploma one year of customer service Experience which is not a lot one year Is like entry level type of Um experience experience in dealing with Multi-line and heavy phone volumes so be Prepared to be on the phone heavily Advance typing and basic computer skills Excellence communication skills so That's what they're looking for if You're if you have a LinkedIn then you Can apply with your LinkedIn is super Quick and easy if you do have a LinkedIn To apply for positions if not then you Would have to go manual and enter the Basic information and upload your resume As well as your cover letter to apply For this position he answers some Questions here fill in some details And then scrolling all the way down here As you're reading all this important Information you're going to hit submit Application once you're done all right And again this is part Tech and they're Currently hiring the next company that I Want to share with you is case tax case Tax has led innovation in legal AI since 2013 applying Cutting Edge AI to laws it Creates solutions that enable attorneys To provide higher quality representation

To more clients and hand sufficiency and Accuracy and gain competitive Advantage So they are in the legal field so They're looking for a user research Coordinator to work part-time remotely From home as a user research coordinator At case tax you will be responsible for Identifying and contacting users who are Willing to do user feedback sessions for Products and customer teams from their Existing database the job entails 10 to 20 hours a week conducting email Outreach so you'll be using email Coordinating meetings and participation Reward Administration In order to be successful in this role You will also need to have great verbal And written communication skills as well As have knowledge of database research Preferably using mixpanel you can always Google that if you're not familiar with The mixed panel Additionally you will Need to be an active listener have good Time management skills and an interest In legal Tac industry keywords all Keywords to put your resume together to Put an amazing resume cover letter Together now you must be based in the US And be authorized to work in the US Salary range here is 25 to 30 dollars Per hour So that's basically the job in a Nutshell so they're looking for someone To work part-time and it pays 25 to 30

Dollars per hour the responsibilities Were just mentioned to you in a job Listing so you can go over them if you Are confused in regards to what exactly The role is you can comment in the Comment section below this video but It's pretty much straightforward you Just be sending a lot of emails and Doing a lot of Outreach via email all Right now it's possible there might be Some phone in there but it states that You'll be conducting email on a weekly Basis working part-time for this Position you will also notice for this Particular position there's no mention Of previous experience so I'm sure you Will need to have some knowledge and Basic skills that they listed in the Role so it seems like what is most Important to them is that you have Verbal and written communication skills As well as knowledge of database Searching preferably you zinc mix panel Okay so that's basically what they're Asking for doesn't sound like you need To have previous work experience right Just knowledge and some skills So that's the intel on case tax if you'd Like to learn more about this company You could click on a link that they have In a job post it will take you to their Website this is their website company Website and you can you know go think That you can browse through to learn

More about the company all right so These are the two opportunities I wanted To share with you in this video Hopefully they're still going to be Available when this video is posted and Thank you so much for watching all the Best and I'll speak to you soon bye

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