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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from Melissa at home and I am back again with another video to Share another amazing work from home Opportunity that you can get started With this is coming from Working Solutions they have some positions Currently available for those who reside In the US as well as some that may be Available to those who are in Canada so We're going to explore a few of the jobs That they have available in this video If you are not familiar with Working Solutions they provide work from home Opportunities that allow you to choose Your own schedule you can set your own Schedule set your own hours their Application process is fairly simple and Easy and you do not need to have a lot Of experience in order to apply for some Of the jobs if you have previous Experience then that's a plus before I Do so I just wanted to share something Very important with you if you go to Their website and click on where it says How to apply you will notice a Notification will pop up at the very Bottom that says attention I highly Suggest that you read that notification Because it is in regards to you know Those who may be using Working Solutions Name to scam or to get information from You when you're applying for their

Positions and you want to make sure that You are applying to Working Solutions Official website so the states be aware That there are other non-reputable Companies that are recruiting using Working Solutions name and this is Happening with a lot of other companies As well so it's very very important that You stay safe on the internet when it Comes to searching for online jobs and Applying to jobs make sure that you are On their official website okay you can Always email the company to ask them About a position to be sure that the job Is posted by that particular company They will use Working Solutions name Official Communications from Working Solutions are via SMS from a number that You want to make note of or email from Atworkingsolution.com or talent.icims. Com or harvard.com so any of those Emails that you may get response from That is official you could trust them Okay they do not conduct interviews or Cold call using Whatsapp or telegram so Any company that contacts you to to do Interview or communicate with them Through WhatsApp or telegram more than Likely is a scam so they do not ask for Any money gift cards or financial Information so anyone claiming to work For them who requests any of these is a Scammer and not an employee of Working Solutions okay so just be aware of that

Now the first work from home opportunity That they have available on the websites For their customer support Representative job for Intuit TurboTax And this is a remote-based position now I did post another company that is Hiring for something similar but with Working Solutions you get to set your Own schedule you actually get to choose When you want to work so you have Control over when you want to work and How much you want to make okay so this Is a remote position I believe it's Available in the US also if you reside In New York or California they have Opportunities for you as well so if You're in California or New York and you Are frustrated with work from home jobs Remote jobs that are not available for You the working solution may be the Company that you would definitely want To check out because they do hire in Those States as well so Working Solutions is currently seeking courteous Helpful independent contractors for a One-of-a-kind opportunity to provide Customer support to Intuit TurboTax Customers from the comfort of your home With the ability to create your own Schedule so with this role you will help Customers with tax software products Support focusing on software navigation And locating previous tax returns and Amendments now the benefit you get in

Working for working solution of course You get to work from home no hassle of Commuting schedule your own hours again Work when it's convenient for you gain Experience in different Industries hide Pay rates okay so those are the benefits And the benefit that I feel is very Important is to gain experience in Different Industries especially if You're new to remote-based work and Sometimes Contracting positions such as These are easy to get so you can get Started faster and you'll be able to add It to your repertoire in the fact that You gain experience to add to your Resume when applying for other Remote-based positions so it's a great Company to get started with now about Their application process the first step To their application process you'll be Prompted to complete an online Assessment this assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete if you are among The qualified candidates you'll receive An invitation via email to their online Portal to complete a background check And a technology scan you must visit the Online portal to complete the Application process you can find more Information about their hiring process Hair so if you'd like to find out more Information about the hiring process you Just click this hype upper link where it Says here it will take you to their how

To apply page and then you can scroll Down and it'll give you information of What you need in order to get started a Checklist of the proper equipment you Will need to get started working from Home so they do require that you have a USB headset High-speed internet a quiet office space An up-to-date computer Windows 10 and Also a compatible webcam some of the Programs that they have clients that They have may require this okay so you May be working with a client that do Require you to have a webcam So step one you create a candidate Profile explore their current Opportunities to view their open Contracts so they may have other Opportunities available not just the one That I'm sharing with you in this video Once you've found one that interests you Click apply to create a candidate Profile if you don't see your ideal Opportunity don't worry job offerings Change frequently so definitely keep Checking their website for opportunities Okay and then you will take an Assessment which is like 30 minutes then You will be able to access your Applicant's portal within 24 hours and After you have been accepted as one of Your qualified candidates then step four Is install and run a technology scanner So they can scan to make sure that you

Are you have the appropriate equipment Especially your computer meets their Requirements and that takes two minutes Okay and step five is to select client Programs apply for programs you feel so You best based on your experience your Availability and your interest that's Basically they're hiring steps to get You started fairly simple so let's get Back to the opportunity that I'm sharing With you in this video now for this Particular job for intuits one of their Clients the scheduling is seasonal Contracts that run through April 18th Flexible schedule opportunities schedule Anytime again weekday and weekend is an Option so if you would like to hop on And make some money on the weekends then It is available to you and it is Optional okay compensation you can earn Up to 19 per productive hour they do pay By the minutes contractors on this Program who meet or exceed he metrics Earned on average of equivalents 16 to 19 an hour during peak times and fifteen To Seventeen dollars an hour during Non-peak times between January to April Contractors are guaranteed a minimum of 45 minutes for each available hour so That's basically the structure of their Compensation not a required skills they Only need to have sincere desire to Assist customers excellent written and Verbal communication skills attention to

Detail friendly tone and professional Demeanor and tech savvy meaning that you Know how to use a computer and your Avid Computer user okay so again you can read Through the technology equipment Requirements that's needed work Environment requirement that's needed And that's basically it you do not need To have previous working experience Again in order to do this but if you Have experience such as in customer Service that is related to what they're Asking for for this position then you Would be an ideal candidate for this Position okay so it's fairly easy to get Started with Working Solutions they tend To have remote-based opportunities that Are great for beginners to get started And you do not need to have experience For majority of the jobs that they post Okay also the benefit again is that you Get to set your own schedule I also Forgot to mention they don't necessarily Ask you for a resume right so if you Don't have a resume a or your resume Isn't or you're not too confident about Your resume then you may not have to Worry about submitting a resume when you Go through the process that I went Through with you their five-step process You will notice that there's no mention Of submitting a resume now this is for The customer support representative Position they also have a position

Available for bilinguals who speak French in English for a customer support Position to be response specialist Working remotely and this is available In Canada as well as U.S residents Except it's not available for California Or New York so you can go through this Particular position if you meet the Qualifications if you're bilingual speak French as well as English and you reside In Canada or the us all right it's the Same as a past position flexible hours Is available they have operations that's Open 24 7 so they will always need Contractors to jump on the phone and Start working you can earn up to Eighteen dollars an hour for the this Particular position and the same Required skills are mentioned here you Don't need to have past experience none Of that is mentioned their contract Hours range from 15 to 15 to 40 hours Per week and you can select the hours That are convenient to use so if you Want to work full-time or part-time you Get to choose they also have one for English and Spanish speakers so I'll Post that in the description section Below this video as well okay so check Out the links in the description section Below this video as well as my now Hiring section on melissiahome.com for Other work from home jobs that are Posted and I wish you all the best of

Luck Happy Valentine's Day speak to you Soon happy work from home

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