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Foreign It's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and today I have a Hot non-phone work from home opportunity That I know you guys are gonna love now This lead comes from a company called Spring Health I have shared them before And they have this non-phone role that Will be a coordinator position where You'll process background checks and Onboarding clients now this company Specializes in mental health care so You're going to be working in a business To business setting and that's where Your role comes in where you are Onboarding these new clients and Performing the background checks and you Know getting all the things together so We'll get into the details you're gonna Love the pay okay and in fact I think This is probably one of the higher Paying positions with lower requirements That I've shared in a while and it's a Coordinator role which if you guys have Been watching I've been sharing a ton up So anyway we're gonna get to the hot Lead but first please make sure you hit That subscribe button tap the Notification Bell if you want to hear About the hottest work from home Opportunities that's all we talk about Over here work from home jobs and work From home information and you can be in The know get your application in before

Everybody else if you have your Notifications on and you're going to Want to set it to all notifications for My channel so once you take care of that Business we'll be ready to jump in So jumping on in here this company is Called Spring Healthcare as I was saying And I'm scrolling through their home Page you can see they've worked with Some pretty reputable companies this is A major company and if you head over to Their Glassdoor account you'll see that They have anywhere from 501 to a Thousand employees and they talk about How they are a part of the mental health Care segment of healthcare and their Clients are other companies so you're Really working with other companies Other businesses as this coordinator now Jumping on in here this lead is a little Bit lengthy so I'm gonna hit the hot Spots I'm gonna give you guys all the Important information and summarize Where I can so that you can go ahead and Get your applications in now this Opportunity lets us know that it is Going to pay between 26 dollars and five Cents per hour to 32.18 per hour and that that's just part Of their competitive pay and benefits Package which just kept getting better And better now the overview for this Position after they talk about the Company they let you know that they're

Looking for a coordinator to join the Provider onboarding and enablement team Our mission is to build and empower the Most diverse high quality provider Community this drive member delight and Clinical outcomes the onboarding and Enablement coordinator will be Responsible for managing and executing On various operational tasks and Processes in support of growing managing And engaging our provider Network this Role will report to the onboarding and Enablement team lead what you'll be Doing manage background checks and Accounts set up for onboarding providers Manage account deactivation for Off-boarding providers manage ad hoc Provider Communications and operational Tasks conduct ad hoc provider related Analysis as needed manage provider data Input across relevant systems and Tracking documents support the Onboarding and enablement team as we Continue to strive for efficiency via Process tools and communication so to be Eligible for this role these are the Requirements it says what we expect from You at least one year of experience in Coordination or administrative role Outstanding written and verbal Communication solid organizational Skills High attention to detail a Thoughtful and collaborative approach Ability to thrive in a fast-paced

Environment humility resourcefulness Ambition professionalism demonstrate Passion for and understanding of mental Health and the broader U.S Health Care System is a plus so if you've ever done Anything like an office you know Secretary job you were the front office Person if you've done something in Administration if you've been a Coordinator before all of those are Synonyms for this type of role you have Those skills that they're looking for They need people who are organized they Need people who stay on top of things so You're the engine okay that makes that Train run and that's exactly who they're Looking for which I know is a number of Y'all because y'all have been gobbling Up these coordinator roles so continuing On they make a specific point to tell You that if you don't meet every Requirement still apply and they get Into some of the data that's out there Oftentimes women communities of color That are historically underrepresented Talent tend to not apply if they don't Meet every single qualification so They're saying go ahead and apply if you Think you would be good for this role Even if you don't check off every single Box which I love you know and I tell you Guys this as well like if you meet those Hard requirements but you don't check Off the preferred requirements it's

Still okay to apply because preferred Means nice to have so so this is great News and they talk about their excellent Benefits now this section talks about The things that they expect of you and I Kind of summed it up in a nutshell You're that person who's on top of Everything and stays organized and part Of that is being a great communicator Because when you're working in a team Environment you can't just be in a silo To yourself so they talk about all the Things that they would expect from you Working there but moving on to the Benefits they say that you get generous Medical dental vision coverage available Day one plus access to one medical 20 Total yearly no cost visits to the Spring Health Network of therapist Coaches and medication management Providers for you and your dependents Flexible pay time off in addition to 12 Paid holidays throughout the year 500 Per year Wellness reimbursement Spring Health provides access to quit genius a Platform with technology tailored Personalized addiction treatment plans For substance of abuse and then they Talk about supporting you and your Family so you get four to four and a Half months of fully paid parental leave Now this is something that a lot of Companies do not offer and when you are Going through the process of expanding

Your family one of the very first things That you think about that you're Concerned about is how are you going to Continue paying bills especially after You know I've had the baby and I'm not Going to be able to get right back to Work what do I do this is awesome and I Wish more companies offered that benefit And especially the length of it and so They go on and talk about their other Benefits now something else that's Notable is it says creating a culture You can thrive in flexible work Arrangement sixty percent of Spring Health team members work fully remote While 40 work in a hybrid model from our New York City offices they have calm Fridays so no meetings no distractions Just time for you to get work done up to A thousand dollars professional Development reimbursement per calendar Year any request over 250 dollars must Be requested for pre-approval prior to Enrollment by sending an email to the People team and then 200 per year Donation matching to support your Favorite causes and then this is their Equal Opportunity Employment statement Which means they don't discriminate for A number of Legally protected reasons Including individuals with disabilities And disabled veterans so this is a great Lead you guys and that's why I wanted to Hit the highlights because I know y'all

Are going to shut this down now you can Apply with your LinkedIn or you can do The application process that they have Here make sure you upload a cover letter Take time to write one for an awesome Job like this it's going to make you More competitive and then they just have Some questions here and it really is a Quick application so there you guys have It this is the hot work from home Opportunity from Spring Health and last But certainly not least I want to point You guys to two additional resources so First freebie that I'm going to point You guys to is my mega list of jobs on My website remoteworklife.com if you Want to find more companies like Spring Health you will come here and you will Come here daily there are 485 companies That will hire you to work from home all Of these companies are known to offer Remote positions so make sure you're Getting in a lot of applications and you Can do that and make it easier on Yourself by knowing who hires from home Okay so you can come here go directly to Their careers pages and apply directly Through their company this is the best Way to do it make sure you come here People get hired from a mega list all The time and then the last resource that I'm going to point you to is my Amazon Storefront if y'all need home equipment And you want to make sure that it meets

The technical specs and requirements of Companies you will come here always Going on about these computers but I say That because you need a computer to work From home and when you're trying to get Hired for a job you often don't have 500 Plus bucks to just blow on a computer if You don't already have one you can come To my Amazon storefront and find Something that works for your budget These two computers right now are on Sale for the cheapest I've ever seen Them this is on sale for 181 bucks you Get the dual monitors the CPU tower that Runs Windows 10 Pro most companies say You need at least Windows 10 so this is Even better and you get the wired Keyboard and mouse and these are 19 inch Monitors if you don't need dual monitors You say hey I just need one you can get This single monitor hookup same specs Windows 10 Pro wired keyboard and mouse 19 inch monitor for 124.50 everything in here sold through Amazon so this will be to you by next Week and if it doesn't work out for you You can always send it back to Amazon Okay I'm always saying we know how to Deal with Amazon and people are telling Me that they I really like these Computers okay 52 people have hearted This even more people have gotten their Home office hooked up through my Amazon Storefront so if you don't have the

Equipment make sure you come here and Check out these computer packages along With the other items that I have in my Amazon storefront there's a little Something for everybody you're Definitely going to need your headset You can come here and get you a USB Headset and your computer for under 200 Bucks you really just can't beat that so The link to my Amazon storefront the Link to the mega list of jobs and the Link to this hot onboarding and Enablement coordinator position this hot Not phone job will be linked in the Description box below so thank you so Much for watching I truly hope this has Been helpful and I will talk to you soon Bye Thank you Foreign

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