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Foreign [Music] I hope you guys are having a fabulous Friday it's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I am back with Something I know a whole lot of y'all Will appreciate I have a hot high pay Non-phone work from home opportunity and This lead comes from a company called Pay Corps I have shared them before on My channel and even if you didn't see That lead from a while ago because it's Been a while you probably are familiar With this company they are in the Payroll Human Resources technology Industry so maybe you use pay core with Your current company or you just stumble Upon them but their major company and I Love sharing these types of leads with Y'all because we want to work for major Companies we want to add them to our Resume and make our careers look Glamorous so we're going to get into all The details but first things first Please make sure you hit that subscribe Button and tap the notification Bell It's a must for my channel these leads Are hot and they go fast so you really Have to be one of the first to head on Over to the video when you get that Notification and get your application in And once you take care of that business We'll be ready to jump in So jump

Here I am at paycor's home page and I'm Just gonna scroll down so you can kind Of see what they're into they handle Payroll HR recruiting time and Attendance and expenses so maybe you Work for a company that uses them for Time and attendance and they probably Handle the other areas too for the Company May currently work for now just Scrolling down here I'm just letting you See their home page and you can get a Feel for them because maybe not Everybody's familiar with them and they Also have a robust glass store account And y'all know how much I love Glassdoor And I'm always pointing all to it Because this is how you can find out Information about a company if you even Like them enough to apply to them so Check out their Glassdoor account now Jumping on into today's hot lead this is For their shared services support Specialist payroll position this is Available us wide and I know that name You know sounds super fancy but they Really aren't looking for a whole lot of Minimum requirements you'll need your High school diploma or equivalent it Says a four-year degree or equivalent Education slash experience is preferred And then intermediate to Advanced Microsoft Office skills are required so That's the thing that I'm always telling Y'all about if you're trying to get into

A non-phone role you need to know Excel Okay Microsoft Office the whole Suite But I usually pinpoint Excel because Guess what you're going to need to be Able to do okay experience with Advanced Excel formulas including vlookup Thumbifs constantinate and pivot tables So that's why I'm always pointing out Excel and you can see they pointed it Out too so getting into this lead the Pay for this position according to Glassdoor payroll Specialists make about 51 207 dollars per year which is on par With the range they gave us that comes Out to about 25 dollars and some change But we could actually make up to twenty Eight dollars and 26 cents per hour in This role so I would go for the high Amount okay especially if you have Experience in HR or payroll or doing This exact position but on average People were making about 25 dollars per Hour according to the glass store so That's good money so it says job summary The shared services support specialist Supports the review and Reconciliation Processes using paycor's guided Activation slash perform software Platform shared services support Specialists are measured against their Ability to meet high standards for Timeliness and accuracy individuals in This role work closely with the accounts

Implementation consultant project Manager quality assurance Associates Data team Associates balance entry Associates and shared services support Specialist team members to meet Organizational commitments to each Client's specific needs and Implementation timeline essential duties And responsibilities maintain in-depth Knowledge of pay course products Features and usage provide flexible Support across the shared services and Implementation teams to support spikes And volume which occur in those teams During Peak business volumes verify all Necessary information and forms have Been obtained from client review payroll Configuration and or reconcile accrued Historical balances coordinating with Internal stakeholders to ensure that Current and current documentation is Received to ensure accuracy ensure all Payroll data is recorded balanced and Reconciled to the client's reports Maintain clear and concise documentation Of the errors or discrepancies Identified and collaborate with Necessary internal parties to Aid in Resolution as appropriate update task Status and other required supporting Notations or documentation within pay Course project management software and Client account setup portals Provide Support to Aid in the development

Vetting and testing of processes systems Tools and other resources in team to Support the growth and change associated With internal department and other Organizational initiatives accurately Import or input company and employee Data for a new client into pay core System and complete organizational setup Within required time frames maintain Clear communication with clients and Internal Partners to assist in Understanding or completing tasks other Duties as assigned requirements high School graduate or equivalent required Four-year degree or equivalent education Slash experience preferred intermediate To Advanced Microsoft Office skills Required sharp attention to detail and Data entry skills prior payroll local Tax HR and or benefits experience Preferred prior customer service Experience experience with Advanced Excel formulas including vlookup some Ifs constantinate and pivot tables Ability to work quickly and accurately In a fast-paced team environment Excellent time management communication Interpersonal and organizational skills High level of personal accountability And team engagement pay core Total Rewards we are proud to provide best In-class benefits delivering a personal And professional experience that meets You where it matters most the well-being

Of you and your loved ones highlights Include a flexible virtual first work Philosophy an initial Equity award in Restricted stock units for all new Associates in ongoing award Opportunities to participate in the Value created through pay course growth 401K with a 65-fit match for every Dollar contributed up to six percent of Eligible pay generous paid time off in Addition to 10 paid holidays including Your holiday to celebrate a day or Holiday you hold special three medical Plan options include including a zero Cost option and travel and lodging Support to ensure access to Medical Care Paid leave for birth parents non-birth Parents Elder caregivers and Military Support sabbatical opportunities for Tenured Associates Employee Stock Purchase plan which enables you to buy Pay course stock at a 15 discount Inclusive and accessible employee Assistance program to help with everyday Challenges wow those are some really Great benefits y'all okay take that free Money all right you need that money when It comes time to be done with working And all those other benefits too and it Says we also offer competitive Compensation determined by each Individual's relevant experience skills In education we anticipate the base pay For this position to be between

17.65 to 28.26 per hour in addition to pay court Paycor Associates are eligible for Either a performance-based annual bonus Y'all know my favorite word or Commission depending on their position If your desired salary Falls outside of These rates we hope you'll still apply As there may be other positions that Better align and you can check out more About their pay core benefits at this Link so you guys run don't walk drop What you're doing and apply to this hot Lead and the apply for this position Button is at the bottom right here now I Know this is a hot lead but you want to Get your application in for more hot Leads that's why you want to head over To my website remoteworklife.com I have something called the mega list of Jobs on my website this is a free F-r-e-e free resource where I give you 485 companies that are known to hire you To work from home and you can go Directly to their careers pages with the Links I have here and then to make it Even more helpful I put some titles of Roles that they're known to have but a Lot of these companies hire for all Sorts of positions so if you're like I Want to know about more payroll Opportunities or human resources Companies you can come here and you can Type in human resources and you can see

Like okay here are some companies that Delilah has shared that has those roles And Human Resources is a part of every Company so you could even go to you know Any other company that catches your eye And see what they have available for the Type of roles your interest accident but This is just to help you narrow down Your search make it easier to start Somewhere this is one of the best Resources that I have available to y'all And I keep going on and on about it but This is how so many people have gotten To the next step of interviewing and Ultimately Landing a remote job because They're looking at companies that might Not be advertising on Glassdoor or Indeed or wherever you go to look for Jobs so not every company advertises Every position that they have on the job Boards you can go straight to their Careers pages and see what they have to Offer you so definitely come here all Right bookmark this page put it in your Rotation And then finally you guys need equipment To work from home you're not gonna be Working for anybody if you don't have Your home office set up you don't have To break the bank I always Point y'all To these computers in my Amazon Storefront you don't have to spend 500 Or a thousand dollars on a computer if You want just the bare bones give me

What I need to get going these computers The 124 dollar one and this 205 dollar One will do what you need it to do and Then you can upgrade later after you've Gotten paid a few times now if you say Hey I have a budget for a better Computer I have something in here that Will fit just about everybody's budget And what they're looking for if you want A super duper computer you can get a Gaming computer it can do everything run Photoshop Adobe products because those Things are heavy on a computer but if You say I just need a computer to turn On and work then this will do it so Check out my Amazon storefront I have Also sorts of items in here to outfit Your home office including really Reasonable headsets a USB headset is a Must so you can get one for 14 bucks or If you're a Logitech person like me and You want something pink and cute you Could pick one up for 25 bucks okay and Then the link to the mega list of jobs Will be in the description box along With the link to this hot lead from pay Core so thank you guys so much for Watching I hope this was helpful and I Will talk to you soon bye Foreign

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