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Foreign Hey welcome my name is Shea from Dreamhomebasework.com make sure you hit That subscribe button and also that Notification Bell so you don't miss out On any new content posted on this Channel Hey welcome back everyone I hope you Guys are having a wonderful day so far I Am back this week with another hot work From home job alert today I will be Sharing a company that has a position That does not require you talking on the Phone you will simply get paid to just Listen to calls so keep watching to Learn more and how you can apply online This video is sponsored by Omni interact Questions For customer service reps to work from Home on your own schedule you will be Able to become your own boss and have The flexibility to work day shifts night Shifts and even overnight shifts now you Will be able to earn up to twenty Dollars per hour so I urge you to go Ahead and apply today this is one of Those rare remote jobs that will allow You to work whenever you want so I'll Leave a direct link in the description Box below for you to apply The company that I would like to share With you today is Alpine Home Air Products now this company is known for Providing intelligent heating and

Cooling solutions for our own homeowners Now they have a strong following and a Huge amount of repeat customers simply Because they have you know some of the Highest ratings in the industry rating At 4.85 out of 5 as far as customer Satisfaction now in this position you Will basically listen and review calls For quality assurance you will be Reviewing inbound and outbound calls for Teams for quality assurance reviewing Chat logs for team members for quality Assurance and you will be providing Coaching to individuals and or a team Based on call and chat reviews now this Is a fully remote position it does offer Flexible hours you will need to have the Ability to make thoughtful decisions as Far as requirements active listening Skills you must be able to hold people Accountable to high standards strong Attention to detail and you must have High-speed internet a quiet workspace Without family or pets in the room also You must have a backup plan as far as Power or Internet just in case you have An outage in your home they will provide All computer and headset equipment for You in regards to benefits you will get Competitive pay They will also offer group health Insurance as well as paid educational And professional development training You will be able to apply right away you

Know just by simply going to the apply For this job button at the bottom once You land on their application page you Can go ahead and upload your resume and This will automatically fill out the Application for you or you can just go One by one putting your first name last Name email a photo is optional also a Cover letter is optional as well so it Is a very quick application that you Will fill out to go ahead and apply Today Really quick I would like to stop over At glassdoor.com just to see what the Average salary is for this position Since they did not List an exact pay rate it is around 43 000 that's been reported by Glassdoor.com now keep in mind that this Salary was last updated May of last year So you will want to keep that in mind The salary may have increased or it may Have decreased so this is just a you Know an estimate of you know what the Position paid another site that I would Like to throw in for extra cash is human Addict this company pays you to review Calls and then you'll fill out a simple Questionnaire Now if you've ever heard a company You've called a company and the operator Says you know this call may be recorded Or is being recorded then that is Companies like you know human addicts

This company is very flexible you can Work as much as you want or as little as You want you know you simply you know Sign up for this website you will need To connect to your PayPal account they Will not charge you anything in order to Work on this website so you don't have To worry about any fees regarding this Site When you first get started on this Website they will only give you a just a Few categories of calls and then as you Advance you will be able to unlock new Categories and have more opportunities To earn now I am sitting on their Official webpage to get started you will Simply hit the sign up for free Button As you scroll to the top of their Website here Um this button you know it will guide You to a page that will walk you through How to you know link your PayPal account So you can start working you know this Is how you will begin the registration Process to start start working on this Website so I do urge you if you're Looking for something really simple that You can do in your spare time then Definitely this is a site that you can Check out keep in mind that this is only Used for extra cash they may not have Work available all the time but it is Something that you can do in your spare Time to earn some extra money on the

Side thank you If you are looking for more ways to make Money from home as a beginner online Make sure you pick up my guide 20 Beginner friendly ways to make money Online with 150 companies I made sure That I did all the research for you guys I researched over 150 companies that you Guys can be able to sign up with apply With also you'll be able to learn Different ways to avoid scams how to Identify if a company is legitimate or Not you know different sites that you Can be able to check you'll find a lot Of good nuggets in this video whether You are a teen stay-at-home mom you are Retired and you just wanting to Transition to working from home so make Sure you pick up that guide I'll leave My link in the description box below I Appreciate you guys for watching take Care guys I really hope you guys enjoyed This video don't forget to like comment And share this video with your family And friends I will be back tomorrow with Another hot job alert care Hey welcome back everyone today I found Another hot work from home job lead with A well-known satellite TV company called Dish Network you will want to keep Watching to learn more about the role The requirements the pay and much more Foreign

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