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Foreign At home and so welcome back to another Video on today's video today's episode We'll be sharing another work from home Opportunity coming from a company called Dish Network Dish Network is basically a Corporation it's an American television Provider and they are the owner of Direct broadcast satellite provider dish Commonly known as Dish Network so dish Or Dish Network are currently hiring They do have a position available at This time so make sure that if you're Interested in this job that you hop on This this can go pretty fast okay so if You are not subscribed or you do not Have your notification turned on for This channel make sure you subscribe and Hit that notification Bell so you do not Miss out on any of these job leads Because this channel do get a fair Amount of views and by defaults plenty Of applications and applicants are sent In for these job leads so to be sure That you do not miss out on your Opportunity to apply for these jobs very Important that you're subscribed and That you have your notifications turned On for these videos alright so without Further Ado let's jump into the remote Base position being presented by Dish Network if you'd like to learn more About addition network if you've never Heard of this company then make sure you

Go to Dish Network.com you might be interested in Your services so they have some plans Here if you're interested in using their Service I'm going to jump to their Remote-based position and this is for Their senior customer service Representative for their Wireless the Location for this job is work at home it Does also State North Carolina so if you Are in North Carolina you can work from Home in North Carolina but if you're not In North Carolina that's okay you can Still apply for this job because again Remote base work from home let's take a Look at their duties and their Responsibilities as part of the customer Experience team you will be the voice of A company to their customers the senior Wireless activation Specialist Team Focuses on resolving customer issues Preventing future problems and promoting Their services while listening Connecting and caring for the customer Through voice and chat interactions so Voice could basically mean you possibly Could be on the phone Assisting customers via voice like Speaking directly to your customers and Chat is basically using chat or email to Also interact with the customers now What is the task and responsibilities You will create a Best in Class Experience for their new Boost infinite

Customers via voice chats and email Personal personally owned the customer Relationship all the way through Activation by overcoming challenges and Obstacles they may be experiencing as a First point of contact for customers be A brand ambassador for Boost infinite And create a lasting positive impression Enhance the customers experience assist Customers with questions regarding Billing device activation when needed Reach out to customers help improve Business interpret and execute on a Variety of instructions furnished in Written oral diagram and or schedule From voice Schedule form via voice chat and email So these are the methods that you'll be Using to communicate with their Customers and it does involve some Non-phone but it seems as though you may Be on the phone as well so if you're Flexible with either or then that's Perfect it's always good to be flexible Even if you are applying for a position That is not phone based it's always good To be flexible when it comes to these Types of jobs and state that you are Open to communicate via email Voice or Chats so it shows a company that you're Flexible and you know how to use all Forms of communication at any given time When needed okay so let's say you are Not able to communicate with a customer

Via email or chat system might not be Working correctly maybe there's some Malfunctioning happening and you may be Required to have to jump on the phone With that customer so you have to be Flexible even if it's enough home-based Job they may require you at some point To get on the phone with a customer if a Situation calls for it okay so for those Of you just looking for non-phone-based Jobs that is perfectly fine there's tons Of opportunities that I've shared and Will continue to share that do not Require to be on the phone at all but Again it's good to be flexible and Mentioned to any other companies when You're applying for jobs that you're Willing and capable of using any form of Communication when it comes to handling Their customers okay so just want to Share that quick tidbit to you now in Terms of the skills and experience that Is required for this job all candidates Must have these things these main things A high school diploma GED or equivalence An awesome attitude with a custom first Mindset a desire to work in a Collaborative team environment so that Is a must-have for all their candidates So you are not required to have previous Work variants now they do have some Qualifications for their ideal Candidates so if you meet their ideal Must-haves then you're highly sought

After candidates one or more years of Customer care experience in a contact Center environments experience in Wireless industry Familiar with wireless devices strong Sense of Pride when guiding customers Adaptability to different work Environments High engagement throughout The entire of your entire of your shift Willingness to work flexible schedules Pay differential applies to weekends Evenings and holidays so just be Prepared that they may require you to Work during the weekends evenings and Holidays ability to smoothly operate Windows ability to multitask a desire to Continually improve and an openness to Be to being coached and developed so Again these are their desired ideal Traits that they would like for you to Have as a candidate you more than likely Will get chosen over other candidates Okay so just keep that in mind but You're not required to have previous Experience to apply for this job now What is in it for you what are the Benefits they offer you they offer 150 Dollar monthly reward bonus until the War program is established Pro with them Career growth opportunities performance Incentives plan company provided Equipment for both on-site and at home Environments they also have an extensive Benefits package here you can go through

Their benefits five dollar a month sling Blue and orange is the surface 330 free Channels including premiums so you get Some free channels which are Dish Network okay so if you have any other Service that you are currently using you May want to ditch that service when You're working for Dish Network And take advantage of their free Channels you get when you work for them Fifteen dollars per line for Boost Infinite Wireless medical dental and Vision insurance 401K Investments Heavily discounted dish sling and boost Infinite service heavily discounted so Again if you're using another service Please suggest that you switch over to Dish Network if you start working for This company now in terms of how much You can expect to get paid for this Position the starting pay varies by your Home location so keep that in mind so They're giving you so they gave you some Examples of the different states and What you can expect to get paid but it Looks to be between 20 to 22 dollars per Hour for this position no matter where You are in the US okay so you could go Through the different states that they Have their salary listed for here if Your state is in here great you can see How much you can expect to get paid if Your state is not in if your state is Not on this list doesn't mean that you

Can't apply for this job up you should Go ahead and still apply for this Position but this will just give you an Idea the pay range you can expect this Is coming from Dish Network they're Currently looking for senior customer Service representative you don't Necessarily need to have experience in Order to apply for this position if you Have previous experience that is a plus That is ideal and you get to work Directly from home for Dish Network and Take advantage of some amazing discounts And benefits that they offer all right Well thank you so much for watching I Wish you all the best of luck check out All the links resources and services That are provided in the description Section below this video and I wish you All the best of luck happy work from Home speak to you soon

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