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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With an exciting work from home job lead For you this one is part-time and Non-phone we're gonna dive all into it Just know the links to everything I Share are always in the YouTube Description box below this video now I Don't know where you live if you have a Crumble cookie or if you've ever heard Of them they make gigantic cookies and They're always switching out their Flavors they have the mystery flavors They are very good I do have one near me But they are hiring a park time Community specialist now this is remote Work from home and you'll be responding To their social media Commons so they're Basically looking for somebody to be Responsible for controlling the online Narrative about crumble and its Competitors capturing and Reporting on User generated content as well as Reporting on platform Trends Opportunities and customer feedback You'll be responding to all public and Private comments on the following social Media platforms Facebook Instagram Tick Tock LinkedIn Pinterest Twitter Youtube Yelp and Google with a PR educational And sales opportunities in mind you Establish and strengthen relationships With those that frequent respective Platforms so the people who are always

Commenting the loyal fans of a crumble Cookie you'll find and manage online Dialogue in which crumble and its Competitors are tagged and referenced And you'll collect the user-generated Content that other people post for Social managers to leverage on online Posting strategy you'll collect cookie a Store and General brand reviews to help The company grow so you don't have to Create any content to post yourself you Are just looking at the comments Responding to the comments and also when Someone else a competitor or a loyal fan Post something on the crumble cookie Social media you will collect the Information that they post now they are Not requiring any degree for this Position and they say customer Experience is preferred but customer Service experience is not even required They're looking for someone who is a Great communication skills and great at Problem solving the ability to convey The crumble cookie voice online and Someone who is highly organized now it Does say this is an hourly part-time Fully remote position however it does Not list the pay that will have to be Discussed at the time of the interview One thing to quickly note in the links Down in the YouTube description box I do Have this main crumble cookie page but If you already have a simple hired a

Profile filled out you can do the quick Apply I do have this page linked down Below as well alright if you've made it To the end of this video I want to say It thank you so so much for watching and Supporting me as always please feel free To leave anything specific that you're Looking for in the comments or if you Have any suggestions on how I can make This channel better leave that as well And I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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