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Foreign Hey welcome back everyone my name is Shea from dreamhomebasework.com today I Would like to share a night slash Evening job that you guys can do from Home if you are looking for something Either part-time or full-time with the Flexibility to work either overnight on Weekends or just in the evening times Definitely keep watching to learn more About the opportunities that I want to Share with you today make sure you hit That subscribe button and also that Notification Bell so you don't miss out On any new content posted on this Channel today I will be featuring a Company called Samaritans this company Is a fast-growing company they deal with American crisis mental health issues and You will basically be working from home You will be listening and supporting People that need help now I am sitting On their official website and I want to Scroll down to the available positions Samaritan's hope does expect employees To become vaccinated or you must have a Medical or religious exemption before They consider you for a job now here are A couple of positions that they have Available here overnight helpline shift Supervisor weekend helpline Shift supervisor helpline coordinator Day and evening overnight helpline Coordinator part-time and then also a

Youth tech services coordinator now we Want to click on I'm just going to go Right here and click on the overnight Helpline coordinator just to give you Guys a brief overview about the job now You will basically work from home this Company operates 24 7. they would like You to take crisis calls you will also Answer texts and you will also respond To chats from people that are seeking Emotional support you will need to also Submit your call reports for each call Now as far as qualifications they do Prefer you to have at least two years of Professional experience or just some Previous work as a volunteer you know You could be volunteering at a senior Citizen home helping with kids I mean They just want to see some type of Volunteer or something where you have Worked in a professional environment Also you must have the ability to work With sensitive and confidential Information have strong communication Skills and have the flexibility of Meeting deadlines now the starting pay For this role is twenty four dollars per Hour you can also check out the youth Text coordinator position where you will Simply answer text you don't have to Worry about too much phone work this is A text position where you'll just be Responding to texts from those that are You know texting for emotional support

They would also prefer for you to have Some volunteer experience and also some Experience working with a crisis hotline Those are some pluses that will help you Land the job now as far as requirements You know they do expect you to complete A 26 hour our volunteer befriender Training before you are hired on the Starting pay for this role is 22 dollars Per hour and it does include sick time And other incentives so definitely I'll Leave a link below for you to apply with This company today the next website that I would like to share with you is VRI Now this is an emergency response Systems the company is actively seeking A second shift call center Representative where you will earn 16 to 17 dollars per hour now your job is to Basically answer alerts from parents and Grandparents from all over the world That may need help or maybe in a crisis Or may need an emergency Response now you will answer phone calls Inbound calls you will also answer Customer questions using a scripted and Non-scripted response you will record The details of calls dispatches as well As messages you will troubleshoot alarm Systems and Report malfunctions now when It comes down to the qualifications you Know they only require you to have a High school diploma or GED you don't Really need any prior experience any

Prior phone experience you just need to Be able to communicate well they will Allow you to work flexible hours and you Can possibly work over time when needed This is a second shift position where You will be working completely in the Evenings you will need to be proficient In the use of word excel Outlook just The you know normal Word documents and You also must be very good at managing Multiple tasks at the same time so I do Urge you to go ahead and apply with this Company you know they hire regularly for You know different overnight and second Shift positions weekend availability so Definitely bookmark this website for a Future you know call center Representative jobs this is a full-time Position that starts this month you know They are recruiting and they are looking For people to start right away also you Must be able to work at least one Weekend day so I want to make sure I Don't miss that Um you know definitely that is a Requirement for you to get hired on you Will receive benefit and amazing perks From Amazon Prime membership student Loan repayment and more so definitely Check out this website I hope you guys Enjoyed this video make sure you give it A thumbs up and also share with your Family and friends that may be looking For evening overnight jobs you know

These are rare but you know I want to Make sure that I share these Opportunities as soon as I come across Them until next time guys I wish you Guys nothing but the best take care Are looking for more ways to make money From home as a beginner online make sure You pick up my guide 20 beginner Friendly ways to make money online with 150 companies I made sure that I did all The research for you guys I researched Over 150 companies that you guys can be Able to sign up with apply with also You'll be able to learn different ways To avoid scams how to identify if a Company is legitimate or not you know Different sites that you can be able to Check you'll find a lot of good nuggets In this video whether you are a teen Stay-at-home mom you are retired and you Just wanting to transition to working From home so make sure you pick up that Guide I'll leave my link in the Description box below I appreciate you Guys for watching take care guys Hey welcome back everyone thank you all So much for tuning in to another work From home video today I would like to Share a data entry position that is Currently available with Marriott I will Go over the requirements you know a Little bit about the job as well as how You can apply online so keep watching to Learn more

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