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Foreign [Music] At home and welcome back to another Video in today's video I will be sharing Another work from home job which I'm Pretty excited to share with you on Today if you are interested in remote Peace opportunities that are shared on This platform on this channel make sure You subscribe and hit that notification Bell so that you get notified when new Uploads are posted because jobs on this Channel can go pretty fast and they can Expire at any time make sure you save That opportunity in your favorites or The company in your favorites and just Keep checking back for opportunities Because jobs do reopen and also check my Websites for available positions that Are posted on a regular basis throughout The week so this is coming from a Company called Foot Locker Foot Locker Is a specialty retailer of athletic Footwear and apparel their product Portfolio involves sports footwear and Apparel for men women and kids sports Accessories athletic equipment and Backpacks they are pretty well known Major brand now if you have never heard Of footlocker.com then I highly suggest That you browse your website you may Have a Foot Locker in your area in your Neighborhood you may want to visit their Store and just get really familiar with

This company if you're interested in Applying for their work from home Positions okay so they have an online Retail store as you can see they have The website but I also have but they Also have physical locations throughout The US so let's jump into the Remote-based position that they Currently have available their mobiles Job that they're looking to hire for is Their Human Resources Services Representative this position is remote Based in the US only so it's only for U.S residents it does not list any Restrictions in terms of states in the US so one can assume that this job may Be available for you no matter where you Are in the US so you can go ahead and Give it a shot in and get started and Apply for this position so let's jump Into what exactly they're looking for They're looking to they're looking for An experienced human resource service Representative to join their Dynamic and Collaborative team the human resource Service center is the first point of Contact for all Total Rewards including Benefits compensation HR Management Systems mobilities and our customers HR Services questions telephonically and Via email this individual provides Administrative and clerical support for Total rewards and must be well versed in Benefits knowledge to direct their team

Members accordingly so the HR service Representative is a key source for Day-to-day Administration for Foot Locker total rewards programs now in Terms of responsibilities you will be Responsible for demonstrates knowledge Of Foot Lockers employment policies Partners with supervisor to Monitor and Apply understanding of corporate Policies conducts data analysis response To team members benefit questions create Servicenow cases research information Answer internal phone calls as well as Emails from team members Monitor leave of absence assist in Analysis audit system support project Initiatives so those are the basic key Things that they're looking for so that So these are the basic key Responsibilities for this work from home Position and if you scroll down a little Bit more you'll see the qualifications Now in order to qualify for this Position you will need to have a minimum Of two years of HR benefits customer Service and or call center experience They also do require that you have a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Business or related discipline if you Speak English and Spanish meaning Bilingual that is a plus Requires understanding of companies Policies as well as applicable Employment regulations general knowledge

Of employment strong collaboration Skills Superior attention to detail Excellent communication skills ability To collaborate in a list goes on and on And on okay now in terms of the base Salary for this position you can expect To earn between fifty to sixty thousand Dollars per year and this range Represents the anticipated low and high End of salary for this position salary Will be determined by education Experience knowledge skills and Abilities of the applicants so again Keep that in mind when you are getting Your salary range for this position it Would be based on those factors now the Benefits for working with Foot Locker is Listed here you get employment discounts You get employee discount paid time off Medical dental vision coverage 401K Stock purchase plan life insurance all The goods are available as their Employee so if you're ready to get Started you can click where it says Apply now on your upper right corner in Blue just click where it says apply now And it will take you directly to this Page where you'd have to enter your Email address click next and just follow The prompts to register our Foot Locker In order to apply for the position if For whatever reason you do register and You start your application and it states The job expired or you're not able to

Move forward with the application then That is an indication that the position Is possibly filled okay but at the time Of this video that I'm recording I Believe this position is available and It's open but if you find that it's not That's perfectly fine that does happen Again as I stated in the beginning keep An eye out for this position again Because it can always return so that Does happen where jobs expire or is Filled and then a couple days later the Job reappears on a company's website for Whatever reason all right so never lose Hope and if you are interested in my Resume revamping service that is Available check links in the description Section for that as well as my templates That are available to you I have a pro Resume template package that includes Three resume templates different Templates that you can use as well as a Guide to help you in a video tutorial so Definitely check it out if you're Someone who's struggling to land a Position or hear back from companies it Could possibly be the resume that you Are currently using if it does need to Be updated then you need to update your Resume and just try again with a new Resume and see what happens okay all Right and I do encourage you guys to Stay encouraged so this is coming from Footlocker again they are currently

Hiring for a position you do need to Have experience in order to apply for This job if you know of anyone who may Be a perfect fit for this job if you Feel that this job is not for you then Definitely share this information and Thank you so much for watching and Subscribing I'll see you in my next Video talk to you soon happy work from Home bye

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