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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from melissia at home And welcome back to another video so in Today's video I will be sharing another Word from home opportunity and it's Coming from a company that's pretty big Okay if you're someone who's into music Or you have interest in the music Industry in any way shape or form then This would be a great opportunity for You you get to work remotely for a major Brand such as Warner music group and who Exactly is Warner music group wmg is a Global Music Entertainment Company Across recorded music music publishing And artists services so they service Various artists in helping them to Publish new music and getting their Music out there to the world For Your Entertainment so wmg again is a major Brand now they have remote-based Opportunities that are posted on their Website every now and then if you are Interested in working for this company Then you could definitely check the Career section in the upper right corner You could click where it says careers And it will take you directly to their Careers page as you see right here and You can scroll down to where it says U.S Careers or Global non-us careers so they May have jobs available for those who Are non-us citizen if you are outside of

The us such as Internationals you could Check their Global career section to see If there's opportunities for non-us Residents but if you are in the U.S Currently then you can then you Definitely want to check where it says U.S careers they also have other Programs if you're interested if you Scroll down a little further it says U.S Student programs they have curated the Wmg classroom series and educational Opportunity for college students to get An inside look at their industry labels And business operations through Interactive lectures and panels Facilitated by their leaders so you can See the difference topics that they have Listed here that is associated with Their educational opportunities also I'm Sure you noticed wmg Wmg's covid-19 response so their top Priority is the safety and well-being of Their team members artists and Songwriters across the globe so they are Fully committed to helping their people Balance their home life and commitments With flexible working options virtual Wellness sessions and more so they Strive to maintain covid-19 free Workplace to that end being fully Vaccinated against covid-19 is a Condition of employment for all U.S Employees so that may also include those Who are remote based so if you are not

Interested in companies that require you To be vaccinated then you can always Bypass this company I know so many of You are so against it and you frown down Upon companies that are pushing for Vaccination for those who work remotely And and I totally understand because What is the purpose of needing to be Needing to be vaccinated when you are Going to be working from your home right So it's just a mandate that certain Companies will have in place for all Their employees so if they have Employees that are working outside of Their office and they're vaccinated then They may feel that it's fair that all Employees that work under Wmg is vaccinated across the board okay Whether you're working from home or not Then it applies to everyone so again if This is not your cup of tea perfectly Fine there will be companies that will Have this and they're companies that may Not have this and then there are Companies that you may assume don't have Mandated vaccination that may start Requiring you to be vaccinated in order To continue working for that company Okay so if you are looking for jobs Remote jobs that do not require Vaccination that's great once you get Started with them all is well but later On down the line they may start Enforcing you to be vaccinated to

Continue working for them so it's really A choice that you would have to make if You feel like you know you want to not Work for any company there's other Options of course the only other option Is to work for yourself and start your Own business online you know start a Side hustle if you are 100 against Vaccination that's the only alternative Is to basically start your own business Or look for alternative ways to start Earning an income I will definitely you Know upload videos on other optional Things that you can do to earn money by Working from home just wanted to address That because I know I'm going to get Comments All right so let's continue if You are still with me now the job Opportunities I want to show you that They currently have is their data entry Specialist position this job it is a Data entry position but you notice it Says deal entry specialist so this is Basically their title for this job but It's an iPhone based job and it requires You to enter data it is a full-time Position and again this is for U.S based Residents only so they have their Statement here in regards to The Importance of Being vaccinated for Covid-19 so you you can read through That information again there do require That you are coveted vaccinated all Right and the job description at Warner

Music Group they are Global Collective Of Music Makers and music lovers Tech Innovators and inspired entrepreneurs Game changing creatives and passionate Team members now let's scroll down to The job title section where it says deal Entry specialist so your role as their Deal entry specialist will play a Critical role in ensuring the accuracy Of their data for their labels recording Merchandise distribution and Licensing Agreements upon which all of their Departments rely you'll work directly With business Affairs And gdo to clarify Key terms and help answer questions from All levels around the company so this is What you will do you will keep all Pertinence the data in the new rights Administration database which will flow Into several Downstream systems Interface directly with the attorneys to Obtain clarification of contract Language and business practices Submits deals to business and legal Fairs for review which includes making Any necessary changes and resubmitting For approval you will bring a sense of Urgency and excitement to the role okay So this is basically the task that You'll be doing this is a Non-phone-based non-customer service Position where you'll be interacting With their attorneys and business and Legal Affairs team Etc et cetera as well

As keying in data in their database they Do desire someone who has experience so You will need to have one to three years Experience in legal and or contract Administration Rights Management or Recording agreement experience music Industry experience first-hand Experience interpreting and summarizing Various types of entertainment contracts Demonstrate multitasking abilities Without getting easily referral ruffled When priorities shift strong Interpersonal skills and entertainment Industry knowledge so as you see they Are looking for someone's very specific That are familiar with the music Industry okay so you do need to have Some experience in this industry and Again if you have experience in legal or Contract Administration work and this Would be an ideal opportunity for you if Not that's fine maybe you know someone Who have these experience and you can Share this opportunity or if you're Someone who's currently working to Obtain this type of position and you Meet the major requirements listed here Then definitely check out this Opportunity okay they also would love if You have a passion for the intersection Of music business law and Technology Familiar with the recorded music and Music publishing industry as well as Related legal issues apply directly with

Your LinkedIn if you have a LinkedIn Account you can use that to apply for This position they also encourage you to Not be discouraged if you don't hear From them right away they are taking Their time to review all resumes and to Find the best people for wmg so Sometimes companies can take a while all To go through resumes and you may be Waiting for a while before you hear back From a company okay so again if you're Interested in this position the job pays 25 to 35 dollars per hour it is a Full-time position and the job posting Ranges are included for all New York and California job posting and 100 remote Roles where Talent can be located in New York City and California now you don't Need to reside in New York City or California to work remotely for this job I believe it's available all over the US Okay so it's a U.S remote-based Opportunity all right so if you're ready To get started you could click the Yellow apply button right here which Will turn pink and you click on that and Then you just fill in the application You can autofill with the resume if you Upload your resume it will automatic it Will automatically fill out the Information that's basically it for this Position if you're interested in this Job definitely go go for it if you feel Comfortable in doing so I'll also you

Can check out my resume remotes resume Template that I have offered I did add Something new to this bundle based on Request so I added a full resume and Cover letter guide it will basically Guide you in constructing a very Professional and remote friendly resume Or just a resume in general for any Position it also include a cover letter Guide as well so to guide you in writing And appealing cover letters so Definitely check out the link in Description section for this and again If you're interested in working for this Company and definitely check them out And thank you so much for watching I'll See you in my next video talk to you Soon happy work from home bye

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