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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from melissia at home And welcome back to another video so Again another exciting episode that you Are tuning in to find out who is hiring Today on today's video we're going to be Talking about a company called icon they Have positions available in data entry And data entry is an ideal type of Position if you're someone who's Interested in non-phone-based Opportunities and data entry is Plenteous of course if you have never Heard of a company before you definitely Wanted to hear it research also be sure To read all the full details on a Company's website because there are some Scams going around when it comes to Remote-based opportunities for scammers Out there that do a great job at Masquerading as a legit company so be Sure to check double check with a Company before you apply for any Position to make sure that there are Legit that the company you are applying To is the actual company because there Are so many different reference scams Out there that can look very much legit For instance if you're applying for Positions at CVS they can use the CVS Logo on a website and you are assuming That this is an official CVS website and You start giving your information out to

Scammers so it's very very important to Do your own independent research prior To applying for positions and be very Vigilant okay so let's jump into this Company this is coming from icon there Are a legit company you can always look Them up on Google to be sure if you want To go directly to their careers page on Google where they have their official Website you can click on that and it Will take you directly to their main Page okay so I'm currently on their Careers page showing you some Opportunities in data entry but this is Their official website right here and This is also their official website that Is offering their data entry work so Icon is a legitimate company and they Are the world's leading clinical Research organization providing Outsourced clinical developments and Commercialization services to the Pharmaceutical industry okay so again They have various careers that are also Available on their website and we're Going to explore those novel-based data Entry positions that they currently have From no experience to mid-level Experience you can also look up reviews About this company they have pretty good Reviews as you can see four to five star Ratings on some websites so again they Are legit and real valid company Now let's talk about their data entry

Position about this role icon PLC is a World leading Healthcare intelligence And clinical research organization from Molecule to medicine they Advance Clinical research providing outsourced Services and pharmaceutical Biotechnology medical device and Governments and public health Organizations with their patients at the Center of all that they do they help to Accelerate the development of drugs and Devices that save lives and improve Quality of life so their people are Their greatest strength are at the core Of their culture icon people have a Mission to succeed and a passion that Ensures that they do and they do it very Well as you notice they shared a little Bit more detail about their company as Well as what they stand for what they do As well as their mission and this is Posted right under there about the role So that means that they want you to pay Close attention to this now as you Notice their fonts is very fine prints Making it very difficult to read okay so It's not me it's their fonts that They're using pretty small so I'll try To expand it so you guys can see a Little bit better so they have different Categories and data entry that you'll be Assigned to they have data entry support For non-sip study sites you will make Updates in ctms as provided on

Pre-validated site lists review Reference data to see if required Accounts contract address records Already exist in the system create new Update existing reference data as needed Create sites enter site accounts and Addresses enter site contacts you may Also be assigned to their data entry Support for outsourced studies Data entry support for acquired studies Etc etc so you can go through all the Data entry work that they will assign You to when you apply for this position Now it states down here which I have it Highlighted data entry experience is Preferred for their jobs but it is not Required so if you do not have data Entry experience that is okay you still I still encourage you to apply for this Position majority of data entry jobs Just require that you have good typing Skills can range between 30 to 80 words Per minute when it comes to data entry And that you can type accurately now They have their benefits for working for The company listed here so I'll leave it To you guys to read about all the Benefits that they do offer now if you Scroll further down you will see that They have their application processed You can read through this information it States once you find a job opening that Fits your skills and interest you can Create an account apply and check back

On the progress of your application or Apply for other roles as well so they Have other positions that you can apply To more than likely related to data Entry not home base once your Application has been received a Confirmation email will be sent to your Email remember this is their first time Meeting you so read the job description And highlights on your CV those Experiences that they should learn about Then one of their experienced recruiters Will read your profile and and determine If you are a fit for the role and the Company they are aware of instances Where fake recruitment text messages and Emails that can appear to come from icon Have been received by individuals just As I was mentioning earlier in this Video you definitely want to double Check to verify that whatever messages That you get from anywhere that may seem As though it's coming from an official Company you want to double check they're Stating here that they're fully aware That fake recruitments can appear to Come from icon so always delete Suspicious text messages or emails never Give out personal financial information Ever now scrolling further down I want To show you guys that they have similar Positions and these are the highest Paying jobs and they may require you to Have experience okay so they have a

Senior clinical data lead position and This is available available in the US And you do need to have experience in Order to apply for this particular job It is a high paying position they also Have other oppositions that are open in Different locations it seems that Majority are in the UK Argentina and the US okay so if you see any other Positions or opportunities then Definitely check them out now if you're Curious about their average salary for Their jobs you can do a quick Google Search and you will see Glassdoor have Them at 72k to 100K per year or 79k to 91k per year for this company in terms Of the positions that they offer so this Particular salary is for their clinical Data manager which kind of goes with the Job that I just showed you their senior Clinical data lead which is which is in Their clinical data management section So this is a high paying possibly high Paying position that is available Alright so that's basically the average For that particular job and for the Clinical data entry position that I First discussed with you in this video It can range between twenty to thirty Dollars per hour since it does not Require you to have experience in order For you to qualify for this particular Position okay so they have multiple Positions available that range from no

Experience to mid-level experience and Advanced ex and advanced experiences That can get you high paying high paying Salaries so if you're ready to get Started with this company you could Click where it says apply you'll be Directed to this page where you would Have to enter your email address and Just click next to go through the steps To apply for positions on their website All right so this is coming from icon Again they are hiring for data entry Positions these are remote Bays that are Available in the US as well as the UK And in Argentina so be sure to check out All the links that are available in the Description section below this video to Get started in applying for this Position as well as as well as other Jobs that are currently hiring and I Wish you all the best of luck happy work From home bye

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