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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from melissia at home And welcome back to another video if you Are new to this video just found this Video and you're new to my channel my Name is melissia and I created this Channel to help those who are looking to Get started in working from home and I Mainly post work from home job leads and If you look in the description section Below my videos you'll find tons of Resources Services as well as tools and Guides that will help you to get started In working from home and it doesn't Matter where you are in your experience Level or skill level if you are no Experienced entry level or even Advanced Skills and experience then this is the Place to be to find remote-based jobs That are tailored to your specific needs So make sure you subscribe and hit that Notification Bell because you do not Want to miss out on any of these amazing Job leads that are shared on this Channel you never know you might land a Position that is the perfect fit for you On today's video we're going to be Talking about Pinterest and the Remote-based positions that they have Available they currently have multiple Positions available on their website and I will forewarn you if you're someone Who's looking for something that that

Does not require you to have any Experience then this is not the video For you the jobs that Pinterest have on Their website do require you to have Some experience and skills like past Experience some jobs may require you to Have as little as two years of Experience to eight years of experience Okay so just keep that in mind what Exactly is Pinterest well Pinterest Based on Google is a visual discovery Engine for finding ideas like recipes Home and style and inspiration and so Much more with billions of pins on Pinterest You'll Always Find ideas to Spark inspiration when you discover pins You love save them to your boards to Keep your ideas organized and easy to Find so I'm a huge fan of Pinterest Because I use it frequently for meal Ideas for me and my daughter Um especially since we're vegans so they Have amazing recipes for vegan dishes That you can find you can also use Pinterest to promote your business as Well if you have a business and there's So many creative ideas and obviously Opportunities that you could find on Pinterest so Pinterest is an app that You can download to your phone and they Are strictly remote based so by default They're going to have remote-based Opportunities so you are currently Looking at Pinterest website their main

Website and as you can see it states That they have over 36 open positions Where you are the boss so this is their Stats since they have been offering Remote-based positions they have been Offering remote-based positions Apparently for 15 months working fully Remotely 1 000 furry friends who are Happier than ever to have their parents Home their parents get it parents Parents home 22 000 plus zoom and Google meets calls Attended and this is just stats that They have since they have rolled out the Remote-based opportunities okay so you Can read more about Pinterest again if You're not familiar with Pinterest Definitely do your research so that you Do get familiar and I highly suggest That you use their app alright so let's Jump into the remote-based positions That they have available so these are The remote-based jobs that they have Currently and again it states that they Have 36 opportunities that are remote Friendly and these jobs are located in Different parts of the US in different States as well as all over the US so as You can see there's a mixture going on Here you have this position for software Engineering infrastructure of course That's going to be like a really really High paying position that may require You to have at least six plus years or

So okay in engineering so if you know Someone who is into that field or you Happen to be in that field then Definitely check out Pinterest for some Engineering opportunities for you to you Know get started and if Pinterest sound Like a company that you would prefer to Work for over a company that you're Currently working for as an engineering As an engineer then definitely browse Through their opportunities that are Available to you okay so as you can see They have multiple positions and these Are all in remote-based jobs now you can Go to the left corner the left dashboard And you can select different departments That you're interested in so if you're Interested in administrative positions Business developments Community Operations design engineering of course Have tons of engineering as you can see Finance and the list goes on then you Can select on any of these departments To see if they have jobs available now They won't have positions available for Every department for instance if you Click on let's say HR departments as you Can see there's nothing available for HR Okay at this time but you can always Check back to see if something becomes Available so the most popular Departments that will have positions of Course again is their engineering and You may find something in their design

If you're someone who's InDesign you Will find an opportunity currently they Have a senior qualitative ux researcher Ads so if you're interested in that Position then you can click on any of Their job that they have listed just to Get full information about the job okay And how many years of experience you Will need and the requirements so for This particular position this is just an Example it's remote regular it's in the Design departments and you can scroll Down to see what it is that they're Looking for okay so they're looking for A qualitative researcher who has worked On digital experiences and specializes In actionable insights that drive impact On products related to businesses this Position will be embedded with Cross-functional products and design Teams so what will you be doing Prioritize and conduct research that Varies in approach scale scope time Frame and methodologies select and Communicate the appropriate method or Mix of methods to answer questions build Strong relationships proactively Communicate connect across team help Build the research culture at Pinterest So this job is tailored towards Researching and communicating with the Team to better their company and extend Their reach what are they looking for For this particular position how many

Years of experience Three years of experience designing and Conducting end-to-end product research Ability to toggle between owning Executing end-to-end research Etc so This is mainly like a research position All right and you only need three plus Years if you are someone who's into Design and you have some this experience Then this would be a great opportunity For you so if you are in the US the Minimum and maximum salary for this Position is 141 000 to 236 000 in the US now for those who were Skeptical about any remote-based online Jobs that are out there that they do not Pay over 200 000 or even a hundred Thousand dollars a year uh here you go There are so many opportunities Available again no matter where you are In your experience levels so if you are Advanced experience if you have two or Three years of experience in your Particular field of work if you are Someone who's into designing Um and this is something that you feel You'll be able to do you will get paid Pretty well working from the comfort of Your home okay so yes you can make over Two hundred thousand dollars a year Working from home with companies such as Pinterest pretty exciting okay now of Course this is just an example of the Position to have available

Um they have another position here that Only requires you to have two plus years Of experience and for this particular Job this is in their Finance departments And they're currently hiring for this Position so what you will do with this Job on the month and billing process by Understanding how all insertion orders Are aligned to their financial systems So if you're someone who's into finances And you're good with accounting then This would be a perfect position for you Again you will need some experience of Course as well as degrees so you would Need like a bachelor's degree in finance Business accounting or related field Feel and you just need two plus years of Experience in a billing row experience With media and advertising agencies and And so on okay so you can read the rest Of what they're looking for and this Particular position will pay you 79 so 114 000 per year well again these jobs Do require you to have some years of Experience but it goes to show that you Can make a lush salary working from the Comfort of your home with the skills That you have attained when you are Working outside of the home for a few Years okay so definitely check out Pinterest for some remote based Opportunities that they currently have Available on their website and of course If you need assistance with putting your

Resume together definitely check out my Resume services in the description Section below this video as well as my Resume templates that I put together for You guys so that you can apply for these Positions with a remote friendly ready To go resume 10 template so that will Give you the best chance at Landing a Remote-based position with Fortune 500 Companies such as Pinterest all right so That's basically it for this particular Video I just want to share that Pinterest have multiple remote based Positions they are high paying and they Do require to have some experience now If none of these positions on Pinterest Is of interest to you or you feel you do Not qualify for then do not worry Because I share remote-based positions At every level entry levels of no Experience and so forth so stay tuned Hit that subscribe Button as well as That notification Bell because you never Know when a video will pop up and you do Not want to miss out on any of these Amazing work from home job leads and I Will speak to you next time happy work From home

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