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Foreign [Music] And I am back with another video so on Today's video we're going to talk about A company by the name of Telus International you would be very curious To know a little bit more about who they Are who they service and what exactly it Is that they do right so tell us International has been around since 2005 And they are a Canadian technology Company they provide I.T services and Multilingual customer service to Global Clients Major Brands a major company are Familiar with talents International so They work with clients in technology Games Communications and media E-commerce travel and Hospitality as Well as in the healthcare industry so Clients and industries like technology Financial Services Etc etc are very much familiar with Telus International they also have Remote-based positions available for Their clients that they work with to Hire you to work from home oh this is a Company that may have opportunities Available globally so if you are International then you could definitely Check out the available positions that They may have you can go to their all Jobs section Tab and just scroll through The opportunities that might be Available in your country click course

Says all jobs if you are curious to see What is currently available and you can Always do narrow down your search by Entering a keyword to see if a Particular role or position is available You can also select the country that you Are in so these are will populate in the Drop down menu when you are going to Select the country that you're looking For positions so if you're International Again Telus International is probably a great Company for you to search for Remote-based positions okay so these are The current jobs that they have listed On their website they're available in Multiple locations and in different Languages so feel free to browse through Their website for additional job Openings but on today's video I want to Share one position in particular that I Feel is very interesting and I feel like Most of you may be able to apply for This job because it does not list that You need to have much experience and so The position that is being offered is For data contributor okay and the last Day to apply for this particular job is May the 2nd 2023 so you two have some Time but you definitely want to get your Applications in because this might be a Highly sought after position okay and This is only available in the US now I Get a lot of Internationals that comment

Under my videos and I really encourage You guys to listen to the videos because You constantly post is this available in My country and the job listing will tell You whether or not it's available in Your country and I'm reading the job Listings so if you are listening to the Video you wouldn't have to post those Questions in the comments section so Make sure that when you are clicking on Videos to watch that you take the time To listen or if you don't want to listen To me ramble on about a job opportunity And you just want to get to the part Whether or not they're hiring a new Country you can visit the job listing Yourself and read the information okay So for this particular job it's only Available in the US there's no State Restriction it is categorized as Freelance okay so this is a freelance Position that means that you are not an Employee so you will not be ha so you May have to handle your own taxes you May have to provide your own equipment You are basically in control of those Things okay so let's jump into the Description as well as the requirements That they're looking for so tell us International is currently looking for Participants participants to complete Various data collection tasks in Different locations in the US now it States in different locations but they

Did not state what specific States okay So one can assume this is all over the U.S no matter where you are you can Still apply for this job because this May be available in your state where you Resign the role is to pay per task Project so you'll be paid per task Completed every time I complete a task They will pay you and it involves Creating collecting short sentences or Texts capturing capturing images and Videos or featuring for short video Captures of participants faces or Movements different tasks can take from 30 minutes to several hours depending on The task you might be asked to come to Premises you may be required to leave Your home You may be somewhere close within your Location But some tasks can be completed remotely From home the collected data will be Used to develop and improve different Artificial intelligence models and Products this is an independent Contractor opportunity and collaboration Will be done on freelance basis so Freelance basis could basically mean That this is not like a full-time job Where you're going to be working eight Hours a day on a set schedule you will Just be completing tasks every now and Then okay so it's not like a full-time Eight-hour

Day it's not a full-time eight hour a Day type of job so this would be great Additional income to add to your current Income or if you don't have any income At all this would be a great opportunity To help you gain the skills and Experience the minimum rate for an Hourly task performed remotely is Starting from 75 to 130 dollars US Dollars per hour but might be higher Depending on the nature of the day data Needed to be collected so the average is Between 75 to 130 dollars per hour but It can be higher than that depending on The nature of data that they need to Collect each project will specify the Rate for that particular task okay so You receive projects that will have the Amount that you can expect to earn for Completing the task For projects that will require you to Travel to their office to do the Collection on site the rates will be Built in such a way to include parts That will cover your commuting time Expenses now it doesn't State how far You would have to travel again the Locations or whichever clients that they Have you working with may be close to Your designated location okay so if you Are in New York then they may have a Client that is within your area and you Would have to travel to their premises To do the collection to do some of the

Collection work okay and they will cover Your expenses and your commuting Expenses so that's awesome they're Offering a sign on bonus as well of Twenty dollars payable upon completing The first task with them on top of the Actual task pay okay so if you start at 75 then they will give you twenty Dollars on top of that seventy five Dollars that's ninety five dollars right There that you will earn you must be 18 Years of age now for those who are Completely against over 19 vaccination They do require that you are vaccinated Like 100 have to be vaccinated and they Will require you to provide proof of This okay so if you're completely Against covid-19 and being vaccinated That's fine this may not be the Opportunity for you but I did mention This in one of my videos that a lot of Companies are going to be moving in this Direction so at some point you're going To have to make a decision okay the only Other available opportunities for you if You are completely against vaccination You do not want to work for any company At all that requires this is to start Your own business and become an Entrepreneur that's the only direction That we'd have to go towards because Eventually this is going to be the case For all companies across the board They're going to ask for this or they're

Going to start implementing it you may Get hired for a job and they don't have Covid-19 vaccination in implemented for You to start working for them but as you Start working for that company within a Year or two all of a sudden they're Going to require that you give access Needed or lose your job okay so that's The reality of the situation So if you are vaccinated then create This opportunities for you if you're not Vaccinated you can bypass it but just Keep that in mind what I just stated Okay now the requirements go on to list That you must have access to and use of A broadband internet connection fluency In English the hours are flexible you Choose your own schedule Okay which is awesome now working for Intellis you get to earn extra income Access to their Community while being Initiative flexible hours that fit your Lifestyle be a part of an online Community So don't delay submit your application Through the link and a member of their Recruitment team will review your Application and be in touch with you They provided a link make sure that you Copy paste it in your browser and start Your application if you feel like this Is an amazing opportunity and you'd be Very and you are highly interested in Getting started as a data collectioner

All right so that's basically it for This company they are currently hiring For this position and I highly suggest That you get going with your application If you're interested in this job and if You know someone who will be interested In these types of remote-based Opportunities definitely share not just The job but my videos as well so that They will be fully aware that there is a Platform that is available to them that Post amazing opportunities this will be An encouragement to someone who is Desperately in need of earning Additional income or getting a work from Home position you could tell them about My services and you'll be doing a great Service so thank thanks so much for Watching thank you all for your support I really appreciate you all love you all And I'll talk to you soon bye

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