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Foreign [Music] It's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I am back again Today I told y'all I'm gonna be dropping These hot leads left and right today so I have more leads that I'm going to be Dropping today make sure those Notifications are on now in this video I'm going to share two leads both of These are for a company called valet Living and this is a new to this channel Company they are in the real estate Industry and they have a niche and Property Management now this company Does a lot of stuff with getting Apartments and vacant units ready to go So they can be rented out or leased out Again and you're going to be on the Customer service side making sure that Their Partners or their clients are you Know having things handled properly so You can kind of see in this video They're just sort of giving an overview Of like you know well not the exercise Part but they're giving an overview of How like people are getting the Apartment ready like picking up the Trash they're you know doing all that Good stuff so anyway we're gonna get Right on into it but first things first Please make sure you hit that subscribe Button you tap the notification Bell so You don't miss out on any of these hot

Work from home opportunities and on that Note we are ready to jump in Now really quickly I want to point out What these two positions are Specifically helping with so they offer A lot of different like Property Management Services these two customer Service roles are going to be a part of The like quick turns program that this Company has basically they make it Really quick to get your rental property Ready to go so they're gonna come in There they're gonna like paint do Touch-ups you know make sure stuff is of Good quality you see the pictures it's Telling the story and then you know all Good you shake hands and you're ready to Rent out your property so that's the Function of what these two customer Service roles will be doing so jumping On in here over on their careers page I'm going to show you the two leads and I will have the direct link in the Description box but they both were just Posted again on Glassdoor so I know this One says 10 days old but they just Posted this one again on Glassdoor along With the support representative position Now if you are are interested in doing Their customer service role this is Available us wide and it says that the Starting pay for this position is 16.50 Per hour they have a midday shift so Monday through Thursday you'd be

Clocking in from 11 30 a.m to 8 30 p.m Eastern time and then on Fridays you Clock in at 11 and clock out at 5 PM Eastern time and you have to be Comfortable talking on a phone because It says in this role you will manage Large amounts of inbound and outbound Calls emails live chats web leads and More and document all Communications Resolve client and Resident complaints And initiate client satisfaction phone Calls and digital surveys so to be Eligible for this position they do want You to have a high school diploma a Minimum of two years of customer care Experience and then if you're bilingual That's great but you don't have to be And then it says if you've ever made Outbound call of that the major plus and You know you have to be technologically Savvy and have you know good Hospitality So that's what they're looking for now They talk about the requirements of your Internet but they don't get into the Requirements of your computer which Makes me wonder if they're going to Provide a computer because every time I See companies specify how fast your Internet has to be but then like they Don't mention anything about like the Type of tech specs you need they Typically provide the equipment so I Don't want to tell y'all that Definitively but you know that is

Something that you know they possibly Would do and then this also comes with Great benefits so you're going to get Benefits paid training all of that in This job and they have paid time off Which is great because we want to get Paid you know even if we aren't Necessarily on the clock so the link for This role will be in the description box And then this role the support Representative position this one is only For folks who are in Pacific Standard Time so the other role was fully National Us remote but this opportunity In particular is going to be just for Those in PST so for all you California Folks this 100 works for you now the Hours for this role are Monday through Friday 8 A.M to 5 p.m Pacific Standard Time and as far as the pay goes you know They gave us this range here 18 to 21. Go ahead and ask for 21 per hour like You're in California you're on the Pacific coast whatever y'all can get That and I was looking at their Glassdoor account and for their customer Support role that role pays about 20 Dollars per hour so yeah absolutely go Ahead for that higher end now for this Particular role the primary function is To handle inbound and outbound calling For the quick turns division the CSR Will document all client service Requests as well as provide quality and

Efficient customer service to our Clients so you will also need to be okay With inbound and outbound calls and then Provide knowledgeable answers to Questions about product pricing and Availability and to qualify you need to Have strong written and verbal Communication skills you know Microsoft Office be good with the computer but you Do need to have a high school diploma in At least two years of customer service Experience so if you are bilingual That's nice to have but you don't have To have that and if you've had Experience answering calls or making Outbound calls that's nice to have but You don't have to have that so you just Need that two years of customer service Experience however you acquired that and Then this role also provides great Benefits including generous paid time Off and of course you know you get the Paid training and I always like the fact When a company is going to provide Tuition reimbursement because the more Education you have the higher you're Earning power becomes so those are the Two leads now I know these aren't for Everybody these are for my folks who pay A phone does not scare me but I I did Want to share these because I know Sometimes it's hard to find something That specifically works for California And we know that these roles do so the

Links to both are in the description box And then of course make sure you check Out the mega list of jobs on my website Remoteworklife.com this is a free Resource that me and my team provide for Y'all for free okay imma say it again Free this is very valuable because you Can see companies that you know a Hundred percent hire you to work from Home not every company has remote Positions or you know they did during You know the whole pandemic but now Everybody's got to go back to the office These companies all have remote Positions and these are either companies I have shared on my Channel or me and my Team have researched and we saw yup they Have remote opportunities and we make it Easy for you guys because we have the Direct links to their careers pages so You don't have to go running around the Internet trying to find these companies We give you the tools to know kind of What what do they offer at a glant their Career page link and you get to know About these companies from there so Definitely come here bookmark this page Check it daily you know these companies Are always updating opportunities and This is a way for you to get hired okay And then check out my Amazon storefront If you need economical home office Equipment this is the place to come I Have something for everyone's budget I'm

Always talking about the computers y'all Okay because a computer isn't something That you can get for a good deal just Anywhere even if you were to go to like BrandsMart you still wouldn't get these Packages for this price point for 129.50 you can be work from home ready All of these computers match 99 of Companies Tech requirements so come here Check out the Amazon storefront get you A computer get you a headset whatever Else you need for your home office of Course go to the mega list of jobs and I Will have the links for both of these Leads in the description box below so You can apply for the support rep Position or this customer support rep Position and on that note thank you for Watching make sure those notifications Are on because I will be back again Today and I will talk to you soon bye Foreign

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