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[Music] Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and I'm back With another job for you guys and this One right here is going to be a very High paying job and no degree is Required for this job okay so if you Have this type of experience but you Don't have a degree definitely go ahead And check this job out it's going to be Coming from the company stash and They're currently looking for manager Fraud rules and data to work remotely in The US okay so let's go ahead and get Straight into the details with this job Right here you will be building and Adjusting rule sets to optimize fraud Detection while limiting negative impact To good customers you're going to Determine data attributes that will help Inform Dynamic rule set and modeling Effectiveness and Source test and Validate external vendors to supplement Internal tools and data work with fraud Associates to surface Trends and develop Subsequent rules to mitigate loss you're Going to also work with the customer Service team to understand impact of Fraud rules on user experiences and work With analytics and data engineering to Ensure all available indicators are Accessible by the rules engines and data Is consistent you will analyze and find

Patterns and interest Dash transaction Volume and collaborate and closely work With Banking and investing Partners to Align on data availability and Significance so let's talk about the Requirements for this job what they're Looking for they're looking for someone That has a passion for fraud a minimum Of three plus years of fraud experience Including direct experience identifying Exposures or Trends along with the Adjustments to address them a minimum of Three plus years in banking payments Consumer Finance or similar Industries a Minimum of two plus years in data Analytics data science or modeling with Direct experience querying and SQL Looker python r or other database tools Payment credit Banking and credit card Fraud detection experience is preferred Previous experience at a startup or in a Highly regulated industry experience Deriving rules from raw data and forming Workflows and adjusting fraud rules Accordingly also experience reporting on Rule Effectiveness experience working Cross-functionally particularly with Analytics teams and experience with Third-party tools used for identity Verification device authentication and Fraud detection strong analytical and Problem solving skills and a commitment To process Improvement and operational Excellence so you will get bonus points

If you have a knowledge of ACH returns Chargebacks and kyc cips knowledge and Experience and of course this is a Remote job so as you see no degree Whatsoever is mentioned with this job You're going to get benefits with this Job and the shop has a salary range from 135k to 203k a year okay and on top of All of that this job has a super quick Application so of course if you guys are Interested in applying for this job Check out that link in the description Bar if you have any questions if you Have any comments make sure to leave Those below and as usual I thank you Guys so much for watching I'll see you In my next video and good luck to those Who apply for the job

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