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Hello welcome back for another video Today I wanted to share with you guys I Am a which is an amazing work from home Company they offer a lot of great work From home opportunities some in office But some hybrid and some remote all Across the U.S so I wanted to show you Guys that the place that number one you Can go to apply to these jobs you're Going to find it on LinkedIn basically Most of their jobs are listed here but I Want to pop over now to their website Kind of give you a little debrief on Them their culture Etc and then from There send you on your way okay so the IMA group has over 30 years dedicated to Returning people to work and Productivity they help federal state and Local government agencies commercial Insurers tpas employers and Pharmaceutical sponsors and cros Optimize their health care so they have Many different career opportunities here Licensed providers clinical research Payers government and corporate great Jobs and you can always look on their LinkedIn for those hot jobs but some of Their benefits competitive compensation Bonuses benefits of course the Outstanding environment flexible Schedules right wide range of locations And work from home as well as a clear Mission and advancement opportunities On-the-job training entry entry level

Opportunities open and excellent options And of course you can read more here but I want to go up here to the corporate Side because that's where we're going to Find a lot of the higher paying work From home gigs so every time you go to Find a work from home job you always Want to enter the keyword remote remote Is really what they're going to list any Work from home opportunities from and as You can see there's two currently a Clinical research patient recruiter Specialist and a staff engineer in the Ops so these are both really great but Let's click into the clinical research Just to get you some more information You can see here there's that same about The company about the organization there Is hourly rate plus bonuses for this job Given the skills and the abilities Etc and they are currently accepting Applications of course all the benefits Listed here 401K PTO paid holidays Medical dental vision flexible spending Life insurance LTD add all of that jazz For this one you only need a high school And GED you don't even need college and Experience they are looking for outbound Call center recruitment or sales is Required proficiency and Outlook you Know the terminology for the medical Field this is actually a really really Great job I wish they would have put a Rate of pay but I'll do some research

But definitely go also on their LinkedIn Check out other hot job leads there I Just wanted to share this with you I Hope you guys have a beautiful and Blessed rest of your day if this one was Not for you on your screen are two other Videos I've posted check those out you Might find a better match for yourself There click my face to subscribe so you Never miss an upload and I will talk to You guys in my next video bye

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