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Hello hello welcome back to my channel And if it's your first time here welcome I'm here to help you make the quick and Easy switch from working in and off this Job to being able to work remotely today I have an 18.50 per hour Eastern Time Zone customer service call center rep For Republic Services but they do have Other time zones listed on their site so You will be able to find the mountain Standard time Central Standard Time Pacific Standard Time all on their site This is just the first one that I Clicked so do go to their careers page And find the perfect match for your time Zone but a little bit about the company They are proud of their values and Encourage those who share in the Aspirations to join the team they are Known for providing essential services Such as uh trash pickup recycling pickup Etc and as a customer resource associate You will deliver exceptional care to the Customers while working flexibly from Anywhere so what you will do is use all Available resource sources to provide Efficient and accurate Solutions respond Timely to incoming calls and return Calls as needed work in partnership with Ops sales and other departments enter Data accurately into the computer system Provide relevant and understandable Answers to the customers and maintain a Calm and respectful approach what you

Need to be successful effective Communication skills High attention to Detail strong problem solving skills Ability to be calm and focused prior Experience is a plus but not required And you must have a desire to help Others and be a team player so you can Work 100 from anywhere you'll have the Resources to do your job you can advance Your skills experience investment in On-the-job training a chance to work on A high performing team you'll have Interactions with colleagues from Diverse backgrounds you will be given a Chance to provide feedback in the Inclusive culture and the start date for This is coming up at the start of next Year January 20th it's 40 hours per week Six hours 7 30 a.m to 6 30 PM is the Slots Monday through Friday Eastern Standard Time like I said if you're not Eastern Standard Time go find your time Zone and it will vary there they do have Paid training you don't get any time off During that orientation time it's 18.50 An hour and both training in the Position will be work from home so the First 90 days to ensure optimal Development you only get two PTO and can Be requested off after the training and The nesting in the first 90 days if you Guys have interest in this role it Sounds like something you would like to Pursue you can find the link to apply on

My page my website and that will be Accessible to you in the description box Below if this one was not for you on Your screen are two other videos I've Also posted check those out you might Find a better match for yourself there My face is also on the screen click that To subscribe so you never miss an upload You can get these leads first and Foremost as soon as they drop and I will Talk to you guys in my next video bye

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