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Hey y'all I am back with another video Today I have multiple leads going up and A great video on how to answer an ace Your work from home interview and answer The questions correctly and perfectly so Tap in for that coming up soon if it's Not up already I want to say thank you To or thank you so much to everyone who Reached out to me I did attend a family Friends uh memorial service yesterday And that's why no videos went up I just Wanted to take the day for me and be There for Um my best friend who unfortunately did Lose her grandmother and she was a very Phenomenal woman and you know I can't Say enough great things about her so I Want to say thank you to each and every One of you for understanding for Reaching out sending your condolences It's been absolutely amazing and I know That I have the best viewers ever so I Love you thank you for sticking with me Let's get today's job leads so this First one is through Lumen Lumen is Guided by the belief that humanity is at Its best when technology advances the Way that we as people work and live and Absolutely love Lumen I've shared so Many jobs with you guys from them and This one is the customer technology Coordinator and of course it is work From home and your main responsibilities Summarized will be to provide tech

Support and navigation quoting support Through digital experience respond to Large volumes of inbound chats calls Cases tickets orders Etc you're going to Provide the accurate valid and complete Info and you will be responsible for a Good quoting and portal experience meet The team goals provide timely status Updates keep accurate records Etc Essentially that point of contact for People they're looking for someone with A high school diploma or a GED Equivalent no post-secondary education Needed one to five years of experience Or relevant experience strong computer Skills with Microsoft Office experience Strong written and verbal communication And chat and call handling skills you Can actively listen type 40 words per Minute and you are familiar with chat CRM quoting and portal systems and Practices now for this job it was very Interesting because when you scroll down To the rate of pay here we have quite a Range 36 450 to about 81 000 per year And that's probably going to be Dependent on Where you live geographically what you Ask for when it comes to your interview And stating the salary you would like to Receive as well as your skills and Qualifications you possess so this Ranges anywhere I believe from around 18 An hour up to forty something dollars

Per hour like I said a pretty big range But knowing that 18 is the minimum it's A little more reassuring so great job Here if you guys want the link to apply To this job of course you can find it in The description box below my website or From homoscc.com I share not only leads From this YouTube channel but on my Tick Tock exclusive leads links go there five To ten just website links go up daily And also my Facebook leads so you can Find me a little bit everywhere if You're not following me on Facebook Tick Tock all of that you can tap in work From home with CC on everything except For tick tock I think it's work from Home jobs daily but I got y'all so If this one wasn't for you don't worry On your screen or two other great videos I've also posted so check those out Because you might find something bigger And better for yourself there my face is On the screen you can click that to Subscribe so you never miss an upload And I will talk to y'all in my next Video bye

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