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Foreign [Music] It’s your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I hope you guys Are having a wonderful Wednesday now I Am back with another hot Healthcare work From home opportunity I have been on a Roll with finding these hot Health Care Leads and I know y’all are some Health Care lovers and within the health care Field y’all have told me how much you Love scheduling appointments so guess What I have for you today another Appointment scheduling job now this Comes from a new to this channel company Called Village MD and this just makes me So excited because not only do they have The scheduling position they also have a Few other remote opportunities that look Pretty good as well so I’m gonna give You all the details you’re gonna know All the info but first please make sure You lock it in by hitting that subscribe Button and tapping the notification Bell I share these hot leads with you guys Every single weekdays sometimes I give It to you in the morning sometimes I Have to come to you in the evening with Eve leave but I do my best to come Through so you can make sure you never Miss out by having those notifications On and that way you can be one of the First people to get your application in And on that note we are ready to jump in

All right so let’s go ahead and jump in And like I was saying this isn’t new to This channel company called Village MD And they say primary care for the nation Leading the way in value-based care Across communities and when I was Checking out their Glassdoor account it Looks like they have quite a few Employees there’s anywhere from a Thousand and one to five thousand they Are all over the US and they have really Good reviews so that’s always a major Plus because we only work for a good Company now before I get into the hot Lead for today I do want to point out That they have other remote positions That you may be interested in you can Sort by looking at the different Departments and seeing if they have Something remote for you or you can even Sort based off of state so your city and State you just want to make sure you Find your state and then you can go from There I like to just make life simple Since it looks like this page is going To show me all their leaves and I just Do a little command F search for remote And then from there I can see what all They have available that is remote so if You’re interested in like quality Analyst roles or maybe you’re interested In a reporting analyst position they Have that the lead I’m gonna share is For this entry level Health Care call

Center agent position which is the Scheduling role that I’ve been talking About so check out their careers page if You are interested in some other areas And now we’re going to go ahead and jump Into the high lead for today all right So Gemini in here this is the entry Level Healthcare call center agent Position they make it clear that Training is provided and this Opportunity is going to pay 18 per hour And they let us know that all the way at The bottom here they just mentioned that The base compensation rule is 18. so There are other factors that could help You earn more but that’s what you can Expect at minimum mom now this Opportunity is so kind to let us know The hours it says that this position Offers a weekday shift structure of Monday through Friday choice of start Time between 8 to 10 a.m Central to 5 to 6 30 PM Central end time and this is Available us wide so if you’re on the East Coast like myself you would just Want to adjust that time and make sure It works for you so it says join the Front lines of today’s Healthcare Transformation why Village MD at Village MD we are looking for a patient Services Representative for our call center to Help us transform the way Primary Care Is delivered and how patients are served As a national leader on the Forefront of

Healthcare we have partnered with many Of today’s best primary care physicians We are equipping them with the latest Digital tools empowering them with Proven strategies and support and Inspiring them with better practices and Consistent results we are creating care That is more accessible effective Efficient with solutions that are Value-based physician driven and Patient-centered to accomplish this we Are looking for individuals who share Our sense of Premier Service Excellence Are ready to embrace change and never Settle for the status quo individuals Who have the confidence to lead but the Humility to never stop learning could This be you in this role you will offer Inbound and outbound phone support using Telephony and EMR systems the ideal Candidate has experience in a contact Center environment and can understand The needs of others to meet those needs With great service and operational Processing accuracy knowledge of the Healthcare industry including clinical Terminology insurance medical billing Processes and EMR hin systems preferred But not required the ability to have Premier Service interactions with Patients is critical to success in this Role in addition to processing with Operational accuracy and Excellence how You can make a difference answer all

Phone calls in a patient empathetic and Passionately communicative manner Consistently process requests with the Absolute highest degree of operational Accuracy deliver on a commitment to Solve problems with patients and Understanding providing knowledgeable And thoughtful service to exceed Expectations schedule appointments and Demonstrate active listing to identify And analyze client problems providing Information and Solutions in a timely Manner communicate effectively including Appointment details insurance Information and medical questions via Telephone email and chat ensure that all Barriers to care such as language Transportation restrictions or financial Needs are addressed collect and update New patients demographic and insurance Information provide clear throw and Accurate documentation of all Interactions with patients and other Individuals on behalf of patients in the Patient’s electronic health records Follow organizational guidelines Regarding the use of the electronic Medical record in compliance with HIPAA And patient confidentiality standards Maintain access to the health Information exchange and other related Systems use hin and other related Systems to gather information needed to Coordinate care and can’t keep patients

Electronic health records up to date With the status of care that is being Coordinated maintain surveillance Ticklers and or works with health Information technology to proactively Identify the need for patient care Navigate patient to care as assigned Skills for Success a people first Attitude and Premier customer service DNA a genuine excitement to help Patients in process with operational Excellence a problem solver who can Confidently troubleshoot and investigate To answer questions or resolve Complaints confident with system Processing and in attention to detail Making updates communication speaks Clearly listens and gains clarification When needed and responds well to Questions adaptability handles frequent Or unexpected changes with a positive Attitude self-motivated energetic Self-starter can work autonomously Ability to put yourself in patients Shoes and advocate for them when Necessary results oriented biased for Action demonstrate a record of Accomplishment of achievement drive for Attainment of superior outcomes flexible Able to navigate within ambiguity Solution-oriented communication conveys Thoughts and expresses ideas effectively Both verbally and in writing strong Presentation skills collaboration

Orientation to team-based work product And results service actively supports Others demonstrates an optimistic can-do Approach to issue resolution humility Low ego and genders trust respectful Experience to drive change high school Diploma or GED excellent telephone Etiquette skilled in basic computer Operations service Excellence experience In call center medical or health Insurance field preferred bilingual in English and Spanish preferred so you Guys they don’t even tell you how many Years of experience that they’re Expecting you to show up with which if You can check off these boxes you know The ones that don’t say preferred next To them you could apply to this job if You technically don’t have any Experience so I would actually say this Is a no experience friendly role but you Do have to feel confident talking on a Telephone which I understand sometimes You have to have done that before you Can feel confident with that so you know Only you know what level of confidence You have on the telephone and then it Says how you will thrive in addition to Competitive salaries of 401k program With company match okay free money bonus Y’all know that’s one of my favorite Words and a valuable health benefits Package Village MD offers paid parental Leave pre-tax savings on commuter

Expenses and generous pay time off you Work in a highly collaborative Conscientious forward-thinking Environment that welcomes your Experience and enables you to make a Significant impact from day one most Importantly you make a difference you See a clear connection between your Daily work on Village MD products and Services and the advancement of Innovative solutions and improve quality Of health care for providers and Patients so that’s the lead they talk More about the company here they are an Equal opportunity employer but I read Through the entire lead okay word for Word so if this is something you’re Interested in they gave us a lot of Details but you’re going to be Scheduling patient appointments you’re Going to have to answer that phone and Sometimes you might have to pick up the Phone because it’s a scheduling job so If this sounds like a great opportunity For you then you can get your Application in down here at the bottom You can apply through Linkedin or you Can just go through their application Process of course make sure you add a Cover letter even though they say it’s Not required we know we want to add a Cover letter okay and then they have Some questions here all right nothing Too bad and then boom you submit your

Application so make sure you jump on This but wait there’s more I have to point you guys attention to my Amazon storefront I always get questions About computers like that’s a tech Question that never fails if you do not Have a computer there’s only two options For you either you have to find a Company that will provide you equipment Or you have your own equipment and then You can you know have a lot of options For what kind of work you do not every Company provides equipment and my Recommendation is show up already having It okay that will give you more options And it’s not difficult to make that Happen for a 154 bucks okay or for 155 Bucks you can get everything pictured Here okay both of these run Windows 10 Pro they have the wired keyboard and Mouse a lot of companies will specify You have to have wired keyboard and Mouse none of that wireless business That we love and then a 19-inch monitor Is the minimum that you have both of These packages offer that if you need Dual monitors hey I got you okay for 230 Bucks everything pictured here is what You need so don’t let not having Equipment stop you think about this as An investment you’re gonna put the money Up front you’re gonna get hired when you Get your first paycheck you already paid For these money making machine okay also

Known as your computer so make sure you Have a computer okay have your own Equipment and then of course you’re Gonna need a headset too okay for under 200 bucks you can get the computer and The headset you see I’ve got some really Nice headsets here okay for 13.99 you Can get something that lights up it’s Pretty in blue this will work okay so Make sure you stop by my Amazon Storefront the link is in the Description box below And of course make sure you stop by my Website remoteworklife.com I have Something called the mega list of jobs There are 481 companies on this list These companies will hire you to work From home so there is no reason why you Can’t find companies that hire you to Work from home because this list has 481 Of them and you can go to their careers Page with the links here and you can put Your application in so make sure you Bookmark this page make sure you’re Looking at it daily for more companies And put in those applications okay look For job like it’s your job and of course Get your application in for this hot Lead alright so thank you so much for Watching I truly hope this was helpful And I will talk to you soon bye

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