18 NON-PHONE Work From Home Jobs Hiring NOW! High Paying Up To $195,000 Year | HEALTHCARE Available

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Welcome back my friends I am just going To go ahead and tell you this video is Going to be long and crazy so you might Want to pause it right now and get a Snack because we have 18 work from home Job leads for you and all of these are Non-phone no talking on the phone I know That is what everyone likes I have an Array of things to share some things do Not require any college degree some Things do some things are very high Paying there is one in here that pays up To 195 000 a year some are in the health care Field in the billing field of healthcare And then other aspects of healthcare There is literally something for Everyone in this video I thought it Would be fun to do one of these videos This is how my channel back in March and April of this year really got started it Was really based off of my longer videos That I did it off non-phone data entry Job leads and Healthcare job leads and Although I have done some longer four Job leads most of my videos have not Been this long most of them have been Just three to five job leads so real Quickly I do have a question for my Viewers I just want to share a little Bit about my process I am always Searching the internet for job leads Literally always I have apps on my cell Phone when I’m on breaks for my

Full-time regular work from home job I’m Always just browsing different sites and Anytime I come across anything I keep it On a Word document and then I go through This document daily and I pick out Things that I think are going to appeal To most people and I share those so at The end of every week I end up with a Lot of job leads that I never actually Share for one reason or another I feel Like maybe it’s a position that was just Bilingual and is only going to appeal to To a few people maybe it was only for a Few select States like three states Something like that so I end up with a Lot of what I call wasted job leads then I never end up sharing so please leave In the comments down below if you like These longer form videos and would like Me to do hodgepodge style like these are All the companies hiring work from home This week please leave it in the Comments down below and let me know if You enjoy these types of things but We’re not gonna waste any more time just Know the links to everything are always In the YouTube description box below but I thought we would have kick things off With a big well-known company Yahoo is Hiring a user experience researcher for Their ad Tech position division now this Is remote within the United States and They are looking for someone to identify Key research objectives in partnership

With their ux a product and engineer Hearing teams to address different Research needs for business to business Ad products you’ll choose the right Research to do at the right time making Sure you synthesize the results into Coherent and truthful story you’ll also Have to collaborate to Define best Practice Frameworks research Methodologies and documents surrounding Research activities you’ll turn all of That research into academic Publications For advanced field of HCI now because This is in the tech field they are Requiring a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology human computer interaction Human centered design human factors Psychology sociology or some kind of Related field I personally did not even Know human computer interaction was a Degree now I’m gonna have to go Google That they do want somebody who’s five Years experience in a full product life Cycle research and somebody who’s a Experience conducting research on Different things now if you do have one Of those specialized degree they pay Very very well the pay for this is Anywhere from eighty four thousand Dollars a year all the way up to 194 375 dollars a year and of course Yahoo Offers the standard benefit package of Health insurance in 401K next up managed Resources is hiring a records Clerk now

This is a part-time short-term project Position it is only expected to last About three months but you know Sometimes you just have to get in and Get to making money while you’re still On your search for your dream job they Do pay well at 21 to 23 dollars an hour But they are paying someone to assist With requesting tracking receiving and Organizing medical records you’ll Request and receive the medical records Through various platforms requested by The clients so telephone secure facts Secure email mail upload download cloud Storage now I do work in the medical Records Healthcare field and can tell You most of the time it is done through Secure online portals very few times You’ll actually have to use the phone so I did include this in the non-phone Positions now if you have a small mom And pop doctor’s office that does not Use all of the technology You may have to pick up the phone and Call them to request medical records but At least most of them should at least Have a fax machine so you know what you May not even have to pick up the phone They also want somebody to assist with Organizing and tracking billing Information assist with running saving And organizing reports and data entry Tasks for client deliverables now this One does not require any college degree

In just a high school diploma they do Prefer somebody who has experience in The healthcare industry but that is not Required medical record experience is Also not required but preferred they do Need someone who has great time Management Prioritization skills great High Attention to detail and someone who Knows how to use the Microsoft systems As PowerPoint word excel Outlook now the National forest Foundation is hiring a Data operations senior associate and Since this is a charitable Foundation They are looking for someone to work Closely with their Finance staff you’ll Complete a daily gift processing and Gift reconciliation you’ll produce and File donor tax acknowledgments because You know if you’ve ever donated you get A tax receipt so that you can file that On your taxes charitable donations in The united states are tax deductible You’ll provide and Implement support for Fundraising agreement filing process With their CRM database you’ll complete Regular gift entry reconciliation and Data validation you’ll also record Pledges update fundraising opportunities And complete regular projection Reporting now they do want an Undergraduate degree or if you don’t Have one a three years experience in Some kind of CRM data entry donor

Support or equivalent system data entry Records management so if you’ve done Data entry in the past and you have at Least three years of experience they Will take that instead of a degree you Do have to have a Microsoft Office Experience hands and someone who has a Strong written communication skills and Someone who can also be very organized Now the salary range for this position Is anywhere from forty seven thousand Nine hundred dollars a year all the way Up to sixty four thousand seven hundred Dollars a year the company Kroll is Hiring a data Steward in the United States to work from home now a data Stored performs requested research on Ongoing industry Trend monitoring the Enterprise data group around topics such As governance illegal stewardship International regulations and other Relevant areas you’ll have to analyze And understand the business data Requirements you’ll manage and maintain All data governance related Documentations such as definitions of Business rules security process Maps Procedures protocols all of the company Documentation you’ll act as a key Record Keeper and Scribe capturing formulizing And organizing the gathered data and You’ll collaborate and build effective Working relationships with your Colleagues now while this position does

Not require any degree they are looking For someone who’s three years experience With a data catalog tools someone who Has a general literacy of various Technology functions some of those great Writing and communication skills again With the Microsoft Office skills and Someone who knows modern database Information now this is another High-paying job the salary range for This position is anywhere from ninety Thousand dollars a year to a hundred and Fifty thousand dollars a year now one Reason I like to share these higher Paying jobs is even if they don’t Require a degree they might require some Skills you can always be developing Those skill sets so if you kind of get An idea of where you want to go in your Life you can set a goal and get there by Knowing what skills you need to work on And develop but moving right along the Company stride is hiring an editorial Specialist now this is more in the Editing and proofreading field an Editorial specialist will provide Editorial control and quality assurance On a variety of marketing pieces and You’ll do the final proofreading of all The assets including paid media and Video you’ll help build The Branding Standards across the marketing Organization like a logo usage and all Of the different things that makes a

Brand stand out you’ll have to monitor Outgoing assets to align with Expectations making sure the marketing Style guide the brand logo the mascots All of those things are included in There now this is another one that if You have no experience they’ll take a Bachelor degree and it doesn’t say that It has to be in any specific field Although if you don’t have a bachelor Degree they will take five years Experience or some kind of equivalent Combination of Education and experience Now this position pays anywhere from Fifty three thousand dollars a year all The way up to ninety seven thousand Dollars a year and of course I had to Throw in some 1099 a freelancer Opportunities Fox News is hiring a freelance video Editor so if you’ve ever used like Adobe Or Final Cut Pro Photoshop all of those Tools on your computer if you know how To edit videos then this might be the Opportunity for you they are looking for A freelance Video Editor to work on a Variety of programs delivering distinct And stylized work under demanding Deadlines across all of their platforms They want someone who can display Initiative and focus on remaining as Productive as possible collaborating With the other news crews or working in Dependently you’ll also serve as the

Last line of defense on all audio and Video requirements so no technical or Editorial mistakes occur on air now they Are looking for someone who is a passion For news someone who has two to five Years experience in editing especially In Adobe Premiere Pro someone who has a Sharp eye for detail someone who has a Knowledge of red giant plug-in someone Who can be creative enthusiastic and has The availability to work both weekends And overnight shifts now this is a Well-paying role for it to be freelance They’re paying anywhere from 31.25 cents an hour all the way up to Forty dollars and seven cents an hour I Promise we are getting to some of the Health care positions in just a few Minutes I think most of those are Towards the end of the video but real Quickly just leave in the comments down Below what is your favorite type of a Position is it Healthcare is it customer Service is it some kind of a non-phone Position that is not Health Care please Let me know in the comments down below But another free Lance position is Publishers Weekly is hiring book Reviewers and so that is exactly what it Sounds like they are looking for Experienced published book reviewers to Review both traditionally published and Self-published works in all of these Different categories but they are really

Just looking for people who are book Enthusiasts and have an education and Background in some kind of a specific Area they do pay at 25 per review next Up we have Advocate revenue cycle Management hiring a charge entry Specialist now a charge entry specialist Is responsible for inputting the Verification of data you also have to Correct any data that have error in it Before submission you might also conduct Research missing reports monitor aims For potential issues and identifying Trends in the missing data you’ll Maintain charge buckets per Specifications you’ll actively research Time of service and charge logs and You’ll maintain the rebuilding of any Unbilled claim names now this does Require a high school diploma or Equivalent a college degree is not Required they do want someone who’s at Least a one year of medical billing Experience someone who is great written In verbal communication skills and Microsoft Office experience next up Scribe kick is hiring a virtual medical Scribe so you’ll basically scribe or Type in real time Physicians during Clinic documentation into the electronic Medical record you’ll input orders as Directed by the provider or physician And you’ll communicate any provider Schedule changes to the client services

A team now this one does have some State Restrictions you have to live in Florida Georgia North Carolina New Hampshire Oklahoma South Carolina Utah Pennsylvania Tennessee Texas Arkansas Louisiana or Virginia however because This is more of like a transcription Typing what you hear kind of job you do Have to have a typing score of 60 words Per minute or more a high school diploma A passion for the medical field and Strong organizational and multitasking Skills now that that is you they do Offer paid training and they do pay Bi-weekly through direct deposit now These next two positions are with the Same company and they are in the tech Field now 1010 data or a thousand tin Data however you want to say that they Have two positions open this one is for A director of information security so if You’re in the it field these are some Pretty good high-paying jobs for the it Field but for this position they’re Looking for someone to lead the Information security projects through Execution so you’ll lead the ongoing Strategy planning and development of all The projects you’ll define communicate And validate any security requirements That guide projects to Secure Solutions You’ll also have to coordinate security Activities through through the correct Pipeline now they are looking for

Someone who has experience in Information or network security Principles someone who has experience Working with Cloud security or Government’s tools and someone who has Strong communication skills also now This position because it is an I.T Security which is a highly sought after Field it is paying anywhere from a Hundred and sixty thousand dollars a Year all the way up to 195 000 a year but if I T is not your thing That’s okay maybe just dealing with People are they’re also hiring an HR or Human resources administrator so you’ll Basically coordinate a new employee Onboarding you’ll support the Administrative process including Onboarding off-boarding and annual open Enrollment you’ll have to manage all Leaves of absence and relative Communication taking all the the forms Where people fill out for their benefits Processing all of that administrative Paperwork you also create route and file And enter employee changes and partners Into the payroll system just all the Regular administrative duties of HR now They do want someone who has two years Experience in some kind of HR Administration and someone who has Strong attention to detail this one Doesn’t pay quite as good as it security But it does pay anywhere from fifty

Thousand dollars a year all the way up To sixty two thousand five hundred Dollars a year and here we go if you Want to be in the health care field the Community health center is hiring a Indexing clerk now this is remote Full-time and they are paying twenty Dollars an hour but an indexing clerk Maintains a high volume of sorting Through medical dental and behavioral Health records you’ll have to document Those in the electronic records system You’ll have to maintain confidentiality At all times a per HIPAA guidelines You’ll validate all documents received And placed into the correct chart you’ll Process webbed-based encounters received From patients utilizing the patient Portal there may be times where you do Have to pick up the phone and call the Patient and provide customer service to Them but most of this is going to be Non-phone that is why I included it but Yes I realize it does say you may have To perform some customer service via the Telephone but they are looking for Someone who has some kind of Certification you don’t have to have a Degree but you do need some kind of Certification in medical administratives Or medical assistance now this is one Where bilingual is a plus a but is not Required they do want you to have Knowledge of medical terminology and of

Course Microsoft Office knowledge they Do take remote workers within the United States and you do have to have your own Reliable high-speed internet access all Right I realize this video is getting Very very long so I’ll go through the Remaining six very very quickly please Leave in the comments down below still Here if you are still here and following Along with me feel free to leave what Has been your favorite job lead so far Or have any of these is helpful just Give me feedback because that is what I Need to make sure that I am providing a Good service and being helpful to you All right the Healthcare Company caught TV they are hiring transcribers now this Is a temporary position but it is full Time and you basically do transcription Work you’ll listen to interactive voice Response recorded messages you’ll Transcribe those responses including a Satisfactory survey responses medical Conditions prescription drug names Health Plan member information you’ll Transcribe the recorded audio from the Phone based interactions using a Transcription of tools in accordance With HIPAA guidelines you’ll also report Member do not not call request you’ll Escalate any member reports to the Appropriate team and you’ll complete any Special projects as assigned now this Only requires a high school diploma or

Equivalent they are looking for someone Who’s one to two years experience and Transcription So now would be a good time to plug I do Have a video on my channel called 23 Different transcription companies they Hire beginners so if you want to get a Job like this and you need to get Transcription experience under your belt Go to that video and try to get in with One of those companies that hire Beginners with no experience get that Experience and then you can qualify for All of these typing jobs especially in The healthcare field is always hiring Some kind of transcriptionist but they Do need you to have the ability to Listen to audio and type at least 50 Words per minute this is another one Where bilingual is a plus someone who Can work independently and again knows Microsoft Office Word Excel all of those Things the company Nobi 4 is hiring an Accounts receivable specialist so you’ll Maintain accurate customer and billing Records you’ll investigate customer Inquiries about their accounts you’ll Research and resolve payment Discrepancies you’ll process credit card Payments and maintain credit card Records on file you assist cash Accounting with any research of Duplicate or short payments and you’ll Upload any tax certificates now this one

Does say a degree in accounting is Preferred but it doesn’t say it’s Required again Microsoft Office Experience is needed and someone who has Great time management and organization Skills now this one does pay a little Bit on the lower end it pays anywhere From thirty eight thousand dollars a Year to forty thousand dollars a year The company evolve is hiring a Technology contract specialist that Means that you’ll become an expert in Understanding the technology vendors That they use to support their business You’ll proactively ensure that they are The right sizing Investments by Evaluating usage of applications Assessing application duplication Analyzing contracts and ensuring proper Management of cost triggers and Licensing you also Implement processes And tools to ensure assist Sustainability of the right sizing Efforts now this does require five years Experience in a technology or I.T field Someone has experienced reviewing and Analyzing technology contract someone Who has great communication skills and Who is great and who is highly organized Now this role does pay anywhere from Eighty four thousand dollars a year all The way up to ninety six thousand Dollars a year the company in power is Hiring an advisory billing manager The

Advisory billing manager is responsible For all client fees owed to personal Capital making sure they’re charged Appropriately and being the primary Point of contact for all the billing Related items so you’re working with the Corporate finance on multiple software Programs to research and reconcile Monthly billing up the investment Clients you’ll also have to do reporting And auditing of the billing and you’ll Also be responsible for updating any Billing processes as appropriate and Working with different team members now Again a bachelor’s degree in accounting Is preferred but it is not required if You have a five years experience in some Kind of financial services operations Field then is preferred but again not Required as someone who has excellent Organizational skills is required Someone who is great listening and Written communication skills someone Who’s strong interpersonal skills and Someone who can be detail-oriented now The salary for this position is anywhere From sixty thousand dollars a year all The way up to eighty six thousand Dollars a year and of course they have a Benefit package including the standard Medical dental vision life of 401k and They also provide tuition reimbursement Up to 5250 a year open AI is hiring an

Accounts receivable specialist to Prepare journal entries for the month in Close process of reconcile receivables And cash receipts of the general ledger Accounts you’ll also support end-to-end Order to Cache activities including Customer onboarding invoicing issues and Responding to support tickets you’ll Have to deliver outstanding customer Service through those support tickets And resolve their issues you also have To analyze data and solve issues just Overall you’ll also have to analyze data And solve issues of focusing on Knowledge and management now this does Require two years experience and some Kind of quote to cash operation they Want somebody who has previous Experience at a growth startup is Preferred someone who has experienced Navigating complex customer issues and Processes strong organizational skills And great communication skills now this Is another high paying position it pays Anywhere from eighty thousand to a Hundred and twenty thousand dollars a Year and of course includes all of the Standard benefits and if you are still With me I want to say thank you so so Much we have finally made it to the end The last but not least is the company Captivity they also have an opening for A payment accuracy specialist so you’ll Solve problems by identifying errors and

Overpayments from their health care Clients you’ll use your creativity to Help generate new ideas for claim Concepts and Recovery opportunities You’ll learn to use multiple computer Software systems you’ll achieve Excellence by meeting and exceeding the Audit team goals now they do prefer a Bachelor degree but if you don’t have One at least one year of experience in Health care billing claims auditing Reimbursement data analyst one of those Fields will do someone again who knows On Microsoft Office someone whose Healthcare industry experience is Desired but not needed you really just Need to have great written communication Skills all right if you’ve made it to The end of this video I want to say Thank you thank you thank you so so much For watching and supporting me please Feel free to leave in the comments Anything that you want to say I’m always Taking constructive criticism a Constructive a feedback suggestions on What kind of job leads you want to see Anything at all just leave it down below And I’ll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You two videos will be popping up on Your screen one I picked for you and the Other YouTube picked for you that you Might enjoy next Please Subscribe and Hit the Bell icon so you never miss

Another work from home or money making Video from me and thank you so so much For watching and I’ll catch you in the Next one

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