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Well hello there welcome back to my Channel and if it's your first time here Welcome my name is CeCe I post daily Remote leads that will help you guys Easily switch from working in an office To being able to work from home so click That red subscribe button below you'll Never miss an upload and you can be one Of the first people to see these before The video gets pushed out to everybody Else this is a human resource Analyst Job through Telus International we're Looking at 1920 to 24 per hour full time And this is one of the highest rates I've ever seen Telus offer which is Amazing you are going to need let's Scroll down for what you're going to Need two plus years of professional Admin experience three plus years of HR Experience now it does say a bachelor's Degree in HR admin or any other related Field is a plus however you do not need That as long as you have that relevant Experience a relevant HR certification Is also Applause a flexible schedule Availability your proficient in HR Principals state laws federal laws labor Etc you can analyze data critically Think maintain in a high level of Confidentiality and professionalism you Have excellent organizational time Management communication and Interpersonal skills so back to what you Will be doing supporting the Business

Leaders in solving business problems Conduct the exit interviews conduct Thorough investigations of inappropriate Conduct harassment discrimination Prepare new hire induction termination And employee related documents Administer track and maintain HR Databases partner with the internal Stakeholders to provide answers design Implement and engage or execute Engagement activities facilitate and Provide HR policy trainings review and Approve corrective counseling counsel Employees on work related matters and of Course you can be confidential your Basic HR job great rate of pay for Telus Especially you get to work remote they Offer a lot of great benefits and they Treat their employees very well and once You are in you do have the opportunity To bounce around departments and move Internally to something either higher Paying more flexible all a different Department you name it you've got it so If you want the link to apply to this Job you can find it in the description Box below on your screen are also two Other videos I've posted so check those Out too other great leads you can apply To diversify your applications and my Face is on the screen if you did not Click the red subscribe button earlier You still have an opportunity to Subscribe by clicking that good luck on

All your applications and I will talk to You guys in my next video bye

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