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Okay hello and welcome back to another Great job lead this is through Pearson And Pearson it their purpose is simple To add a life to a lifetime of learning If you guys don't know Pearson really Comes up with a lot of the K through 12 Curriculum for many different school Systems you may recognize them from Their books but they also have virtual Schools which is great and this is an Enrollment success course it's remote Based out of Nashville Tennessee but Anywhere in the US you are able to do This role so your core tasks and Responsibilities are as follows review Current consultative sales and coaching Materials and execute established Learning outcomes identify consultative Sales needs and provide feedback lead The consultative sales coaching sessions Organize scheduling of coaching sessions Use multiple streams of communication to Engage participants understand the Enrollment process and journey create Quality measurements to track Improvements and share Services meet the Customers expectations work closely with With other teams maintain the standards Recommend and Implement actions compile And analyze statistical data investigate The complaints and issues and ensure Ongoing compliance with the quality and Industry regulatory requirements all Right so what do you need to do this job

Either a bachelor's degree or equivalent Experience and no degree needed if you Have relevant experience at least six Months enrollment counselor experienced With a solid understanding of operations In Tech your comprehensive expert skills In our area comprehensive knowledge of Call types and call handling procedures Excellent PC hardware and software Skills highly organized motivated Self-starter close attention to detail Effective Mentor group leader you can Learn quickly and multi-task and of Course demonstrated ability to provide To provide oversight and comprehensively Research the issues and document Verification so the compensation for This is as follows 1923 to 21 dollar per Hour and that is the minimum full-time Salary so you do have the opportunity to Make more if this job interests you you Would like the link to it you can apply On my website and that link will be in The description box below now if this One was not for you on your screen are Two other great leads I've also posted Check those out you might find a better Match for yourself there click my face On the screen to subscribe so you never Miss one of these uploads and I will Talk to you in my next video bye

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