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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay Bringing you another daily work from Home job lead this one is offering a 2 000 sign on bonus in addition to two They pay 19 an hour now this is for my United States folks only if you are Interested in applying the links are in The YouTube description box below but Today’s job lead is from the company Fifth Global now they are hiring a Remote customer service associate this Customer service associate is going to Work directly with their retirement plan So you will be customer service for Retirement plans right here at the top I Do just want to notice as this job is Available in four locations when you Click see all this little pop-up box Comes up the very first one says remote Virtual from any state of the United States so it does not look like they Have any state restrictions they are Basically looking for customer service Reps to connect with people with the Solutions to help them Reach their Financial goals through a consultative Conversation via the phone so you’re Really going to be Consulting people on What options that the Fisk Global offers That is best for them based on their Financial goals and needs you’ll take Ownership of customer requests by Navigating through the nuances of their Individual situations you’ll actively

Listen to the customer to understand Their needs and requests and so you’ll Have to understand the whole Suite of Products and services that are available Across a multiple channels now of course A college degree is preferred but is not Required the minimum education Requirement is just a high school Diploma or GED but they are looking for People who are great problem solvers who Have great communication skills and the Desire to explore different Opportunities now again they pay 19 an Hour they do offer a benefit package and Of course there are stipulations on the Two thousand dollar sign on bonus it’s Probably broken down into like your First 90 days or six months something Like that but they are offering a two Thousand dollar sign on bonus as well All right if this job lead was not for You that’s okay please feel free to Leave in the comments anything specific That you are looking for I want to say Thank you so much for watching and Supporting me and I’ll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you two videos will be Popping up on your screen one I picked For you and the other YouTube picked for You that you might enjoy next Please Subscribe and hit the Bell icon so you Never miss another work from home or Money making video from me and thank you

So so much for watching and I’ll catch You in the next one

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