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Foreign I hope you're having a marvelous Monday It's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I am back y'all And what better way to come back after My little sabbatical being sick then With a part-time night time job okay two For one y'all want part-time y'all want Night time here you go so I'm not gonna Waste any time I know this lead is gonna Close fast make sure you put your Application in ASAP if this is the job For you you already know what you need To do lock it in here by hitting that Subscribe button and tapping that Notification Bell thank you in advance And on that note we are ready to jump in All right so jumping on in here I'm so Excited because it is not every day that I come across part-time roles and then It's also not every day that these rules Are night jobs I know a lot of y'all Need something at night and you want to Do it in addition to your full-time role But there really aren't a lot of options Out here and I look at these things Every day so even if it doesn't check Off all the boxes you may want to put Your application all right because you Won't see too many of these now this Lead comes from a company called Starry And they are in the internet service Industry and you can see it says Incredibly fast internet and service

You'll love and I'm just scrolling Through on their home page so you can Get a feel for the company see what They're all about but that's what they Do now this lead that I'm going to share With y'all is for their part-time Starry Expert position and they let us know That the shift needs are from 4 P.M to 12 A.M eastern time they also have 8 AM To 4 P.M 10 a.m to 6 p.m or other midday Shifts and they're all in EST so you Would just want to make sure that if you Are looking for something it would sort Of fit into the scope of what they're Looking for which I know a number of Y'all this works perfect for okay now Down here they let us know that this Pays 19 per hour and that's really good Y'all okay considering you know all the Things so jump out in here it says about Starry Starry is proud to be an equal Opportunity workplace just like the Internet service we provide we do not Discriminate we welcome people from all Over the world to share their knowledge And perspectives at Star you can Discover the many careers and Opportunities that are made possible When you connect people to the Limitless Possibilities of the internet our Mission focuses on two things first We're making the experience of assessing The internet simple transparent and Delightful second we're bringing that

Experience to underserved communities Around the world we approach our mission With The Cutting Edge Wireless Technology customer service designed to Delight and a culture of innovation and Intellectual curiosity what you'll do This position is a part-time remote role However you must be based in one of the Following states so here's where you Must live in order to be eligible you Need to live in either Alabama California Colorado Florida Georgia Hawaii Illinois Kansas Maine Maryland Massachusetts Minnesota Missouri New Hampshire Nevada New Jersey New York North Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Texas Virginia Washington or Washington DC so I love The fact that some of the usual folks Who get left out are in the number so we Talked about the shifts and it says that They need 4 pm to 12 a.m Eastern Time Zone potentially 8 AM to 4 P.M or 10 a.m To 6 p.m or other midday shifts in EST And then weekend availability required As a starry expert you'll be responsible For managing customer initiated and Proactive support interactions with Starry internet customers respond to Customer phone calls emails and live Chats related to Starry internet sign up Features and advanced networking Settings assist customers with Scheduling rescheduling and canceling

Appointments support customers with Account related questions ACP enrollment Promo codes plan changes billing credits Transfers cancellations identify Investigate and resolve issues on the Home Wi-Fi network offline service Disruption frequent disconnections slow Speed basic device support retain Customers requesting to cancel due to Service or other issues escalate Technical and non-technical issues Through appropriate channels follow up With customers to ensure satisfaction And issue resolution who we're looking For you have excellent customer service Skills including effective empathy Excellent call control and clear concise Verbal and written communication you Have previous contact center experience Successfully handling moderate high call Volume in addition to tickets you work Quickly independently and with great Attention to detail you're committed to Providing a consistently high level of Support going above and beyond in each Interaction you have with a starry Customer you care deeply about Representing your brand and leaving a Positive impression with the customers You support you have strong analytical And organizational skills you are Results driven enjoy setting challenges And smashing through them has Demonstrated success in previous

Endeavors autonomous self-motivated Scrappy and able to deal with the Ambiguity typical of an early stage Company emotionally intelligent Empathetic strong Communicator genuinely Interested in human behavior enjoys Collaborating with the team curious Embraces all opportunities to learn from Peers and mentors always looking for Ways to do something better creative Energized by new problems to solve Always coming up with new ideas and Looking for ways to implement them Requirements OnePlus years of help desk Or troubleshooting customer service Experience working with Hardware complex Technical service services or for a Software as a service company or an I.T Environment one year of call center or Contact center experience dealing with Moderate to high call volume ability to Work from home in a quiet dedicated Space and bonus points if you've worked At an internet service provider and Constantly want it to tear all the Systems you used apart and build Something better you're familiar with Zendesk previous remote work experience You are a bilingual Spanish or Korean Speaker so these are nice to have but You don't have to have them and then it Says story values providing prospective Employees with a fair chance to pursue Opportunities we will consider for

Employment all qualified applicants with Criminal histories in a manner Consistent with the requirements of any Applicable fair chance ordinance and Then pay is 19 hourly and it says happy Interneting and then down here it says In compliance with federal law all Persons hired will be required to verify Identity and eligibility to work in the United States and to complete the Required employment eligibility Verification document form upon hire and This is disclaimer this job description Is not designed to cover or contain a Comprehensive listing of activities Duties or responsibilities that are Required of the employee so that just Means that you might have some extra Stuff you got to do and it's all part of The job so that has lead you guys and When I say that this lead is not going To last long I know this okay I already Know how this goes so stop what you're Doing if this works for you the apply Now button is at the top left and last But certainly not least I have to point you to my website Remoteworklife.com I have this free Resource okay f-r-e-e there are 485 more Companies on this list that are known to Hire you from home I have the direct Link to these companies careers Pages You can go there see what opportunities Are available and apply through those

Companies websites people are always Landing interviews and getting hired From the companies they find on the mega List of jobs that's because not every Company advertises all of their open Positions on the job boards if you want To get past all the traffic okay all the Competition just come here find Companies and go directly to their Company careers Pages you'll thank me Later when you are hired And then lastly I always have to point You guys to my Amazon storefront if you Don't have your money machine that's What I call your computer then I don't Know what you're doing because you're Not working from home if you don't have One even if you don't feel like you can Afford a computer still come here and Check out what they have and you'll be Surprised all these computers meet 99 of Companies technical specs and you can Get the whole hookup for just 154 bucks So this is a CPU tower that runs Windows 10 Pro you get the wired keyboard and Mouse because most companies require Wired not wireless and then a minimum 19 Inch monitor is what they require this Is a 19 inch monitor if you need dual Monitors for a hundred bucks more you Can get dual monitors so make sure you Have your money machine this isn't going To be for streaming this isn't going to Be for playing video games this is going

To be for you to collect check from your House okay and you can't do that without A computer and you will make this money Back within the first week of work so You know take care of your business and Do what you have to do and you'll be Glad that you did so check out my Amazon Storefront link is in the description Box below along with the link to the Mega list of jobs and of course the link To this hot lead from Starry so thank You so much for watching I truly hope This has been helpful and I will talk to You soon bye

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