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Foreign Welcome back to my channel I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and I'm back with some more jobs For you guys and this time I have two Jobs for you guys one is part time and One is full time and it's gonna be Overnight so we're gonna go ahead and Get into the details of these jobs with The company Trident care I've probably Featured them on the channel maybe once Or twice but we're gonna go ahead and Talk about these jobs and let's start Off with the first one this is going to Be their job as a lab specialist this is A part-time job and for both of these Jobs I wasn't able to find the pay if I Find it after editing during editing You'll already see it on the screen or In the thumbnail or title if you don't See it I don't know it but with this job Right here as a lab specialist again as Part-time in the US and you're going to Be responsible for receiving and Processing customer orders by telephone Or fax and ensuring all customer Requests are handled in a prompt Efficient courteous professional manner You're gonna process all customer orders And accordance with the established Company standards and procedures you're Going to be the primary point of contact With the customer and so your Responsibility will be to make a

Concerted effort to listen to the Customer's needs and provide them with a Positive experience you're going to also Be responsible for coordinating the flow Of the patient's lab results in copia And soft program including working with Any outside reference labs when Necessary you're going to also be Cross-trained in other positions within The department and when needed so with Both of the jobs they don't require too Much experience at all but this one they Just want you to be able to work Independently and as a team and you must Demonstrate the ability to perform the Different tasks that you've been trained For in the call center and the retention Of this knowledge is a critical part of Cross-training the call center Personnel You do need to have computer knowledge Strong computer skills and solid Communication skills solid problem Solving skills the ability to type 35 to 40 words per minute and you do need to Be flexible and adaptable to change and Medical term terminology and experience Is preferred but it's not required you Have to have a high school diploma or a GED okay so that is the first job let's Go ahead and get into the details of the Next job which is the stat tracker and Again this is overnight it is full time And this job has quite a long Description so I'm going to read a few

Of these you guys can check out the rest If you choose to apply for this job but You will be monitoring specimen testing And resulting workflow post collection Of all stat orders and orders sent to Reference Labs you will ensure Speedy Resulting in release of results in the Lis you will complete data entry of Patient demographics and lab order Collection details they want you to have A minimum typing speed of 35 words per Minute also 10 key skills also be able To identify and resolve problems Communication skills computer skills Medical terminology and some customer Service knowledge okay so yeah if you Guys are interested in applying for any Of these jobs go ahead and check them Out in the description box or you guys Know if you have any questions or any Comments you can leave those below and As usual thank you guys so much for Watching I'll see you in my next video And good luck to everyone who applies For the jobs

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