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Foreign [Music] It’s your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I hope you guys Are having a wonderful Wednesday it’s Kind of hard to believe it is Wednesday Already but hey I’m not complaining I’m Back with another night time work from Home opportunity now if you are someone Who needs to start work later in the day Or even start work at night then this Might be the job for you now there is a Little tiny catch it is limited now it Hires in a lot of locations but there Are some states that they specify they Will not be hiring in and this was such A good opportunity from a well-known Company Liberty Mutual Insurance we’ve Seen the commercials we’ve heard the Jingle I said let me go ahead and share This because this might be somebody’s Job and then of course there’s always Another lead coming so if this one isn’t For you or doesn’t work for you I’ll Have something else for y’all alright Now we’re gonna go ahead and get into All the details but first please make Sure you hit that subscribe button and You tap the notification Bell I share The hottest work from home opportunities Every single weekday and I do my best to Try and give y’all a little bit of Everything because I know y’all are Looking for something different all

Right so some folks want phone some Folks don’t some folks want to work at Night some folks want to work first Thing in the morning so I try my best to Make sure I cover everyone and you just Gotta go ahead and lock it in because You never know what I’m going to be Sharing with y’all so on that note we Are ready to jump in Okay so like I was saying today’s hot Lead comes from Liberty Mutual insurance And if you are someone who is looking For a night job or if you need a job That just starts later in the day they Are currently hiring for positions like That right now and I’m just scrolling Through their website just some off Chance you aren’t familiar with them They’re a long-standing insurance Company now jumping on in here this is For Liberty mutual’s claims customer Care associate position and they tell us That they are currently hiring for Afternoon slash evening shifts and the Start date will be in March so this is Right around the corner once you get Your application in and if they want to Move forward with you you can bet the Process is going to be expedited since March is just a few weeks away not even Like two weeks away so they do let us Know here that they are hiring in all States with the exception of so the States they list here are the ones that

You cannot be hired in so I am so sorry If you live in my great state of Georgia Or Illinois Alaska Hawaii Nevada New York or California I’m sorry y’all okay They’re not hiring in those States but If you are in a state other than the Ones listed here you are good to apply So there’s good news Okay so they do Tell us that the pay range is between 38 000 and 41 500 annually and I said hmm That doesn’t sound too bad but y’all Know me I go to Glassdoor and I have to Get on a soapbox here for a moment Because I’m so glad I always just do a Little bit of digging to see what are People getting paid an on glass store There are 141 people who are in the same Claims customer care associate position Saying that they are getting paid 48 251 dollars per here now I don’t think 141 people got together and said let’s Just get on the internet and make Something up what that means is somebody Is getting paid 48 000 per year in this Role whereas they are telling you the Max that they have here is 41 500. so all that means to me is if I Need this night shift I’m gonna go in There you know with my resources that I Found on Glassdoor and I’m gonna try Negotiating that 48 000 per year pay but Since they list it here and companies Can pay you what they want to pay you They can say take it or leave it I would

Be prepared to have to take something in This range okay and that all just Depends on what you are willing to Accept so I gave you all that info to do You know what you need to do with it but But again companies can pay you what They want to pay they aren’t obligated To pay you the higher amount just Because other people are paid that Amount I just want you all to know that That’s what 141 people are getting paid And to know the hourly difference that’s The difference between twenty dollars And some change per hour to twenty four Dollars in some change per hour taking This high end and comparing it to that 48 000. so you know that really adds up That’s a big difference so anyway Continuing here it says compassionate Responsive efficient our claims team Members embody these traits serving as The first point of contact for Liberty Mutual policyholders who have Experienced the loss as a claims Customer care associate you’ll become Part of a diverse Fortune 100 company That understands the importance of a Healthy work-life balance and offers Training and growth opportunities aimed At helping you build a long-term career Responsibilities because customer Centric employee conveying a calm caring Attitude you’ll provide Best in Class Service to customers while processing

New claims and first notice of loss Forms the initial report made following The loss theft or damage to an insured Asset collaborative partner working with Internal and external Partners you’ll Support policyholders while their claims Are being processed efficient worker in Our fast-paced environment you’ll handle Customers needs quickly effectively and In a friendly caring manner to meet our Claims service center goals Problem Solver no day is predictable you’ll Utilize out of the box creative thinking To resolve a wide variety of claims Challenges and customer issues clear Communicator you’ll provide Policyholders with the information they Need by clearly setting expectations and Outlining next step and so down here They give another range in the salary We’re getting closer with this 46 950 Per year but they’re still about you Know a thousand something dollars Missing off that 48 000 we saw so you Know again do what you need to do all Right when it comes to negotiating and Then as far as qualifications it says a History of working in financial services Hospitality or retail with previous call Center experience a plus so it’s nice if You have that but you don’t have to have That call center experience appropriate Licenses or willingness to obtain Licenses via company sponsored training

Excellent oral written and interpersonal Skills ability to project courtesy and Empathy strong time management and Multitasking capabilities demonstrate Typing proficiency proficiency using Computers including Microsoft Outlook And keyboard shortcuts ability to handle Confidential and proprietary information Appropriately a high school degree or Equivalent bachelor’s degree preferred But we know prefer is not required Willingness to continue learning about Products procedures and test Medical Systems as you grow in this role now if You notice so far the most they have Really mentioned about anything like a Call or a phone is here where they say Like it’d be nice if you have previous Call center experience but they say That’s a plus so to me it’s sounding Like it’s a lot of typing because they Even mention demonstrated typing Proficiency and if you’re not familiar With what claims is claims is when you Know let’s say you get into an accident The person gets on the phone with their Insurance company and reports that Accident there are different levels or Steps to it so there might be the person Who picks up the phone and they’re the One getting that information and then You could be like a claims assistant Where you’re sort of like making sure That information gets funneled to the

Right channels and that’s mostly like Typing and then you know some companies Even segment it further so I can’t tell You that you’ll never be on a phone it Sounds like there’s going to be a lot of Typing but you know there there could be Phone use involved they’re just not very Clear about that and I don’t want to Make up anything so expect a phone but Be pleasantly surprised if one isn’t Very involved or involved at all and Then they talk about their benefits here They talk about how they have Competitive compensation we talked about That flexible work Arrangements this is A remote position they also offer Top-notch retirement plans they Mentioned their Pension Plan provides a Monthly credit equal to five percent of Your eligible compensation you could Also participate in their 401k plan Which offers a guaranteed match of 50 Cents for every one dollar you Contribute up to eight percent of your Eligible pay now this is really good Okay because in simple terms the company Is giving you free money okay yes you Have to put your money towards your 401k For them to do this but they’re giving You free money so I always maxed out my 401k matching because you know there are Times where maybe you know you might Actually want to take that money out Early yes there is a penalty but you

Have money in a bucket that you put in And the company put in and ideally you Don’t touch that because this is for Your retirement you won’t be working Forever but this is a really good Retirement plan when they say top-notch They weren’t telling to tell okay and Then they talk about Career Development And then health and wellness and you can See their full benefits information here And I’ve said this many times before but Insurance companies have some of the Best benefits in the industry like a lot Of companies have really gotten skimpy On their benefits but I have found by And large insurance companies still have Really good benefits so that’s a major Major plus if you are interested in this And then they just talk more about Opening why Liberty Mutual but I’ll Leave that for y’all so this is actually A really short and sweet lead I know Okay they don’t hire in these states but I always have leads coming and it’s not Often you find night shifts or later in The day shifts okay so that’s why Anytime I see something good I will Share it okay and then if you like this Sleeve the apply Now button is at the Top right but that’s not all folks I want to point your attention to my Website remoteworklife.com I have an Amazing resource called the mega list of Jobs this list has 481 companies that

Are known to hire you from home so if You say I like this job okay I like the Benefits okay maybe you say I really Like the benefits that this company has You say insurance companies offer really Good benefits well what about some more Insurance companies you can come to this List you can type in the keyword Insurance and then boom you will be Given a list of 18 companies that are in The insurance industry you can go Directly to their careers page and see What do they have available for you to Apply to right now that’s what I love About the mega list of jobs it’s an Amazing resource okay and people are Getting hired from going to this list And finding out about companies that Maybe weren’t on their radar or maybe They just didn’t even think about them They went to their careers page and They’re hiring so you know that could be You too make sure you put this into your Rotation okay just bookmark this page And come here every day and check out All these companies there’s plenty for You to look at and then lastly You will need your money making machine And if you say what is that Delilah That’s your work from home computer now You can’t work from home if you don’t Have the right equipment and you can see People are loving these packages that I Have from Amazon these are all sold and

Fulfilled through Amazon they just make It convenient for me to point you to What would I personally use and I’m Always talking about these two computers Here okay right now they’re on sale for 144 and 145 so take your pick any of These would work for the majority of Jobs specs out here companies require You to have minimum specs on your Computer that you use to work from home And all of these will suffice so if you Say I just need a single monitor I need The bare minimum to get going then Between these two computers you could Choose okay if you need dual monitors They have a dual monitor package for 229 All right and these computers run Windows 10 which is the minimum these Actually run Windows 10 Pro this one up Here and a 19-inch monitor is the Minimum that you need and a wired Keyboard and mouse okay so get your Money machine link is in the description Box below along with the link to the Mega list of jobs and this hot work from Home opportunity from Liberty Mutual and Thank you so much for watching I truly Hope this has been helpful and I will Talk to you soon bye Now

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