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Welcome back my friends uh to yet Another daily work from home job lead That is non-phone today just seems to be The day for non-phone work from home job Leads I promise for those of you who do Enjoy customer service I will have some Customer service job leads coming up Very shortly but the links to this one If you're interested in applying are in The YouTube description box below this Video but the company is seesaw they are A learning platform that brings Educators students and families together To deepen student learning so they're an Education platform they're hiring a Customer support specialist now a few Things to note about this position it is A non-phone their customer support is Through email it is remote only within The United States it is a 1099 Contractor position and it is a Temporary position but like I always say You can line up temporary jobs while you Are searching for your permanent dream Work from home job some money is always Better than no money in my eyes but a Few things about this one specifically It is going to pay 20 an hour training Begins on May 1st of 2023 through June 2nd of 2023 and will be 30 hours a week So they are paying you for training but It doesn't start until May so that is a Few months away you'll have to be Available 40 hours a week once you are

Done with training and the temporary Position runs from June 5th of 2023 Through the end of September of 2023 but If this sounds like something you are Interested in they want teachers and Schools to be successful with their Learning platform so they're looking for Compassionate problem solvers to join Their customer support team so you'll Quickly and effectively solve customer Issues through email so non-phone from Teacher schools and parents to make sure That they are successful in using the Sea salt learning platform you'll help Identify and escalate any software Issues or bugs up to the IT team to get Them fixed so you'll be learning the ins And outs of the products and basically Become an expert on the sea salt Learning software platform now they are Not requiring any kind of college degree They want someone who has a passion for Education empathy and patience for Teacher schools and parents someone who Can work in a fast-paced environment so One of those two years of customer Service experience a great written Communication skills and someone who can Be detail-oriented and highly organized All right if this job lead was not for You that's okay as always please feel Free to leave anything specific that you Are looking for in the comments I want To say thank you so so much for watching

And supporting me and I'll be back Really really soon with more work from Home job leads just for you

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