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Foreign [Music] Welcome back to my channel I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and I'm back with another job for You guys and this one right here is Coming from the company FIS Global okay So this company does have quite a few Remote jobs so if you get to this video Later in the day and the job is closed They have plenty of other jobs to offer So definitely go ahead and check those Out as well but today we're going to be Talking about the remote customer Service associate too this job has a two Thousand dollar sign-on bonus it is Available in any state in the US and it Is full time so with this job right here You will be assisting customers with Their retirement plans you're going to Be connecting people with solutions that Help them Reach their financial goals Through a consultative conversation via The phone you're going to be taking Ownership of customer requests by Navigating through the nuances of their Situations and you're gonna actively Listen to understand the underlying Needs of the customer's request and Understand the suite of products and Services available across multiple Channels that's going to be digital face To face High net worth Etc so as far as Experience you will need to have a

Relevant combo of work and education a College degree is preferred and minimum Education is a high school diploma or a GED you will get benefits with this job And the pay is 19 an hour so here's the Application for the job right here and Of course if you're interested in Applying for this job you can find the Link in the description bar if you guys Have any questions or any comments you Can leave those below and as usual I Thank you guys so much for watching I'll See you in my next video and good luck To those who apply for the job

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