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Foreign S welcome back to another video so on Today's video we're going to talk about A company that is currently hiring and This company may be familiar to some of You especially if you are in the US this Is a us-based company and they are in The retailing industry this is coming From Ross Ross specialized in Dress for Less offers the best bargains on the Latest trends in clothing shoes home Decor and so much more so they have Stores across the U.S I love shopping at Ross they're also in association with DDS I was not aware of this that Ross And Deedee's discounts is in relations To each other isn't that interesting so They are currently hiring they have a Remote-based position that is available If you go to their career section you Can search for remote just click where It says remote jobs and then hit where It says filter and it will filter Throughout any positions that are that Are available and being offered for you To work remotely So currently there's One position that is posted that seems To be available remotely in the US and That is for their representative in Their human resources for this job their Representative will perform Administrative and support services to Ross Associates during their leave of Absence to Simply ensure quality

Administration and Associate experience In accordance with laws and Ross Policies so your daily task or this Position include responding to inquiries Updating and processing of leaves leave Changes data entering in PeopleSoft and Servicenow systems processing the Loa Inbox check-in Loa 800 voicemail Reviewing and processing of pay and Benefits form communication and business Partners and other tasks to ensure Smooth and efficient processing and a High level of customer service so the Base pay range for this role is 21.39 to 30.91 per hour the base salary range Depends on factors which includes and Not limited to your experience level Your skills level qualifications Relevant education certifications Seniority and your location the range Listed is just one component of the Total compensation package for employees Other rewards vary by post by position And location so to break down your Responsibilities and duties you will use Systems again such as servicenow PeopleSoft said Sedgwick v01 Ross's case management System in Excel to process leave of Absence transactions including uploading And entering leave approvals denials Benefit elections and other data Support and communicate with all levels Of Associates at all locations including

Stores corporate buying office and Distribution centers communicate with Vendors and internal Partners regarding Payroll benefits HR Services Etc provide customer service to Associates and other clients who have Questions explain Ross policies so Associates regarding loas in various States gather critical data as requested So there will be some data collecting And data entry in this job you'll also Be conducting customer service so you May be required to be on a phone to Assist customers okay so there will be Some phone communication involved here And some data entry involvements now in Terms of what you will need to qualify For this position you will need to have A bachelor's degree strong Community Strong customer service and Communication skills with excellent Problem solving establish and Maintaining positive working Relationship with internal and external Partners leave of absence Administration Experience with federal and state laws Related to leave is preferred but it's Not necessarily a requirement so it is Preferred that you have this experience But it's not required so if you don't You can still give it a shot if Everything else relates to your current Skill or past experience okay Demonstrate ability to work

Independently independently or within The team learn and ask questions use Online systems and databases as Appropriate to support the work being Performed attend to detail with accuracy Demonstrate functional and Technical Knowledge keeps up to date on new skills Good communication skills familiar with PeopleSoft and HR systems benefits and Payroll practices so if you're familiar With any of those then this would be a Great opportunity for you you just need To be familiar not asking that you have Working experience with these tools okay If you do have working experience with These tools and and that would be the Cause of you being familiar with it then Great so this is the position that they Have available for remote base at Ross If you are interested and you feel Confident about applying for this Position you could click where it says Apply now great way to make sure that This job is available first of all Is to click their apply Now button it Will take you to their disclosure Constant acknowledgment in agreement Form in which you would have to read Through and then you can accept or Decline once you accept this then you Can move forward with your application Process and submitting your application Which may include your resume cover Letter Etc if you need assistance with

Resume or your cover letter reach out to Melissia home gmail.com there's also a Link in the description section that Will take you to my booking site that Offers the service and you can book for Resume revamping Services you can also Check out my resume templates that I Created to make it easy and quick for You to apply for positions fast so You're just downloading those templates They come with instructions and video Tutorials to help assist you if you have Questions you can always reach out to me At melissiahome gmail.com whatever Issues that you may be having with your Templates okay but it includes all the Tutorials super easy to use you just Enter your information in your details In those templates it's already Organized and structured and formatted For remote-based opportunities to help You to stand out amongst other Candidates so check out my resume Templates and utilize all the tools and Services that I I have provided to you And I wish you all the best of luck with This opportunity happy work from home Bye

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