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Alrighty hello and welcome back or if It's your first time here welcome my Name is CeCe I post these videos daily You never want to miss them so click That red subscribe button below today I'm sharing a receptionist job with you Through TJ's bookkeeping services the Rate of pay is 18 to 22 per hour and Let's dive in for some more insights so Weekly tasks include anything from Accepting clients receipts categorizing Receipts by expense performing weekly Inventory reviews spreadsheets invoices Reminder invoices reduce the scale and Frequency of late payments create the Journal entries Etc so the essential Skills you need are to be able to speak Read and write legible English your fast Accurate data entry you can do basic Math you're going to use word processing Excel spreadsheet database and email Software so you need to be versed in Those you can manage client fees work With your tax preparer and assist with Tax compliance and of course take on Some human resource functions so the Responsibilities check the incoming Paperwork which is the correspondence Invoices and make copies sort all papers Alphabetically according to content date Significance you're going to create and Update records store all paperwork in Designated places deal with requests and Access files to keep logs develop an

Efficient filing system follow the Policies and confidentially dictations To safeguard the data and monitor the Inventory files paper clips Etc and Report shortages so the skill set here You're going to need a high school Degree or equivalent great attention to Detail excellent organizational skills You're Dependable you have that English Written in oral skills you know how to Use Microsoft Office and Equipment such As photocopy or scanner Etc I don't know How much of that you'll do since it is Remote but you do need a knowledge of Filing systems and proven experience as A file clerk I believe this will Probably all be virtually but like I Said we are looking at 18 to 22 per hour A 10 10 or an 8 hour shift Monday Through Friday probably dependent on how Many work days you do so if you would Like the link to apply for this job you Can access that on my website or from Home withcc.com and the link to that Will be in the description box below if This one was not for you on your screen Are two other videos I've also posted Check those out you might find a better Match for yourself there click my face To subscribe so you never miss an upload And I will talk to you in my next video Bye

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