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Good morning today I have a part-time User research coordinator in this role You're going to be reaching out to People via email and they are paying Around thirty dollars per hour in this Role a little bit about this company Case text has led innovation in legal AI Since 2013 applying Cutting Edge AI to The law to create solutions that enable Attorneys to provide higher quality Representation to more clients and a Little bit about this role as the user Research coordinator you will be Responsible for identifying and Contacting users who are willing to do User feedback sessions for product and Customer teams from our existing Database the job will be 10 to 20 hours Per week conducting email Outreach Coordinating meetings and participation Reward Administration in order to be Successful you'll need to have great Verbal and written communication skills As well as knowledge of database Searching for preferably using mix panel Additionally you will need to be an Active listener have good time Management skills and be interested in The legal tech industry authorized to Work in the US now guys this job Basically says that you're going to be Contacting people through email however It does use some language that might Indicate that you'll have to be on the

Phone so I'm not sure at this point it Looks like a no phone job but you'll Need to contact the hiring manager and Just confirm with them is this actually Going to be on the phone as well again It pays between twenty five thirty Dollars per hour not a bad salary from Being able to work part-time remote from Home so if you're interested I'm going To put the instructions to apply down in The description for you otherwise I wish You the best of luck

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