$26 To $28 Hour Work From Home Job 2023 As A Community Support Associate | No Degree Needed | USA

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another work from Home job lead for you this one is from The company idealist they are hiring a Community support associate which is Just their way of saying a customer Service representative the links to this Page if you're interested in applying Are in the YouTube description box below Do not let some of these words on this Page fool you when you get to this page You'll click read more about this job And it'll open up and give a better Description of the job now the company Idealist supports individuals and Organizations that want to make a Difference by bringing them all together On their website Idealist.org from their organizations All over the world can post their jobs Internships volunteer opportunities and Connect individuals so it's like a job Recruiting website but they are hiring a Community support Associated to sport Support the organizations and the Individuals that use the website by Providing customer support and technical Support while managing online content Posted by their site's users so this Position is going to call for you to be Empathetic and understanding to how People use the website and internet and How they have trouble using it the basis Of the job is responding compassionately

And effectively to a high daily volume Of phone and email inquiries from Organizations and individuals who need Help using the website you'll review and Approve a new organization applications From non-profits government agencies and Social Enterprises you'll also make sure That idealist is a safe and productive Place for users by reviewing the content That is posted on the website making Sure it is sticking to the community Policies and guidelines you'll also Update and maintain help Pages Documentation As needed now they are looking for Somebody who has a one to three years Supporting clients or customers in a Patient friendly or effective manner Either in person or on the phone so your Customer service can be like waiting Tables or working in retail it does not Have to be in a call center environment They're looking for someone who has Great communication skills the ability To stay focused be detail-oriented and Comfortable working independently as Well as in a team but no college degree Is actually required now this is a Full-time job they're looking for Someone to start by April 3rd the Application deadline is February 14th so If you're interested in this position Get those applications in they are Paying fairly well for a customer

Service job they're paying anywhere from 26.44 cents an hour all the way up to 28.45 cents an hour and of course this Is 100 remote I don't know why on the Side it mentions a hybrid on the sidebar But it says that it is fully remote from Any Us location so they don't have any State restrictions of course they offer For you to use their New York City Office if you are there but otherwise It's completely remote they also offer a Benefit package including Health dental Vision a paid time off 401K all of the Things alright if you've made it to the End of this video I want to say thank You so so much for watching and Supporting me always feel free to leave In the comments anything specific that You're looking for or any suggestions That you have for this channel anything You want me to look into any companies That you want me to look into I try to Mix it up but I can take any suggestions Or welcome I'll be back really really Soon with more work from home job leads Just for you

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