$26 To $31 Hour Work From Home Job With NO Degree Needed Managing Data & Excel Files | USA

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another daily work From home job lead for you today today's Job lead is from the company restaurant 365. they come a fairly decent rated on Glassdoor they have a 4.0 out of 5 star Rating and we'll have the company's Glassdoor page as well as the job Application page a link down in the YouTube description box below if you Want to put those applications in but Restaurant 365 is hiring a data Specialist for import now this is remote For my United States folks only they say You can be based in Irvine California Austin Texas or remote we are interested In the remote but restaurant 365 is Basically a company that gives software Solutions to the restaurant industry They are looking for a data Import Specialist responsible for working Directly with the customers and Supporting the implementation managers And customer support managers for import Of clients historical data from from Their legacy systems into new systems This position is going to require that You know a lot about Excel and love Digging in to data because you're going To be managing client data files you're Going to have to configure import and Crosswalk the old historical client data To the new system and new data you'll Partner with implementation and customer

Service managers to make sure that each Project is smooth and complete you'll Contribute to ongoing process Documentation and of course you may end Up having to create macros and process Improvements to drive efficiency in the Data collection importing process now They are not going to require any kind Of a college degree for this that they Do just want somebody who has knowledge In Excel Advanced knowledge and can work With large spreadsheets of course they Also want somebody who is proficient in All of the other Microsoft Suite Products including Microsoft Word Outlook PowerPoint all of those things Someone who can gather interpret and Format data and somebody who understands Standard operations functions and Metrics of customer success Now they have a few preferred Qualifications that are not required Those would be some kind of payroll or Accounting experience they are paying Fairly decent though they're paying Anywhere from 26.45 an hour all the way Up to a thirty one dollars an hour and Of course they do offer a benefit Package that includes medical benefits 401K pay the time off all right if You've made it to the end of this video I want to say thank you so so much for Watching and supporting me as always Feel free to leave in the comments

Anything specific that you're looking For I do read those and keep that in Mind I hope you have a fabulous weekend Ahead and I'll be back really really Soon with more work from home job leads Just for you

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