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Good morning happy Tuesday it's Suzanne Today's first work from home job lead is A customer service rep with the company CVS Health now if you've listened for a While you know that CVS health is one of Those companies that is always hiring Remote positions so if you haven't ever Applied with them and you have the Ability to apply with them you might Want to do that because they are always Hiring now they do pay between 17 and 27 Dollars per hour so pretty good pay for A remote position Monday through Friday 8 30 a.m to 5 p.m eastern time let's Take a look at some of the Responsibilities the Reps provide Advocate care to assist the member with A clear path to care claims Understanding and resolution and educate The member with online resources the CSR Guides the member through their member Plans of benefits Aetna policy and Procedures as well as having knowledge Of resources to comply with any Regulatory guidelines creates an Emotional connection with our members by Understanding and engaging the member to The fullest to Champion the member's Best health taking accountability to Fully understand the members needs by Building trust and caring relationship With the member anticipate customers Needs you're going to perform a review Of member claim history to ensure

Accurate tracking of benefit maximums And deductible perform financial data Maintenance is necessary explain members Rights and responsibilities in Accordance with the contract all right So let's look at the qualifications one To three customer one to three years of Customer service experience within a Call center that's pretty easy to have Most people do already have that Previous Behavioral Health experience is A plus Associate's degree is a plus but not Required so still apply even if you have No degree and if you have some sort of Medical or Insurance background that's Background that's going to be a plus as Well so make sure these preferred Qualifications if you have them that you List them on your resume because they're Going to give you a better chance of Getting your resume moved up to the Higher end of the pile but if you don't Have them still apply anyway because you Never know how it'll work out all right Guys if you're interested in this Position I'm going to go ahead and put That link Down Below in the description And I will see you in the next remote Job lead bye guys

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