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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay Bringing you another high paying Non-phone work from home job lead I hope Everyone who celebrated the holidays had A fabulous time with your friends and Family but we are just diving on in to Today's job lead just know if you're Interested in putting the application in The links are in the YouTube description Box below and as always if you find any Of these job leads helpful please give This video a thumbs up like button that Gives me direct feedback that it is Being helpful to someone but with that Being said the company Cruise they are In the self-driving space but they are Hiring an administrative assistants for Their artificial intelligence now this Is remote within the United States but They are trying to build the world's Most advanced self-driving Vehicles Everyone is in competition with a Tesla Right now trying to be the first at Everything so they're really trying to Work on improving their artificial Intelligence in their self-driving and So they're looking for an administrative Assistant to help manage things you'll Manage the ever evolving calendars and Schedules for their Engineers you'll Have to prioritize multiple requests for The engineer's time using a judgment in Balancing the priorities of requests You'll also arrange travel schedule

Transit and make reservations for the Engineers you'll handle expense Reimbursements and partner with other Executive assistants on the AI team to Complete special projects as needed now They do prefer someone who has a Bachelor degree but they will take Equivalent experience over that degree They want someone who's two years of Related work experience some kind of Office work or administrative work Someone who has strong communication Skills great interpersonal skills Someone who can be a creative Problem Solver a self-starter and have great Attention to detail now you do need to Have great time management and calendar Management skills and need to be able to Use Google Suite now if that sounds like Something you're interested in this is a High paying job they pay anywhere from 32 dollars an hour all the way up to 46 Dollars an hour they also offer great Benefits on the top of the high pay Including medical dental vision life Insurance 401K paid time off all the Things all right if this job lead was Not for you that's okay please feel free To leave in the comments anything Specific that you're looking for as I'm Always reading those and keeping that in Mind when I am searching for job leads To share I want to say thank you so much For watching and supporting me and I'll

Be back really really soon with more Work from home job leads just for you Two videos will be popping up on your Screen one I picked for you and the Other YouTube picked for you that you Might enjoy next Please Subscribe and Hit the Bell icon so you never miss Another work from home or money making Video from me thank you so so much for Watching and I'll catch you in the next One

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