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Hey guys what's up welcome back to my Channel and if you're new for the first Time my name is CeCe I post daily work From home job lead videos and I'm here To help you make that switch easily and Quickly from an in-office job to a work From home job and I also teach you how To make money on your own terms side Hustles to make you money fast anything You can do to diversify that income I Got you but all basically on your own Terms for yourself so if that's your Vibe click that red subscribe button Below and let's just get started in Today's video so LHH has 327 remote jobs All across the US and I wanted to share This with you guys because this is a Site I had never heard of before I Haven't seen any other creators talk About it and I wanted to bring it to you Guys attention so they have different Contract roles temp rolls temp to hire Roles as well as hourly salary direct Hire Etc and as you can see here we have Legal and compliance accounting and Finance their health and life sciences There are so many different jobs on here So they're all different companies this Is essentially a recruiting site where Companies can go ahead and post their Open positions and people like us can go And apply for them so I really really Like this because it's kind of a Twist On some of the competitive websites that

Are recruiting sites that either one Charge money this is completely free and Two they have vetted out these jobs so On a lot of competitor sites you'll find Scam jobs spam jobs these are all legit And I love it and of Simply typing in Remote as a keyword brings up 327 jobs I Say this in every video and I cannot Stress it enough anytime you're Searching you want to always make sure That remote is one of the keywords you Are typing not in the city or location But an actual key word this job right Here for example is 33 to 35 per hour Some of them do say exactly what they Are rating for their pay however other Ones you will have to of course reach Out in and see this one has it right Here 75 000 to 90 000 base plus an Annual bonus potential we have some Entry level rolls leading all the way up To more executive roles so no degree no Experience all the way up to maybe five Six seven years of experience you will Need and of course you will have to go Through each role and find the best for You but what I'm going to do for you Guys is I'm going to link this new job Board on my blog or my website work from Home with cc.com you guys can check that Out it will be in the description box Below for all the ways you can apply now If this video wasn't for you maybe share It with a friend help a sister out help

A friend out and there are two other Videos on your screen that you can watch That might have better more perfect Matches for yourself there click my face As well to subscribe if you haven't Already because November is going to be Litty with the job leads I have a lot Planned for you guys and best of luck on Your applications I will talk to you in My next video bye

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