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Hello hello what is up welcome back to My channel and if it's your first time Here welcome Happy New Year shout out to All of you guys who have been connecting With on my Facebook page if you guys Have not liked or followed my Facebook Page I post a lot more job leads on There as well direct links Etc and I Just have fun sharing memes and talking To you guys so if you want that will be In the description box below but let's Drop all right let's hop into this job Lead this is through Carrie MMC it is Home based and it is evoke micromasses Copywriter so a little bit about them They are Global brand experience and Communications agency pla platform Purpose built to make Health more human If you want to read more please do so I'm going to skim through so I don't Take up too much of your time but Basically you will be creating content That has a compare compelling narrative And story flow present the work Confidently promote creativity by Conceptualizing and brainstorming Innovative brand experiences give even Received feedback constructively prepare Materials for Med legal submission Basically copywriting in and of itself For the qualifications you need to have Two to four years experience writing Content in a professional setting you Can work well under tight deadlines

Possessive Flair for language Passion And the written word demonstrate the Ability to write for multiple Communication channels so social voice Print digital Etc you can collaborate With various disciplines such as Strategy technology Behavioral Science And the account teams to seek additional Guidance and partner with the art Director to generate some ideas now These are the core values if you want to Read more about this there's no rate of Pay here on the screen so I will try to Pop an estimate screenshot and if I Can't get that because I am Unfortunately on my iPad without a Laptop until later this week just note That whatever rate of Peg listed up Above that is the estimate you will have To reach out to the company on your own Time or during your interview and ask The exact rate of pay now this one was Not for you that's okay on your screen Are two other videos I've also posted Check those out you might find a better Match for yourself there click my face On the screen to subscribe so you never Miss an upload and I will talk to you in My next video bye

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