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Hello good morning welcome back to my Channel and if you're new hey for the First time my name is CeCe I post daily Work from home shopping videos and I'm Here to help you make the switch from Working in an office to being able to Work remotely if you would like these Free remote job leads click that red Subscribe button below and let me help You get hired so I'm sharing momentrix Test preparation they are looking for a Payroll professional practice question Writer a lot of times when I talk about Job scams or spams I do like to pop out Usually it'll say apply on the company's Site right about here and it'll pop out On their website but I have looked Through this one thoroughly and the fact That they do have 10 reviews Um for the companies page here on indeed Shows me that it is legit so something To keep in mind I want to go ahead and Dive into all the details so anything I Miss feel free to read on your own time I just don't want to bombard you with me Monologuing about the role so the rate Of pay is 20 to 40 per hour we're Looking for a smart motivated payroll Professional to create exceptional Practice test questions that will help Test takers succeed on the apa's FPC Exam so there's a little bit about that You have to commit to 15 hours a week Writing in or editing experience is

Preferred but not required so you do Need that FPC or CPP certification Strong written communication skills and A solid working knowledge of mainstream Word processors word Google Docs Etc you Will perform diligent research Supporting and bolstering personal Understanding in order to communicate Effectively and thoroughly you're going To be writing high quality unique Practice questions and the answers to Help serve the customers work with the Project managers to ensure submitted Work meets the required specifications Respond quickly and positively to Constructive feedback and provide weekly Updates to demonstrate steady progress If you would like to read a little bit About the company you can do so here I Actually really like this because I never thought that there would Actually be people getting paid to write Test questions or practice test Questions for exams and certification Tests but there's something for everyone So if you think you'd be a good fit Click the apply now and submit your Resume and don't forget to include any Relevant experience in qualifications so Like I said self-determined schedule you Will need that certification and it is 20 to 40 per hour if you guys would like The link to apply to this job it's Something you're interested in you can

Find it on my website work from home With cc.com job leads that will be Accessible in the description box below If this one was not for you on your Screen are two other videos I've also Posted check those out you might find a Better more perfect match for yourself There click my face to subscribe so you Never miss an upload and I will talk to You in my next video bye

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