5 Work From Home Jobs Hiring GLOBALLY Right Now! No Degree Needed | $75,000 To $272,000 Year

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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With more work from home job leads for You today we have five different job Leads in this video they are hiring Globally of course as always the links To any of these positions that I share If you're interested in applying and Getting those applications in are always In the YouTube description box below This video now one thing I want to Quickly note when I say globally there Are a few job leads that are hiring in Every single country in the world no Matter where you're from and then other Ones are from select countries we'll go Through them as we go through the job Leads but it's been a while since I've Actually polled my viewers and audience To see where you're from so if you don't Mind leaving in the comments what Country you live in so I know where to Be looking for job leads from but first Up we have the company clothes now they Are hiring a customer success associate It they are hiring in the America so North America South America I am Assuming all through Europe all through Africa they this is a full-time remote Position and they are looking for Someone to join their team to onboard New customers to help them set up for Success and also work with existing Customers to increase the value they get

From closes a service so your main Responsibilities will be to virtually Train an onboard new and existing Customers you identify growth customers And give them that extra TLC customer Support in order to build that loyalty And strong brand relationships you'll be Communicating effectively with the Customers including co-founders and Executives in the sales team outside of Doing the basic customer service you'll Also identify customer content needs and Create faq's white papers videos and Host webinars to communicate with their Customers and their online community so You'll be creating some training Documentation as well now they are Looking for someone who has at least one Year of experience with B2B or business To business software as a solution in a Customer support role so somewhat kind Of a software customer support they want Someone who has Frontline sales Experience and experience working with The CRM a platform but they are not Requiring any kind of a college degree You do have to have great communication Skills now unfortunately this position Did not list the pay that will have to Be asked at the time of the interview And is generally dependent on location And experience but they do outline some Of their benefits for U.S residents that Includes medical dental vision 401K paid

Time off if you're outside of the US you Will have to ask what their benefit Package is next up we have the company Last call Media they are hiring a Proposal manager now this one is Globally throughout all countries no Matter where you live it you can apply But last call Media is looking for Someone to collaborate with the capture Management team bid and no bid decisions You'll create and execute proposal Project plans you'll assemble and Coordinate proposal response teams you Ensure that proposals and presentations Are delivered on time and are brand Compliant you'll prioritize rfps based On the likelihood of winning a bid and You'll track RFP data in win rate now Again they are not requiring any kind of A college degree they are looking for Someone who's experience with RFP Process some of those great writing Editing and reviewing winning proposals Someone who is strong at knowledge of Data Tracking so you kind of need to be Analytical and of course even though They're hiring globally you do need to Be able to speak and write in English Now if this sounds like something for You they're paying anywhere from seventy Five thousand dollars a year all the way Up to ninety five thousand dollars a Year that is in USD and it does have a Note that salaries are adjusted for

Country location so just know that you May not get paid that high if you are Outside of the U.S moving right along we Have the company time doctor they are Hiring a customer success manager Because this is a management position This is going to require a bachelor Degree however they are hiring worldwide But they are looking for someone to own Maintain grow and build their book of Tier two accounts through automated Engagements you'll be driving this Success of time doctor onboarding to Help customers realize the business Value of the products that time doctor Offers you'll work to understand their Business needs and keep up ongoing Documentation for their use case you'll Lead ongoing messaging sequences Including product updates plan changes And check-ins for all accounts of course You'll closely monitor the health of all Clients and your contracts and make sure That you answer any product issues or Requests now again this is going to Require a bachelor degree or equivalent Practical experience three years of Customer service experience someone who Can navigate customer organizational Structure someone who has a proven a Track record with client accounts and Someone who is experienced acting as a Product expert now this one again did Not list pay although it does State you

Can work from anywhere moving right Along we have cash app now we've all Heard of it we all probably use it they Are hiring a head of messaging support Operations now this is a very high Paying job but they are hiring globally But they are looking for somebody to Manage the operations of their customer Success team to make sure they're Achieving cash app's most important Priorities so you will utilize deep Product and Industry knowledge you'll be Coaching and mentoring the team members With a focus on professional development For Upstream preventative future proof Of thinking you'll be driving Improvements in the customer Satisfaction across channels by Understanding the struggle and support Needs of the customers of cash app and How the teams can best respond you'll Own the efficiency and quality balance Of the customer success operations a Coach should be developing and managing Metrics to manage the growth and Performance of the teams and help set Goals now they are going to prefer a Bachelor degree it says that they'll Take related experience over that they Want someone who has 15 years of Customer service operations a work Experience someone who has past product Or product management experience of Course you need to have experience

Creating a building or optimizing Customer success operations and someone Who can be a problem solver and have a Passion for financial services of course Pay is dependent on location and Experience and even within the U.S they Have different locations classified in Different zones but of course the pay is Anywhere from 222 000 a year all the way Up to 272 000 a year if you're within the United States however if you're outside the United States the pay could be different All right thank you so much for sticking With me through this the last position I Have is for people who are living in the Philippines only the company Amelia is Hiring a customer support agent now this One is going to be a basic customer Service role you'll work across multiple Platforms and products to respond to Inquiries from clients according to slas You'll be well versed in the company's Knowledge base so you can effectively Search for helpful information for the Customer you'll be working independently On incoming requests to identify the Need For assistance when necessary your Run a background check for previous Cases reported by the customer before Working on their new case of course You'll gather contacts information and Stored in ticket properties and private Notes of the ticket you'll work on

Internal tasks when required and of Course you may be required to attend a Team at meetings this sounds like it is A ticketing system non-phone or customer Support role of course even though this Is a work from home opportunity for the Philippines you need to have a good Knowledge of English both spoken and Written two to three years of IT Background and support you need to be Able to work with frustrated people so You need to be a compassionate person And have empathy and patience and of Course you have to have a good stable Internet connection now one thing to Note uh this one that does list some Benefits among those is Apple gear so it Does sound like they will provide you an Apple Mac computer to work off above all Right if you've made it to the end of This video I want to say thank you so so Much for watching and supporting me as Always feel free to leave anything Specific that you're looking for down in The comments and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you

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