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Hello good morning what is up welcome Back to my channel and if it's your First time here welcome I post job leads Daily for remote roles to help you make The switch from an in-office job to Being able to work from home so click That red subscribe button right below so You never miss an upload today I am Sharing with you guys Mod Squad this is A very popular remote company and they Are actively hiring and I wanted to Share so we are the mods we're bold Passionate and United smart and Level-headed when we need to be but with A twinkle in our eye and then of course There's more you can go ahead and read But I want to keep the video as brief as Possible so I'm not going to drown on The mods are Pros in CX Services they Are everywhere either answering phone Calls texting with customers moderating Posts on forums or online reviews Monitoring images videos or live streams Chatting in-game or testing the game Wherever you find customers communities Or content the mods are there and they Are in 90 countries speaking over 50 Languages so this is anywhere in the World globally hiring multiple languages Multiple countries which is great and if You've ever received exceptional Customer service enjoy great content or Joined a Vibrant Community had a great Social media experience it was the mods

Behind the scenes making it happen so These are the reasons why I love being a Mod control your own Journey work Remotely pick your projects set your Schedule keep your day job work with Amazing companies work with amazing People and give back so those are some Of the highlights the application Process is very simple what you're going To do is Click apply with us go through All of that send it on your way and then Any FAQs you can either take a look at Their page of frequently asked questions Or email their recruiting team Personally I like the content moderation Space that way it's introvert perfect no Talking on the phone you just get to Review different content that gets Posted on various applications or Websites and make sure that it's a safe Community for everyone so that's my Personal favorite of course they do have Other jobs available so if you would Like the link to this page to check it Out check out the jobs you can find that On my website and that will be Accessible to you in the description box Below if this one was not for you on Your screen are two other videos I've Also posted check those out you might Find a better match for yourself there Click my face on the screen to subscribe So you never miss an upload and I will Talk to you in my next video bye

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