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Hey there what's up welcome back to my Channel or if it's your first time here Welcome to my channel this is a great Development Associate remote job we are Looking at full-time exempt you will Report to the co-director and it is Sixty six thousand dollars per year Through black lgbtqia plus migrant Project you can read a little bit more About the company what they believe in ETC here however I'm just going to dive Straight in to your responsibilities and All this because we have a lot to go Through so first have the institutional Grants tracking you'll go through and Evaluate their tracking system develop Implement and document new systems Research new funding report to the Committee coordinate and engage with Current and future grant writers and Manage the timelines track the info Deliverables Etc then we have donor Tracking you'll do a lot of the same Things except you want to make sure that You assist with prepping reports assist With gift processing for the donors and Prof form the gift data entry generate Timely gift acknowledgment maintain the Donor records prepare the financial Documents organize and maintain a filing System Field General General inquiries And assist the team members in various Development activities so about you what They are looking for your methodical and

A strategic thinker you enjoy creating New systems you have excellent Communication skills you're creative a Motivated self-starter with the ability Proven to meet deadlines you've Demonstrated commitment to a broad range Of social Rachel racial and economic Justice issues you've got those great Organizational skills attention to Detail you can deal with confidential And sensitive information with Integrity A sincere commitment to work Collaboratively you have a strong track Record as an implementer and you have Experience working on teams or groups so The knowledge and skills required Extensive non-profit development or Community fundraising experience project Manager management skills strong Communication skills you have Demonstrated data entry and Computing Proficiency with Google suite and Experience using database systems CRM Such as Salesforce every action Google Excel sheets all of that of course this Is desired you would have a familiarity With the fun dirt landscape and it is 66 000 with Comprehensive medical dental Vision FSA match retirement three weeks Vacation sick and family leave in a Sabbatical program if you would like the Link to apply for this job it's right up Your alley you can find the link for the Application on my website which will be

Accessible in the description box below If this one was not for you on your Screen are two other videos that I've Also posted check those out you might Find a better match for yourself there Click my face to subscribe so you never Miss an upload and I will talk to you in My next video bye

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