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Foreign And happy Friday if you’re new here my Name is Valerie and this is the work From home project where we post hot Remote job leads every single day go Ahead and make sure you’re subscribed to My channel and have your notifications Turned on because the jobs I post about Go really really fast and if you guys Want the most luck in your application Process make sure you are watching my Most recent videos and job postings as These are the freshest leads on my Channel and these jobs will take longer To fill and close out and if you are Interested in today’s job try to apply Right after watching today we’ll be Talking about a high paying data entry Job that does not require much Experience or a college degree the Company offering this position today is Share care Share care helps nearly 10 Million employees plan members and Patients better understand their health Optimize their benefits address Critical Care gaps and improve health outcomes While helping to to lower the cost of Care Share care is looking to hire a Records coordinator this is a full-time Remote position and this position is Available to anyone located within the United States a majority of your job Function will be entering patient Information into their software program

Let’s look at some of your more Day-to-day specific functions you’ll be Accurately entering patient information Into their software program accessing Various electronic medical record Systems and providing a high level of Customer service the qualifications for This role are very minimal they want you To have experience any Medical Records Office environment that is helpful but Not required they will train you they Want you to be computer literate with a General working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel the ability to type 50 Words per minute or better they want you To be focused on high quality work Self-motivated a team player excellent Organizational skills extremely reliable And detail-oriented so there aren’t a Ton of those concrete qualifications They’re looking for but they do want you To have these soft skills if you have Any experience working in a medical Records office or in the medical field In general really highlight that on your Resume because I think that will really Set you apart from other candidates Since there are such little requirements For this role according to Glassdoor you Can make roughly fifty six thousand Dollars a year as a records coordinator For share care I’m going to be posting The link to this job board in the Description below I had trouble linking

You guys directly to this specific Job Link so go ahead and just type in Records coordinator in their search bar To find it it’s the first one and I want To thank you guys so much for watching Today’s video go ahead and make sure you Are subscribed and have your Notifications turned on for tomorrow’s Job lead and be sure to check out my Playlist for more non-phone jobs always Hiring jobs and skip the interview jobs And as always I wish you so much luck in Your hunt for the perfect remote job and I will see you next time

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