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Foreign [Music] Welcome back to my channel I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and I'm back with another job for You guys and this one right here is Coming from the company paper okay and I Featured paper on the channel many times They often have tutoring jobs but Currently they have some customer Support jobs and they're part-time all Right so today we're going to be talking About their customer support agent East Coast 25 hours per week they do have a West Coast one as well you can Definitely check that out I'll link that In the description bar for you but let's Go ahead and talk about the estimated Pay for this job and according to Glassdoor this shop has an estimated pay Of 53k to 78k yearly of course that's Based off of a full-time schedule and at The base pay of 53k a year this job May Pay around 25 an hour okay so as I Always State that's an estimate you'll Have to get the exact pay from the Company but with this job you will be Working 9 A.M to 2 p.m Eastern Standard Time and you're going to be the in-house Expert on the services and products that Paper offers you're going to provide Support in a timely friendly and Empathetic Manner and ensure data Privacy and security practices are

Followed you got to be multitasking While interacting with multiple Platforms you're going to be resolving Issues and that's going to be via Zendesk jira Salesforcemunday.com and other partner Platforms okay you got to be supporting Internal and end users with various Inquiries and answering questions and Internally escalating product and Technical issues in a multi-channel Environment that's going to be phone Ticketing email and chat and you're Going to identify and share customer Trends and product feedback to improve The customer experience and drive Further retention and satisfaction You're going to collaborate on Maintaining internal Department Documentation and meet weekly slas and They'd like for you to have three plus Years of experience with customer Support for a saas platform term deep Understanding of software comfortable Working in a multi-channel environment This shop has a very quick application So not going to take you long at all and Of course if you're interested in Applying for this job you can find the Link in the description bar if you guys Have any questions or any comments feel Free to leave those below and as usual I Thank you guys so much for watching I'll See you in my next video and good luck

To those who apply for the job

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