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[Music] Foreign [Music] Everybody welcome back to my channel I Hope everybody's doing good today I'm Doing great and I'm back with another Part-time job for you guys and this one Is coming from the company virta okay so I featured virta on the channel probably A few months ago they had like a Part-time administrative position but Now they have a part-time patient Support specialist okay so we're gonna Get into the details this job does pay Between 18 and 19 an hour and with this Job you're going to be answering patient Emails following Vernal policies and Standards you're going to also make Phone calls to patients to help solve Problems and troubleshoot issues you're Going to properly escalate patient Concerns to appropriate teams and Internal stakeholders to ensure the Voice of the patient is heard through The company and you're going to meet Internal success metrics for Quality Response times and accuracy and you will Need to be available to assist with Tasks as needed to help support the Larger patient support inverted team so They're not really asking for a whole Lot of experience they just want you to Have strong and effective communication Skills also have the ability to problem

Solve and experience and comfort using Multiple digital tools and systems with The ability to quickly learn new Technologies pay attention to detail in Order to effectively solve tickets the First time around and accurately input Data into virta's EHR platforms be able To think critically and have operational Experience in a fast-paced environment And you do need to be open to working One weekend day okay so again 18 to 19 An hour for this job and it does have a Quick application so of course if you're Interested in applying you can find the Link in the description bar if you guys Have any questions or any comments feel Free to leave those below and as usual I Thank you guys so much for watching I'll See you in my next video and good luck To those who apply for the job

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