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Happy Friday YouTube family I am back With another non-phone work at home job Lead you can make anywhere between 640 To 800 per week Um this is more of a typing job so we're Going to go ahead and just dive right Into it we're going to be talking about The company Insight Investments okay They're currently seeking data entry Clerk to work from home now this is a Temp-to-hire position so you can if you Go in and you do the best that you can They can hire you permanently there's Jobs in the past that I applied for Where it says attempt to hire within Three weeks I was hired on permanent and That can happen to you so basically what You'll be doing is you will maintain Large quantities of production data by Entering new and updated customers and Account information you also will type In data provided directly from a Warehouse system and here are some Typing tests these are free typing tests That you can go on Um it's um officialtypertest.com where You can practice your 10 key tests Because data entry is all about entering Data into the system so they do have Full TNT Full 10 key tests which is numbers and Symbols and then they have zip code test Numbers and only and then you can also Practice your typing test so make sure

You go ahead and get that squared away As well as another free website where You can go and practice your type of Skill skills is typertest.com you can Check your type of skills in a minute And also if you knew or you need a Refresher course you can also go right Here where it says typing course and you Could take some refresher course in Order to get your typing skills where it Need to be because that's what you need To have when you do dating entry and Then it also talks about sort and Organized paperwork after entering data To ensure it is not a loss and then it Says you're going to run daily weekly Monthly reports for multiple Source now Before you disqualify yourself and say Um Not able to do it always Google things This is what I did in the past when I Went through the job description and it Asked for things that I may not Understand I wouldn't Google this so There is steps that teaches you um Things on Google how to run daily Reports for multiple jobs is kind of Give you a feel about what it's like or What to do to run reports on a daily Basis so you can go through here and Look at this and kind of get an ideal And study there so when you do go in for An interview you act like you're more Educated in knowledge and that's what

Companies want to know is see that you Research things and be able to figure Things out so this is a place where you Can go and learn how to run reports and Everything and it only requires a high School diploma or equivalent and to give You information about Insight investment It helps North American companies better Control their technology Leasing and Management requirements so we're going To go more into details about basically What you're going to be doing again and Is you're going to also hear Is you're going to verify data by Comparing it to the source document You're going to retrieve data from Database electronic files as requested Um you're going to perform regular Backups to ensure data is reserved and You're going to sort and organize Paperwork after enter data tissue is not Lost already repeat that navigate fright Care tracking number so again this is a Really really easy job also create Spreadsheets with large numbers of Figures without mistakes so I then found A website where you can go on to Practice or learn how to make a Spreadsheet in Excel I don't know what They're going to want you to make a Spreadsheet in but this is kind of give You an idea on how easy it is to create A spreadsheet so you can go ahead and You can study this and learn this and

You can pick it up so you can be Familiar with the job okay so again the More you know the more you grow Knowledge is power before you say that Hey you don't qualify for the job all Always Google if you see something in The job post that you don't understand Google it and go out there there's Different places that Um will actually direct you and tell you How to do something okay so Google is Your friend here and again they want you To be proficient in Microsoft Excel There is a free platform on Microsoft 365 where you can go and practice your Excel for free um I've talked about that Before in many of the videos so if you Go to Microsoft 365 they have where you Can learn Excel PowerPoint assets Different things for free okay so again This is a easy job and if you're Interested in applying for this job then You need to make sure you go ahead and Apply today because these type of jobs Do not last that long they go quickly so All you have to do is Click right here Where it says apply for this job online So if you ever run across a job where it Says the job is no longer available is Just go ahead and explore within the Company and see if they have any other Remote jobs that may fit your needs Because again these companies are hiring Quickly

I don't have any control of when the Company Um stated that they're no longer Available or they received enough Application so it's just best for you Just to you know turn on your Notifications and so when I upload these Videos it will give you plenty of Opportunity to go ahead and apply for These jobs so make sure you go ahead and Apply today and remember don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs let the company do it uh what I can say is keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there With you with your name on it you have To believe in yourself and start with You because if you don't believe in Yourself nobody else will You have to put in the work Um you have to Um look out for yourself because there's A lot of people that know that companies Are hiring and they would not tell you That a company is hiring Um I believe that we need to get back Like what it used to be like when my Great great grandmother Um was living where she was telling uh Or my grandmother in general was living And telling me that you know if if she Ran out of eggs like if she was baking Something and she needed eggs you can Always go to her neighbor and get eggs

Or get sugar and then when she went to The store and got sugar and eggs she Replaced it with them that's what we Need to do now now more people more is All about theyself they see a job it's Hiring they will not tell you that that Company's hiring and I don't I'm not That way if I know things I will help You I will tell you about what a company Is hiring but you got to put in the work You got to use the twos that I've given You in order to get out there and Um increase your chances of founding a Job and that may require that you apply For multiple positions I mean you when You're really really looking for a work From home job or whether if you're Looking for a side hustle you have to Put in the work and you have to apply For multiple positions it cannot be one Job and you call it a day you got to Apply in order to see results you have To apply for at least 40 50 even Possible 100 jobs a day and I know a lot Of y'all probably say how is that Possible it is because it's people that Have reached out to me and say look I Applied for 100 jobs a day I've done in The past when I was on the market Looking for a job and like I always say Even though you have a full-time job a Part-time job or a side hustle never Stop applying for jobs it's many Companies that are still laying off my

Newer person they've been in the company For I think about four or five years and Just this past week she got laid off and She's back into the market looking for a Job so even though you you have a job Never get complaces to say look I'm good Now I don't even look for another job You still need to apply have options Because companies can let you go at any Time And a lot of companies know way in Advance that they're going to let you go At least six months from now or a year From now and they just don't tell Anybody why because they don't want People to start quitting and looking for Other jobs but again always have a Backup plan and always look you know Never stop looking and applying for jobs You keep applying for jobs because you Know what when you plant that seed if You ever lose your job or get laid off That job is going to come at the right Time where it's going to fulfill Um you and your bills when you need it The most so keep applying keep pushing Don't give up there is a job out there With your name on it okay so go ahead And apply for today for this job now I Always talk about having a backup plan How very important it is to have a Backup plan Um just in case there's something Happening plus you want to build a

Legacy for your children children that Is very important and Creating low content books is very high In demand with bookboat and for those Who don't know what creating low content Books are these are normally journals Log books Diaries and there is many more If you go to Amazon Katie Amazon General And you type in a coloring book some of Those coloring books are made by Um a independently published that's what You'll be considering when you creating Low content books recipes Books Puzzle Books it's just too many to name that You could come up with and start making Passive income but again you got to put In the work what come easy won't last if You do your research people are making Anywhere between a thousand to ten Thousand a month creating low content Books you don't have to have experience No degree Um you can be anywhere in the world you Could be in the United States you could Be out of the country To do this and make passive income and When we dive in a little bit deeper About book both the great thing about This platform is that you can always Research the product before you actually Make it and and before you sell it and Then also you can spy on your Competitors keywords see what kind of Keywords they use implemented into your

Titles and description not the copy but To be inspired bookboat has a large of Tutorials if you spend an hour day going Through the tutorials you're going to Get where you need to get you know it Goes over a lot of things like keywords It really educates you and then on Tuesday or Thursday they have live Webinars where um you could always learn New things about bookboats so it is a Win-win here and again bookboat has Upgraded they have a new studio where It's cover creators interior designs Drag and drop editors complete Customization over 1 200 plus free fonts More than one million Raw policies free Image pattern scalables designs filter And much more and again you can make Puzzle books activity books coloring Books 100 of low content Interiors where You can mix and match materials to Create unique books for your audience And yes people buy these books every Single day but again you got to put in The work anytime you talk about a Business this there is pricing again This is not a business where you could Come up with a name you can if you want To but as soon as you sign up you can Start creating low content books today But I suggest you to go through the Tutorials and go ahead and get Acknowledge and an understanding of how It works so you can really start making

Sales now there are two prices you have 9.99 per month which is newbie As well as you have the 1999 per month For pro the only difference is with the Pro you're getting the puzzle creation Software included but if you use my Coupon code which is the rest of sweat All in lower case and that information Is in the YouTube description bar you'll Receive 20 off the 9.99 per month and That is Lifetime or if you choose the 1999 per month you will also receive 20 Off of that and that is Lifetime and Also the great thing about this is you Could try it out for three days for free And see if you like it and I know that You're gonna love it this is a easy side Hustle that you can start today and make Passive income anybody can do this an Elementary person can do this this is The interior what it looks on the inside Here you can always create something Nice and unique in order to sell and if You're not able to make covers like I'm Not for my low content books I always go On Fiverr there's always somebody out There that can make the cover for you And make get shine here so you can Choose to use paperback or you can Choose to use hardcock cover or you can Do both I always do a paperback and then You always I'm just going to choose Something for you I'm going to do the Saving tracker and then I'm going to

Choose 120 pages when you go through the Videos you will understand what I'm Talking about uh why it's very important To watch the video 's and this is the Saving tracker this is what I would Download to Amazon kdb if I was ready to Along with my cover okay so that is how Easy it is okay this is a easy side Hustle side gig opportunity I talk about Multiple strains of mcom always have a Backup plan at all times necessary don't Never get complacent never think a job Will never let you go Um Furniture is replaceable clothes is Replaceable food is replaceable and you Can be replaceable at any time So use the job that you have now to Invest in a business like bookboat this Is a great opportunity again once you Sign up you can go ahead go and start Actually making low content books today I have made many videos I believe two Videos about how easy it is to create a Journal and a coloring book and you can Do the same thing too so make sure you Go ahead and sign up today okay now also Remember the channel is all about Non-phone work and home job leads that Go out every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard time so if you're looking for a Work from home job where you're not Talking to customers on the phone you Have landed on the right channel Consider subscribing to the channel by

Clicking that red button and don't Forget to click on the Bell to turn on Your notification so you will be Notified every time when I upload new Videos that will give you plenty of Opportunity to go ahead and apply for These jobs before they're no longer Available if you would like to become a Member of the YouTube channel I would Love to have you all you need to do is Click that join button there is a short Video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of the channel also Don't forget to check out your community Tab that is where I engage with you when I upload my new videos I post it in There Um when I talk about events that is Going to occur occur I put it in there Also when somebody actually get a job Offer I'll put it in there to not to Brag but just let you know if they can Find a job you can do the same thing as Well okay so uh make sure you check out The community tab that is very important For you to check out at all times and Remember don't disqualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company do it keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there With your name on it go out there and Grab what is yours today by apply for These jobs thank you so much for Watching and I will see you in the next


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