7 HEALTHCARE Work From Home Jobs Hiring Now! Non-Phone & Phone | $20 To $73 Hour | No Degree!

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with more work from home Job leads some of my biggest videos and My channel became popular and I've Gained quite a few subscribers from my Healthcare videos so I know that's what A lot of you are looking for to be work From home in the healthcare field so That's what I have today I have seven Different jobs in the healthcare field That are hiring right now all remote Work from home one thing to note about These jobs there is a mixture of stuff There should be something for everyone In every skill level I have non-phone Positions I have a phone positions Things that don't require any kind of College degree the links to all of these That I share if you want to put those Applications in are in the YouTube Description box below and of course Please help me out if you find any Information that I share helpful like This video and share it with your Friends and family but diving right on In change Healthcare is higher wearing a D r g analyst now a drg analyst is more In the coding realm they're looking at Extensive coding and reimbursement and They're responsible for auditing the Inpatient medical records and assigning ICD-10 diagnosis and then procedure Codes in accordance with the official Aha coding guidelines you'll have to

Demonstrate the ability to appropriately Apply coding guidelines to a variety of Claim scenarios and effectively utilize Audit tools to maximize savings you'll Demonstrate the ability to research Criteria and evaluate it for accuracy You'll screen claims data including Msdrg and a r a p r d r g data and of Course you'll maintain and stay up to Date on current knowledge of coding Guidelines and reimbursement Trends now They are looking for someone who is a Registered health information a Technologist or a registered health Information administrator or if you are A certified coder they want someone who Has three years experience as a coder Someone who has good knowledge of ICD Attends now if you do have a coding Background they pay very very very well For this position base Pace starts out At 33.17 an hour and goes all the way up To 73.68 an hour if customer service is Your thing the big Lab company LabCorp Is hiring a customer service rep now This is a second shift they're looking For someone to work 11 A.M to 8 P.M in The Eastern Standard time zone so Convert your time zone to that to make Sure that that works for you but they Are looking for someone to answer 80 Plus inbound calls a day from patients Doctors offices or insurance companies

You'll initiate payment plans for Patients for outstanding balances that They owe you'll routinely utilize them Multiple resources to resolve a patient Inquiries while on the phone and you'll Have to maintain performance goals now They are looking for someone who can Work in a fast-paced environment have Great attention to detail great Organizational skills and great verbal Communication skills and listening Skills now they do offer a standard Benefit package that includes a medical Dental vision 401K paid time off they Aren't going to provide the computer Equipment for you they don't require any College degree just a high school Diploma and they are paying 15 an hour To a 1560 an hour and they offer bonuses As well Next up we have the company can do it They are hiring a pharmacy benefits Specialist now this is remote within the United States I did forget to mention All these positions are for United States only but they are paying 16 an Hour they are training you they're Offering paid a training of course they Offer a benefit package including Insurance vacation 401K they do offer Multiple shifts available and they ask That you're available to work weekends And some holidays this is going to be a Phone position you'll provide a 24 7 of

Phone coverage for their partners and Handle inquiries coming in about Pharmacy benefits you assess cause to Provide service immediately or transfer Those calls you'll follow up with the Clients of your resolution requires that Of course you'll use standard scripts And established guidelines when helping The customers you'll provide customers With information that is specialized and Communicated in a warm and empathetic Manner you'll explain the company Policies to the customers and of course You'll expand your skills with Analytical and operational processes no College degree is needed for this one Either they're just looking for someone Who's a high school diploma or GED who Can work Microsoft Office like word Excel Outlook they do prefer somebody Who has customer service experience in a Call center and you must be able to pass A background check moving right along if You want to be on the billing follow-up AR side change Healthcare also has a Position open for an accounts receivable Specialist in which they are looking for Someone to research and rebuild any Unpaid claims now normally that means Rebuilding them to the insurance Companies you'll research and resolve Accounts appearing on follow-up reports You'll make appropriate decisions and You may have to pick up the phone from

Time to time and make outbound calls to Insurance companies to maximize Reimbursement on accounts so that you Work you'll collect all errors on Electronic error reports you'll meet Current production utilization and Quality standards and then of course You'll participate in any team meetings Now I am a supervisor for a health care Company and I do supervise our follow-up Team and this is what they do so I can Tell you most of the time following up With the insurance companies can be done Along online in their provider portal It's very rare that you actually have to Pick up the phone and make outbound Phone calls these days but it is a Possibility now they don't require any Kind of college degree it's just a high School diploma or GED they do want Somebody who has two to three years of Either additional schooling or related Work experience and if you have one year Of revenue cycle experience of course They need somebody who has a basic Knowledge of electronic health records Someone who has experienced a working Insurance denials appeals timely filing Some kind of insurance follow-up now if That is you the pay for this position is Anywhere from thirteen dollars and seven Cents an hour all the way up to twenty Nine dollars and two cents an hour and Of course they do provide a standard

Benefit package now Perry Health Incorporated is hiring a member Experience associate and they are Looking for someone to act as the main Point of contact for all billing related Inquiries and provide a seamless Experience for the members to stay up to Date on payments you'll prepare and Submit billing data and medical claims To the insurance company so this one Again even though you will do some phone Work does have a billing follow-up Aspect to it you also assist the members Doing onboarding to set them up for Success track their device the shipments Conduct one-on-one device trainings and Support members in submitting their First reading so this is dealing with Medical devices they are looking for Someone who has comprehensive knowledge Of medical billing who can have great Attention to detail and some someone who Is empathetic now the pay for this one Is a twenty dollars an hour next up we Have the company true pill hiring a Medical assistant now when you walk into A doctor's office there's always a Receptionist like sitting there in the Front they take your insurance Information they check you in for your Appointment all of that that is kind of What this is doing but it's remote to Working from home so you don't actually Have to sit there in the office in front

Of the patients so it says that you will Perform a typical front office and back Office responsibilities including a Patient education medication request Handling a patient questions and Supporting the provider needs so this Will be a customer service phone job You'll also be doing email chat related Stuff so it's a little bit of both you Assist the patient with supporting them And answering patient emails patient Phone calls processing medical records Submitting authorizations to the Insurance companies and you'll become an Expert with their software Solutions Including using zendesk a chat and Zendesk talk now it does say the primary Work will be inbound calls outbound Calls and email support requests so it Looks like it's a good mixture of all of Those now they are looking for somebody Who has a knowledge in medical Terminology is someone who can use Computer systems and electronic health Medical records someone who is a problem Solver who can demonstrate great Customer service skills and someone Who's the ability to work independently As well as part of a team they are Paying anywhere from 16 an hour all the Way up to twenty dollars an hour and Last but not least this is a temporary Position they are looking to hire in January 2023 which is right now and this

Position will last for six months to About June or July the temporary Positions are great to always get your Foot in the door and get experience to Put on your resume and you can continue While you're working this job putting Applications in looking for that dream Permanent work from home job of yours so Neo genomics is hiring an order entry Data specialist now that specifically They're looking for someone to enter Patient demographics Insurance diagnosis Codes into their database using their Company specific software you also have To verify Insurance eligibility and Create and maintain a professional Relationship with clients sales Representatives and the billing Territory specialist so you will also be Contacting clients to obtain missing or Incomplete information that when you've Collecting and verifying that insurance So that you have the information you Need for proper claims adjudication your Review of Michelin information for Trends and educate clients to decrease Errors in inflow you'll enter data from Both the company requisition and the Hospital face sheet you'll verify and Enter all the insurance information via The payer websites and you'll maintain Accuracy by following policies and and Procedures again this one does not Require any kind of college degree just

A high school diploma or equivalent of Course they do prefer someone whose Medical billing certificate but that is Not required they do want somebody who's Two years experience in some kind of a Health care background and someone who Has solid computer skills now one thing To note this one did not list pay that Will have to be asked at the time of the Interview for the year 2023 my goal for This channel is to be providing you with Even more work from home job leads so if You have any suggestions on how I can Make these job leads or videos more Helpful for you please leave them in the Comments below I am always looking for Constructive feedback I want to say Thank you so so much for watching and Supporting me and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you

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