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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay Bringing you another daily work from Home job lead we are keeping all of our Job leads short and sweet the next few Days so that all of you can get on to Your holiday celebrating I wish everyone Viewing my videos the happiest times With friends and family over the next Week if you are celebrating the holidays But the big company taskrabbit they are Hiring a customer support representative Now this is remote within the United States taskrabbit is a company that you Can hire to do a small tasks so kind of Like doordash and ubereats people sign Up and then they deliver your food Taskrabbit people sign up to be a tasker And then people hire them to do Different things like putting furniture Together or different things like that They are used by Ikea if when you order Something from Ikea you want it not only Delivered but put together but they are Looking for someone to work their Customer service aspect learning and Able to assist customers in their task Private experiences across the their Dual-sided Marketplace so you'll handle Booking support requests a driving Retention and ease of use you'll Efficiently address and solve user Issues primarily via their live channels While maintaining and exceeding kpis Aimed at customer satisfaction

Productivity and accuracy you'll be Organized accountable and responsible For all your interactions with the Customers you'll anticipate and respond With energy to new challenges and Unfamiliar and Urgent requests now they Do offer multiple shifts it says it's a 40-hour week position but they're open Seven days a week from 7 45 a.m to 8 15 PM Central Standard time so they have All different shifts available during Those time zones and they do provide two Consecutive days off so it's five days On a two days off and shifts also Provided a head of training and they Offer new shifts in a bid several times A year they are paying 17.50 an hour but If that sounds like you they are looking For someone who has great people skills With at least one year of customer Service experience someone who has great Empathy courtesy and a kindness for People someone who has great writing Skills can be a critical thinker and Great communication skills all right if You've made it to the end of this video I want to say thank you so so much for Watching and supporting me and I'll be Back really really soon with more work From home job leads just for you two Videos will be popping up on your screen One I picked for you and the other YouTube picked for you that you might Enjoy next Please Subscribe and hit the

Bell icon so you never miss another work From home or money making video from me And thank you so so much for watching And I'll catch you in the next one

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