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Good morning happy Monday it's Suzanne I Hope you all had a wonderful weekend Today's first work from home job lead is A chat slash email specialist with the Pond guy and the pond guy has 28 indeed Reviews they have four and a half Stars So looks like it might be a pretty nice Place to work you may want to check it Out they're paying up to twenty dollars Per hour which ends up being around Eight hundred dollars per week it's a Full-time remote position and under the Job description are you customer focused And enjoy helping others do you enjoy Problem solving are you seeking a Professional workplace place with Established processes are you looking For a stable yet fast-paced Dynamic Environment where you're treated like Family and people care about one another If you answered yes to any of the above Questions then we need you as our chat Email specialist see the details of the Position below so it sounds like this is Going to be a fully online virtual Position working from home no talking on The phone our chat email specialist is a Critical contributor to providing the Customers with Quality Service expect Detailed training to achieve Mastery of Processes regarding the products and Customer service procedures there's a Family Dynamic at the pond guy that Extends to the customer as we strive to

Give them the highest quality service Possible so here are some examples of The actual work you're going to be doing Promptly respond to customer queries via Email text and live chat assist Customers with technical product Questions sales and order taking via Email text and chat provide maintenance Plans for customers be proactive by Asking relevant questions research Through multiple sources when needed to Deserve to determine the best product And solution for the customer use metric Goals to improve your own job Performance Provide high quality engagement both in Response time and quality of answer Encourage customers to register their Equipment purchases work directly with Them on returns warranties deliveries Etc document customer concerns and Resolutions and you may get some special Projects so this is a remote position It's fully work from home the comfort of Your home however there are certain Times you may be required to come on Site or report virtually so my guess is If you are not in an area that's located Near their office you would you would Basically go online through teams or Something like that for training or Other employer-sponsored events all Right so don't know much about ponds That's okay you'll be trained to be

Proficient in your job they're going to Give you full training they utilize an Interactive combination of Hands-On and Visual training to ensure everyone has a Full understanding of the pond guys Proactive approach to Pond management All right job requirements things that You need to be successful one year of Either face-to-face sales or customer Service experience preferred basic math Ability to effectively communicate Technical background is a plus provision In grammar and punctuation Hands-On Mindset proficient computer knowledge And high school diploma college degree Is preferred but not required so if you Have it put it on your resume ability to Meet the standards of telecommuting Policy all right so I'm going to go Ahead and put this link Down Below in The description if you're interested in Applying and I'm going to have one more Work from home job lead for you today

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