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Hey everyone happy Monday today's first Work from home job lead is a customer Service specialist with the company Revcore now revcore is hiring a fully Remote position they're paying up to Twenty dollars and 25 cents per hour Which is about 800 per week to work from The comfort of your home now under the Full job description the main purpose as The client's main point of contact you Will provide a high level of service to Meet company commitments and objectives Maintain relationships with clients and Act as a liaison between Hospital Clients and operations to facilitate Timely resolution of client accounts for Assigned clients now here are the main Responsibilities and duties that you Will do communicate with the clients by Email and phone daily you're going to Distribute various reports to the team As requested serve as a resource for Account management in investigating and Responding to client questions or Concerns complete various reports such As correspondence census this new Insurance found Miss account missing Account number as needed now don't worry Guys they're gonna show they're going to Teach you what all these different Reports are you're just going to have to Be able to be teachable and willing to Learn them you're going to compile and Format operations information requests

And provide them to hospitals on a Weekly basis follow up with hospitals on Aged and high dollar requests update Patient accounts with information Received from the hospitals and follow Up with the operations again they're Going to train you on all of this access Client connections computer systems Notify clients of action required to Bill health insurance perform special Projects as assigned assist I.T and Assist your manager with any special Requests so here's what they would like You to have ability to communicate well Demonstrated skill in providing a high Level of customer service demonstrated Ability to work independently knowledge Of our ability to learn client and Operation processes again they're gonna They're gonna train you on that ability To produce accurate work while remaining Maintaining attention to detail skilled In organizing and setting priority Priorities ability to work effectively Knowledge of excel in word high level of Attention to detail all right so very Small requirements here a high school Diploma and one year of customer service So most people people have customer Service by the time they're out of high School because they've worked at a McDonald's or a Taco Bell or some fast Food place so any type of customer Service they would like you to have that

One year all right so they give you some Working conditions Etc if you're Interested in this job I'm going to go Ahead and put the link Down Below in the Description and I'll see you all in the Next video

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