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Hey guys it’s Suzanne back with your Second work from home job lead this job Is a Healthcare customer service rep With the company everized they have an Amazing 11 000 reviews on indeed almost Five stars so it sounds like a great Company and a little bit about this Company it’s ever rise you’re going to Join them on the mission to elevate Customer experiences for people around The world as a member of their family You will be part of a Global Experience Company that believes in being people First celebrating diversity and Incubating Innovation their dedication To their purpose and people is being Recognized by employees in the industry They have a four and a half out of five Star rating on Glassdoor as you saw also Almost five stars on here and some of The job requirements you’re going to Handle a high volume of incoming calls Thoroughly and efficiently gather Customer information access and fulfill Customer needs and educate customers About products ability to utilize and Navigate multiple systems at the same Time be dependable and meet all Attendance requirements resolve customer Issues via one call resolution Guidelines and or an escalation process Meet or exceed company and client Performance metrics maintain a balance Between company policy and client

Benefit in decision making continuously Evaluate and identify opportunities to Drive process Improvement responsible For call disposition or compiling and Documenting customer information as Required and ability to accept and Embrace changes within the current Business environment Qualifications ability to pass a drug Screen dedicated area in your home this Is fully remote good internet strong Decision making schedule flexibility Some over time may be needed highly Developed sense of Integrity meet all Attendance and dependability Requirements and be a team player all Right if this is you I’m going to go Ahead and put the link Down Below in the Description for you to apply these kind Of jobs typically pay somewhere between 15 and 20 dollars per hour since Everest Has such a great star rating I imagine They are very competitive so you’ll Always want to check with the hiring Manager and get an idea of exactly what Their range is and make sure that that’s Going to work for you but I’m going to Put the link Down Below in the Description and I’ll see you guys Tomorrow

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